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Database Information Systems (CIM1Z01)
AY2008/2009 Oct Semester  

Tutorial 2 – Relational Data Model

Objectives - On completion of this tutorial session, the students will be able to: -

• Describe the relational model

1. What is a relational database? What is a relation?

2. How is the term attribute used in the relational model? What is a more
common name for it?

3. Represent the database for the Premiere Products (data shown in

Premiere Products datadatase.doc) using the relational Schema.

4. What does it mean to qualify a field name? How would you qualify the
BookCode field in the Inventory table and the BookCode field in the Book

BookCode BranchNum OnHand
0180 1 2
0189 2 2
0200 1 1
0200 2 3
0378 3 2
079X 2 1
079X 3 2

BookCode Title PublisherCode Type Price Paperback
0180 A Deepness in the Sky TB SFI 7.19 Yes
0189 Magic Terror FA HOR 7.99 Yes
0200 The Stranger VB FIC 8.00 Yes
0378 Venice SS ART 24.50 No
079X Second Wind PU MYS 24.95 No

5. What is a primary key? What is the primary key for the Inventory table
and the Book table in question 4?

DBIS (CIM1Z01) – Tutorial 2 Relational Data Model 1