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Form No. 25,

- ~~ . .c.""", •• " co~rr.ANY LBIITED.

_.,.,._. - __ u. _"' 0 .,~ .. , __ """".~ .. _·,_o .,...~_.-, .__ ,

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'It. ~., -;''''' "'> ,,> l ',1, .... 11

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f;T.A,TBMgNT of tho Nominnl Onpltnl made pursuant to s, 11 of 51 Vicr.,

" Customs and 11lIu.m1 Revenue Act., 1888. (Nol'j,}.-rrhe Stamp Duty on the

nl Capital is Two ShilJiIlHf~ for every £100 01' fractlcn of £100.)


is smt!mUJut. is to bo filed with tho Memornndum of ..t~.~so<.lilltion, 01' other Document,

d for registl'atioll by



~ ."~- ~



"' ...... d I"'-:L "~'l¥i --t~ )


This' statement should be signed. by an Offlcer of tho Company •



OF 'rIm



1. Subjoct as hcreinnfter provided, tho regulations contained in the Tltblo marked" A" in tho fil'H~ schedule to tho Companies' Act, 1862

• (hereinafter called Tahlo H A"), shnll apply to this Company.



"- , ,

2. Tlw Directors may onter into all agreement with the [ijYER'fON Ii'O,~'J,'HALIl CI1TJJl, 01' the Members 01' Committee thereof for carrying' into en'oct, D,ni! muy c10 IL11 acts which they (tho Directors) may consider lleCOf.lHal'Y for carrying into ofloct tho resolutions referred to in tho Meiuornndum of AflsOcilttion, with any such modiflcntlons or altoretions as tho Directors and tbo said Club, Members or Committee may agJ:eo lllJOll, and from and aftor the mnking of such agreement tho provisions thol'cor shall be doomed to be incorporated with ana form Pl1l't of 'iheRo ~\l'ticlc8, and shall be suhject to be altered, varied, cancelled, or adc1lJc1 to l)y spccinl resolution, in like mnnner as tho Articles of Associlttioll of tho Oompauy are so sn~jcct.

a, 'rho qunliflcatlon of ovory Director shall be tho holding and retention of fhreo shares nt tho lcnriu ill tho c1Ll'itai of tho Company.

-1. Any notice if served l)y post shall bo doomed to 1)0 served 011 tho i!lIrY following that on which it is posted, aud Clause flu of Table 11 shall be modified accordingly,

5, No large» divldond shall ho declared than tho maximum dividend allowed-from time to time -by tho" Foothall Association" 11~ 11 condition of' membership of such Association.


" "


H. Knhj(,(·t Ill-l nl'ol'(lK!Lhl, the proflta of the Company shall be divisibl« nmOll~ tlw Hllll1lhol'Jo! ill proportion to the amount paid up 011 tho BluU't'1-I held IJY them respectively. Provided, nevertheless, tlutt whore eupital iH paid up ill advance of calls upon the footing that tho same HIm 1 (,1L1:l'Y interest, such capital shall not, whilst {'tll'l'yillg' interest, confer !t right to purtieipate in profits.

7. gV{Il'Y niembor shnll have one vote, and overy member holding l10t 1l'HH thnn twenty b:l!ll'OS ill his own name shall have 01\1' udditionnl voto, hut no member shall have more than two votes.

H, 'l'ho Dir!'t\tOl'H llllty mise money for the pmposca of the (lompmlY Oll louu from thnll' Uo-Dil'c(ICOl'S 01' any other persons, on the t{NmrHy of' c1(~hl'l1t1ll'('.H. bonds or promiaaory notes, 01.' otherwise, or by wny of mortgage of tho wholo of the present 01,' futuro property of the Oompany, null at such l'u,tn of interest, on such terms, 111l{1 ill such manuor fiR they HUty think lit. and 111I1Y execute in the name and on behalf of tho Compnny in fn.voul' of nny Director 01' othor person who may incur 01' bo about to incur, 01' ",110 mr.y in contemplation of the formation 01' tll) Company have uJl'cady incurred any personal liubility for tho IH'lWI"it or" tho Company such mortgago of or charge on the Compauy'f; l'1'op(l.1'ty (present and £ut111'0) us thoy think fit j and any such mOl'tgago mlty contniu IL power of fU11e ana such other powers, r-ovcnuubs, and provision« llH shall be agreed upon.

H. ~?lw Directors 1l11LY from time to time make, vary and l'(lp(~ltl fHl,V bye-Inws for the mgulatiou of the business of the Company, il',H oilieol'fI and HOl'\'ILntH, or the members of tho Company, 01' Imy H(!etion thol'oof, u,llillthty Itppoiut and remove professional players and sorvnnts of tho COlTIl'l111Y, ana oloct such persons as they shall approve to he 111n.,ving rnombers of the Oompnny, upon such terms fiR thoy Klulll thin It 1i t.

lO.-Tho J)irodm'" lIUL)' take over 01' otherwise acquire the benefit of' it lease I)f' Mom Groen Field, Walton-on-tho-Hill, dated the 15th day of :vIm'ell, 1802. mul mudc between Un, -topher John Leyland of tho one part, ana Willlmn Juekson and others of the other pltl't,

l1.-If tho Company shall 1JO wound up and tho surplus assets shall be insufficient to rcpay tho whole of tho paid-up capital, such surplus USf.letf:l shall bo distdbutct1 so that us nearly ItS may be: tho Iosses shall bo 1)01'110 by tho members, in proportion to tho ctt.pitul paid up, 01' which ought to havo b-on paid up, on tho shares hold by them respectively ltt the cormuoneoment of UlO winding Ul>; but this clause is to bo without prejudice to tho righta of the holders of shm'es Issued 111)011 special conditions.

12.-Until the fiirs] Directors shall have boon appointed, the Bnbs(~ribol's to tho Memorandum of Association shall hn Mmlled for all purPOf:W:) to bo tho Directors.


J ~








'\ 1892.





, .,




, ~ :



~lJT.1i1 OOM [>AN1T~8',10TS, 186/J to 1890. ({ompany Limited by Shares.



1. The name of the Company i:1 H TJw I~vm:ton !i'ootbaU 01111 Com p any, r .imited. ,t

2. ~rho l'CgifltOl'(l{l, Office of the Company will he situate in England.

-. "3~ Tho obj(~ctR for' which tho Company ia establinhed are :-((t)~ro ClLl'l'y into efiact the following resolutions passed by tho Members of the l~vert(}l1 Football Club at their Annual Meeting, hold on tho 17'-h <lILy of May, 1802, namely,'

,~ Thut the EYer ton ]Pootlmll Club he i'ol'lUcll into l1 Limited


i 2.
, If, J
, <V
:~ "
I. Liahility Company. J,

It TUA'J: EAOH lVfEnfBEH AP1'LY1!\i} FOIl One 01' moro Shares

to have ullotte(l to him [1'(1(\ OlW fully paid-up Bharo." '\......

d TUNl' A MMIIIBJm NO'l' A,llPUlING FOIt Om,1 Share to Le entlblod 1;0 11 SOILSOn. Ticket, ndluittin!i to Members' Stand, at 7/0 pal' annum."

II Tn:A'r A MElImEU Al)'lJrmNU Jo'OI1 One Share to be entitlod to ndmission for Self and Lady to Mornbors' Btnnd, BnhBcription 7/0 pOl' unnmn, JI

II TuA'.I! A MEl\rDEH At>P.I~YING rou ~lC.n Slml'os or upwards 1)0 entitled to admission for Salf and IJllc1y to Reserved Stltllc1, SllJHlCl'iptioIl 7/0 P(ll' annum.'

$' '£rIA'r A NON~MEi\[Dlm Al'PISINCl J..'OU-

'rI1l'l:lO SlULrCB be entitlell to admission for Solf to

Members' Stand, Subscription 7/0 per annum.

Six Shltl'os bo entitled to adrnisaion for SoH' and 1'!Hly to Members' Stand, Subscription 7/6 1)01' annum.


J!,'iftC(;ll Hhn1'l~H 0\' ulnva,rdH 11l\ entitlct1 to ndmisaion for Solt' and IJnils to H('~h.'l'v(!(l Stttml, Subscription 7 In 1M' a1111U111, H

"Ill fho (lY(lut of tiny Shareholder trunsferring his SIl[tl~S in block, tho right to 8011£1011 Ticket to follow tf' tho tranaforee."

"~hft,l'(>llOlilOl'H t11Hl other SelU:!On ~rjckct holders not admittod to Cup 'l'ies, Bonoflt Matches for Players, (,1' Ohnrity MILh'hcl'l."

(iJ} To provide a I~oothllll and Athletic Ground at or ncar Everton 01' Liverpool, ill tho County of JJIlI1CIWt(\l', 01' elsewhere.


11') '£0 c!tu'Y on tho bUHincsR of a JPootl)llll ana Athletic Club ill all its branehes, and to Jay out and Pl'OPUJ.'o any lands. for tho playing thereon of gl1111ns of football, cricket, howls, rounders, curling, luwn tennis, polo, running races, steeplechuscs, 01' any other kind of amusemont 01' sport 01' NlterttLinmcnt, and to construct any stands, booths. refreshment and other erections, buildings ana convonienees, whether of It pcnnanont 01' temporary nature, which may seem, <1ircctly 01' indirectly, conducive to tho (lWl1J)ll11Y'S ol)jocf;s; and to arrange, hold and conduct foothall matches, meetings and athletic sports, lawn tennis, l']'idwt, rouudors and other matches, agricultural-horsoIlowo» -shows and exhibitions, and otherwise utilise the 11l'Opol'ticH nnd l'jghts, und to contribute towards pl'lzl!H and other n.wara" and distinction«,

(d) Fro estahlieh any 01nlJS, Hotels 01' oUter conveniences, unrl

to cltrry ()Jl tho huainosa of Hotelkeepers, Licensed VietuuJlcm, 13(Wl'llOl1SC l\COpCl'fI, ~J.1rLVel'll Keepers and Hoi'l'CfllulIollt ]'Ul'VOY0.l'H,

(/!) r~e() purchase, Ieaso 01' olherwiso acquire Iands and horcditnmente, and in partlculn» to take over 01' otherwise ucquire tho hPll{'iit of It leaso of promises known as 1\101'0 Green ~1iol<1, Wnltoll-oll-tho-Hill, dated tho 15th ai~y of Mnrch, 1~02, and mado between Christophel' John Leyland of tho ouc-pnrt, ana William Jackson and others of the othor i>ttrt.


' ..

To IH1011t, Ju.y out ani! l)l'(lpnl'(l. oucloao, level, drain ana form nppronolie« uud muko una construet roads to nud from !.tuy htw1fl or grounds £01' football, athlotics, biey('-ling, rounders, (ll'iclwt, 1U.W11 tennis, uud !tHy othol' indoor or outdoor gmucFl or sportR.

(!f) ~ro sell, improv«, mnnagn, develop, oxehaug«, lease, lot, lllortgn.g'o, farm, e1l1(;ivnto, lot, 1111 ugl'icnlltural IOIlS('H or building agl'cmnont, or otherwlso <lil;poHO of and turu to aceount any land or other pl'opody or Hfl'ecb; or rights of tho Company of any ldnd wliutsoeve», or t1w llIHlortltldng of the Oompuuy, 01' ILl1'y l)lll't 1,1 1Il1'1 'of, nltlwl' to indi v iduul persons 01' Oompnnios, uud teO :t('I~"pf, fnlly 01' partly Imi!1 up 811u1:('>s, 01' a(!lJontUl'f~fJ 01' Ktod{ ill any otlH:l' Coiupanie», und to hold or otlH:l'wiso to dlspose of HIWh fih/tl'(ls, c1(~lwlltlll'('H 01' stock, us rutty bo most expedient.

(h) To mise 01' seeure money with 01' without POWI;\!'f! of snle or othol' special conditions, by u chnl'gc on all 01" llny Imrt of tho Company's l)l'opol'l.y of iLUY kina soover, Including itt! uncalled capital, and to borrow or l'IliHO mOlWY on 01' uy bonds, debentures, acccptancea, promissory nctcs, or other ncgotinblo iUStl'1llU(1UtR of tho Company.

(i) To aanalgumatc wilih 01' promote any other Company having' oh,iccts ultogotlwr or in prwt similar to those of this Oompnny.

(j) 'J~o tako or otherwise acquire and hold 81U11'06 in any othcr Company hu.ving O'hjOClfi3 aliiogotlwl' 01' in part Himilar to tlioao of this Company, 01' Cltl'l'yiug 011 any busiucss caprtble of being conducted so 1\6 to iHl'octly 01' indirectly bonelit this Company.

(,lG) To hold. carl'Y on or arrnugo for and conduct Pcouball mntehcs either at Everton 01' elsewhere, and either ill this country or abroad, (111(1 for that 01' any oth(ll' lawful pm'poso to engage cueh person 01' persons us llliLy bo dcorned noceesery, and to romunorute any P01'S011 or Company for services rendered to tho Company, and to pay the preliminary expenses iucldontal to the establishment of tho C01UpItUY.



~ (

~ I












I;! To ~nIL14('l'i1)(' to, 1ll'tollH' n 1I11'1lIj,pl' of, nnd co-opernt« with 1m)" utlwl' A ssociu tiou, whether illCOl'POl'lttot1 01' not, whose' ohj(\(·tH ure ultogether 01' ill pUl't similar to th080 of this ('OlllI'HUY·

UI/l To buy, R('II. or donl ill all IdlH1H oi' appmntus nun ILl! kiuds of' provisious, liquid und solid, required hy pereons ii'p(]1wutillg t.lH' Compauy R I!l'ollw1s,

iii) '1'0 1'ltit'W 1l10lWY hy enbserlptions, IMHl to grant mlY l'iglitH Ituil Pl'iYil(Ig'NI to SnbHCl'ih(ll'H Illlc1 to do an such things as ure iiu-identn 1 or conducive to tlw attainment of the above ohl'petf! 01' anv of them,

, ,

I, 'flw liahility of the M('mlwl'r> is limited,

;;, '1'}1(' Capital of tlH' C!omplln;v in 'I'wo 'I'honsnnd ]j';yp I fUIlIh'etl J.'Ot1UdK. (liviaI'll inco 1'11'11 'l'housund Firr H uudrn! Khm','s or (hlt' Pound eueh, Wit;11 P()W\~I' to ium:(!ItH(' th« HIl.J1JO JJy the erontion of lW\V Hhlll'('H of' KlWh amount ILl-j mlLy lw c1cnJlwil expedient. Awl anv !'lIUtl'(lS of tli« present Cupitf11 of the Company, 01' any HllHl'PH of' which till' increased cnpital of tho Compnuy nm;)' from time to time ('UlJl'li~t. mlly h(~ gnarautced or have uny special lH'ivi1('ge or advnntnge, or mny be tlef't'l'l'ccl and nw.y 1)(1 Issued OJ! such HpflchLl condition« lUI to priority 01' postponement, oif;lWl' for <livi<lmulK or for tho l'(lp[tymout of principal, OJ' UK to voting POW('l', us tho UOlllPlLll,Y llllLy from time to timo dircel, IUlIl i u tho ubsoneo of such direction ItS tho 'lHl'(wtOl'S shall detenuiue j und in Dt1l'ticmlm' such KluLl'(lH may ho iHl-!lwl1 with It prcfereuninl 01' qnalilled right to dlvic1PlHlH und in tho clistl'ilmtioJl of the UHHCh; of the Compnny.

i ~

\ ~, '






rl ( [


I j,

[ f,

I, It

I' j

WI'. tlu- 1-1'\ «rnl p!'l'~!lUH \dH1K{~ lIfU1U'S mul 11Ildl'f'HtWH are suhserilrcd, :.~~' 11 .. ";1·.)\l~ Dt' hlliW.f fiH'llh,tl into It Compnny ill pursuauc« of this .\u:nUlriulIlum of .\H[';O(·itltiuu. uud 'V(I 1'1lH1)(,lItiwly ugl'(~O to tako tIl(' nrunhor (If 01H!l'I':~ in tIt!' {'Itpital of th« ( fH't opposite to 0111' )'('l'p~)dh'{' J 1:11lH 'H

I '





:" r. .3 5 fr; t//}"

0: i dL


Ft'~~3 and Deed Hhtmp~; X )} II {i ,


.J "

('l'tLi!iC'utl' l"J:I;~vc~t h.~ vl ~ (Clf.,- rtT:j;'Ud.t~

~ ~2~~~~/~~

7:7. t:



.18 ~0N 1892

,,- -~ <


Situation of the I? cgistcred Office of the -~~~/ Z;~~ ~~-~-.

. -------------------------------

Company, Limited .

Pursuant to Sections 39 tft .;1.0 of The Companies Act, IH62. (Setl Iast plIg'(' of this Fonn.)


iCllu:q.mnits' :l;.t~JJi.zttnthllt J\gl~lttZ, 3~r.ittttrSf nlto ~tntintrCtS, 120, CHANOERY LANE, LONDON, W.O.

Presented for filing by


or 'J rns

Situation Of the R cgistcrcd 0,;6''1 ce of the ~~~7~~~

Company, Limited.


The; -tC-v~ ~ -c%'~


hereby give

1 __ ----------,-----------·~,---.~-M.-.M---.--Ab-.~ __ ~, ~

you notice, in accordance with The Companies Act, r862, that the Registered

Office of the Company is situated at



* *i!i This Notice is to be signed by 11 Director, Secreta I')', 01' other A uthorised O(Jiccr of the C~)1HJlIln~,