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Kayla Gerkin Alternative Assessment EDUC 450 Class: English Language Arts, Grade 6 Overarching Concept: Making the

World Your Own Overarching Question: How do we be an individual in our society? Objectives: The goal of this project is for students to analyze who they are and who they have become from the beginning to the end of the school year. They will be taking character traits that are similar to who they are and be able to identify further with characters in literature. Students Will Know How to analyze details from the text to discover who a character is Proper spelling/grammar usage (commas, parts of speech, etc.) How to pay attention to close detail when working with a huge project

Standards Met: GR6_S3_GLE1: Writing literary genres for intended audiences and purposes requires ideas, organization, and voice o Employ a range of planning strategies to generate descriptive and sensory details (webbing, free writing, graphic organizers) GR6_S3_GLE3: Specific editing for grammar, usage, mechanics, and clarity gives writing its precision and legitimacy o Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking o Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing o Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience

Alternative Assessment Character Portfolio and Self Poster DUE May 5th 100 points
Overarching Concept: Making the World Your Own How do we be an individual in our society? Grade/Course: 6 English 1) Step 1: a. You will need to gather up all of your body biographies (personal biography completed the first week of class and each of your favorite character biographies from the novels read in class AND two of the novels you read outside of class. These body biographies were due throughout the school year and I have kept them all in a folder. Please see me to get them. b. Because you had to turn in your biographies in pencil and I made a copy of them, please use my feedback from the copied one to make changes to your original one. This way you do not have to re-draw your characters. 2) PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS: Each of your character body biographies will be put together in a portfolio. This is a representation of your work so you should correct any spelling/grammar errors and anything else you would like, to make your work as complete as possible. This should be in a 1 binder (any color) and the biographies will be put into sheet protectors. Please read the following to make sure your portfolio is complete: (60 points) a. Step 1: Have gathered up personal body biography from week 1 and all of your character biographies you completed (in class and out of class novels) b. Step 2: Corrections have been made to body biographies c. Step 3: Color has been added somehow to body biographies d. Step 4: Have a 1 binder and sheet protectors for e. Step 5: Have a table of contents page f. Step 6: Number your pages included on the BOTTOM RIGHT corner. You DO NOT need to number the table of contents page g. Step 7: Have an explanation paragraph for each body biography (except for personal biography from week 1) Paragraph should include: i. Name and author of the novel ii. Role of character chosen from novel (protagonist, antagonist, other) iii. The thing you liked most about that character h. Step 8: Make a cover page with your name, class, and year on it i. Step 9: Organization: Your portfolio is neat and follows your table of contents page *If you have difficulties getting this binder and sheet protectors, please see me. I will be letting your parents know that you need them for a project, but if there are issues with that, I would be happy to help you are accommodate your needs.


3) POSTER: You will need to complete a body biography of yourself on a poster. Please see the following requirements below: (40 points) a. Step 1: Include 20 traits from your character biographies. These are traits that you and your character have in common. Please include at least ONE trait from EACH character biography you completed. b. Step 2: You will also need to include 7-10 traits that are unique to you/your likes. You need a minimum of 7, but please dont include more than 10 to keep your poster from getting too busy. c. Step 3: Your poster should be at least 10x15 but no larger than 15x20. I will have poster materials available if you would like to use them, but you are also able to use your own materials. Please see me if you would like to negotiate poster size. d. Step 4: You need to have color on your poster. This can be in anywhere, but I want you to be as creative as possible on your poster. Please make sure that your color use ADDS to your poster and DOES NOT DISTRACT from the display. e. Step 5: Your poster should look exactly like your body biographies, with more thought bubbles and color. Because it looks like your body biographies, there should be no spelling or grammar errors. The person drawn on the poster is you. Please be conscientious and appropriate when completing your drawing. See me if you have questions. Please keep in mind that this project is a reflection of who you have become. It will show your growth from where you were at the beginning of the year to now.

Timeline/Calendar Due Dates:

This is a list of important due dates to follow and a schedule of when you will be allowed class time to work on your project. Please note that you will be required to do some out of class work time on the project. These due dates are to benefit you and keep you from saving all of your work until the last minute. You should take these due dates seriously as you will receive participation points for the class period.

April 14th In class work time on Personal Body Biography corrections April 15th Personal Body Biography Revision DUE April 17th & 18th In class work time on Character Body Biography corrections April 21st Character Body Biography Revisions DUE April 24th Allowed 15 minutes of in class work time on cover page and table of contents April 25th Cover Page and Table of Contents page DUE April 28th In class work day on poster May 2nd In class work day on poster May 5th Final Portfolio and Poster DUE!!!

Portfolio Checklist I have gathered up all of my body biographies. This includes my personal body biography from week 1 of the school year and my character biographies from each novel in class and my 2 outside novels. I have added color to EACH of my body biographies. I have written an explanation paragraph for each of my biographies EXCEPT for the personal biography. (Directions on explanation paragraph are on the direction sheet) I have made a cover page (Include name, class, and year on the cover. See example) I have written a table of contents page (See included example) I have numbered the pages in my portfolio on the BOTTOM RIGHT corner I have put all of my pages and biographies in sheet protectors in order. (Cover page, table of contents, personal biography, body biography, explanation paragraph, body biography, explanation paragraph) All of my pages are now put into my 1 binder and are ready to turn in!

Poster Board Checklist My poster board is at least 10x15 and no bigger than 15x20 I have included 20 character traits similar to who I am, with at least ONE from each character biography I did. I have included a minimum of 7 personal traits on my poster, with no more than 10 personal traits I have included color on my poster I have drawn an appropriate portrait of myself and who I am is displayed as accurately as possible.


Kayla Gerkin English Language Arts 6 2014


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