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Supply Chain Management

Supriya S
What is Supply-Chain Management?

Supply-chain management is a total system approach to

managing the entire flow of information, materials, and
services from raw-material suppliers through factories and
warehouses to the end customer

Supplier Manufacturer Distributor Dealer Customer

• Product flow
• Information flow
• Finance flow
The Process
• View ‘Value’ from the perspective of the customer

• Eliminate all waste & non-value-add activities from the chain

• Capture demand data at point of use & use this to control the chain

• Integrate all key elements (links) of the chain

• Establish a steady continuous flow based on pull/demand

• Use data & metrics collected within the process to continuously refine the Supply

Right Right Minimal

Right Time
Product Quantity Cost

Customer Delivery Delivery Inventory

needs Reliability Time Level
Supply chain management flow:

PLAN Strategy, Metrics

SOURCE Suppliers, Pricing

MAKE Manufacture, QC

DELIVER Logistics


Defects, Excess
IBM’s SCM Service
“Put our Supply Chain Management expertise to
work to solve your business problems” 

Focus on the margin-generating processes and

high-cost areas of clients' value chains. 
Infosys Supply Chain Visibility and
Collaboration Platform
• Four main modules
• Each module with sub modules