Employee Number Employee Name Savings From

: : :

00101757 ASHUTOSH KUMAR 01.04.2012

PAN : Approver Name : Savings To :

AIUPT5060D Bompada Venkat Ravi 31.03.2013

Details of Savings made in Financial Year - 2012 S.No. Description of Saving Amount of Savings (in Rs) 49,057.00 49,424.00 119,509.80 119,509.80-

1. Payment Towards Life Insurance Policy 2. Repayment of Housing Loan (including NTPC Loan) 3. INTEREST ON LOAN - NTPC+OTHERS (INCL PRE-CONST) 4. INCOME/ LOSS FROM HOUSE PROPERTY This is to certify that:

1. No one has claimed tax relief in respect of savings shown above which have been made in the names other than myself. 2. The house against which benefit for repayment of Loan is claimed was completed on (DD/MM/YYYY). 3. I have availed an amount of Rs._______________ As LTC for 3rd child born after 01.10.1998. 4. The particulars furnished in this form are true and correct and in case of any error, I shall solely be responsible for the same.

Signature (ASHUTOSH KUMAR) Date : 20.02.2013 Contact No. : __________________

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