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Learning objectives: trigger verbs

KS3 GCSE Key trigger verbs Other trigger verbs

level grade

Synthesis construct formulate, generate, integrate,

Arranging elements 7+ A/A* create organise, compile, formalise,
into a new whole assemble propose, imagine, improve,
summarise demonstrate, extend, modify

Evaluation evaluate appraise, grade, interpret,

Making qualitative & 6/7 B judge recommend, argue, defend,
quantitative justify hypothesise, verify, assess,
conclude monitor, enquire, action plan,
criticise research, use feedback

Analysis break down diagram, discriminate, outline,

Making clear 5/6 C differentiate categorise, deconstruct,
hierarchy & separate outline, question, sequence,
subdivide specify speculate, analyse,
demonstrate refine, make links, plan,

Application apply compute, demonstrate

Applying information 5 D predict illustrate, relate, conjugate,
to new areas solve decode, dramatise, persuade,
change conclude

Understanding comprehend classify, convert, discuss,

Making use of 4 D/E compare distinguish, generalise, give
information & ideas contrast examples, infer, interpret,
estimate paraphrase, rewrite, translate,
explain combine, compose, suggest,
collect, perform

Knowledge recall count, define, match, name,

Encountering & 2/3 F/G identify outline, point out, quote, recite,
recalling information describe repeat, reproduce, state, trace,
label arrange, tell, choose, copy,
list select, recognise, show, use,
place, observe, handle, express,
comment, explore, collect,