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Green On Demand LTD

1. Entry Overview
After 10 years of R&D in the Hydrogen Production field, we discovered a process that
since the 1874 Brown's Gas discovery and US Patent ... has stymied inventors and
governments ... On Board, On Demand Electrolysis Process for Hydrogen Generators -
without storage for internal combustion engines (ICE).

In short, the discovery of splitting the H2O into H-H & O in order to use the hydrogen as
a substitute for fossil fuel. The random Oxygen (O) molecule is no longer a factor for
ICE combustion issues.

What this means is quite obvious, unlike fossil fuels or earth gas which are rapidly being
consumed, not to mention the CO2 emission damages being caused daily... Hydrogen
comprises 90% of all atoms in the Universe; leaving the rest of the 111 odd elements
with 10%, and is therefore the only source of Non-storage Clean Fuel that should be
considered for the future!!!

To refresh your memories, the planet Earth's surface is comprised of approximately

74% water (H2O). 97% of that is Salt water, leaving 3% Fresh water. Our generators
are able to use both forms! In addition, using our generators can also create more fresh
water, another by product of using our discovery.

The future we envision is a world where propulsion energy is possible without storage
and without limitations. We envision a world that will be able to explore the universe on
spacecraft without the issue of distance limitations. This shall be made possible by a
device - currently operational & constantly being upgraded - of renewable and an
obvious sustainable source - Hydrogen.

With Green-On-Demand Corporation, we are able to change the meanings of words

like; Someday or the Future - for G.O.D.® & our people those two words mean - NOW!!!
2. Value Proposition
The needs of the global communities and the Mother Earth are four (4) fold:
(1)economical & viable, (2)environmentally friendly, (3)renewable and (4)a sustainable
energy solution. Our generators not only fulfill these 4 needs but far exceed them!
Summarized in numerical order below:

1. Economical & Viable: The production costs are minimal considering what the
devices accomplish. Relatively simple in design, manufacturing can be done in all
countries on the globe. The assembly process can be done manually without
automation, making this an ideal product for the so called third world nations.

2. Environmentally Friendly: The devices enable emissions from all ICE to lower and
in some cases eliminate CO2 emissions, simultaneously powering the electrical or
propulsion needs of the communities concerned. The devices will also enable desert &
remote communities to be self sustaining without the need of central power & water
centers. This means in some scenarios - eliminating power & water lines - that it is
possible to build lodging & working structures with extremely minimal damage to the
environment, flora & fauna.

In the modern commercial world, our customers (transportation) have seen a savings on
fossil fuel from 50% to 75% (diesel) and from 90% to 100% (gas) using the Genesis
Series generators. Typically with our hybrid (gas & water) models the vehicles average
around 97 Mpg.

3. Renewable: Once again, Hydrogen comprises 90% of atoms in the Universe and
74% of our planets' surface area - in addition, the "waste by product" that is emitted by
the generators is water. So even when one subtracts a certain percent of the H2O being
lost to evaporation, the fuel tanks (water) for the generators can almost be considered a
part of a perpetual motion fuel system - but it's not.

4. Sustainability: This factor or issue is coupled with the "renewable" source of energy.
Obviously with the abundance of this element; sustainability is truly not a natural
occurring factor. Unlike solar, when viewed in a local environment - factors like;
temperature, exposure time, installment costs & storage capabilities - can be
compromised and in some economical and viable scenarios are not even an option.
Making Solar Energy solutions, at this time only available to some global communities.
All storage forms of alternative energy, because of their inherent needs to be stored first
to become economically viable and in practice - useable, have a distinct feature of being
cost intensive, not always environmentally friendly, and not available in all the regions of
our planet Earth. Until Cold Fusion can become a reality, only one energy device can
fulfill the global community's clean & sustainable fuel needs - our Hydrogen generators.
3. Market Adaption
Our corporation came into existence as an LLP - officially in the United States on June
22, 2009. It was officially registered as an LTD on September 28, 2009 in England,
founded for our European operations. We have trademarked our logo in 8 Nizza
classes, and registered the corporate name in Europe and have them both currently
processed for the US & Asian markets. This has been spearheaded by our IP Lawyers.

Through the network of our key personnel entered and are entering into cooperation
agreements to test, produce & supply prototype and regular series to be tested &

By targeting the Agriculture market, Maslow's Hierarchy Needs Pyramid became a

model for our distribution strategy. Since food affects all of mankind, what better global
place, or market could there be to enter? We are also involved in several projects at the
moment that will partner us with a major aerospace industry manufacturer, a major
German Bank building project and a major shipping and logistical Norwegian company.
The obvious market needs for the devices, shall make this innovative technology a top
priority once it makes its official debut on the world stage.

From the start, our focus was to reduce the damage that was being caused by fossil fuel
usage to the planet. Arguably fossil fuel usage is the proverbial "stick" example, "when
you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other". On one end, we have a quick
and reliable source of energy ... and on the other...we're pushing ourselves into

Hydrogen development is not a disruptive technology, like the combustion engines'

development (automobiles) didn't destroy horses and other working animals, neither will
hydrogen; it will extend our fossil fuel resources to be used in the other fields requiring
the various stages of crude oil - benefiting mankind.

In order to avoid the German bureaucracy, we approached the Agriculture industry

(Harvesters) to try our devices. Since the agriculture equipment are not meant for public
roadways, they do not have requirements to make adjustments with their equipment or
to have them certified. Since they use upwards of 1000 Liters of Diesel per day
...savings of 50%-75% was incentive enough to request testing of the units. In the
transportation logistics field- disregarding the laws, all the Moving Company's
approached wanted to get the savings; using the generators supposedly would yield.
Having working and tested units (no longer prototypes) demonstrated; clearly influenced
CEOs, Operational Managers (largest US Dept of Defense Logistical Contractors)
decisions to try the units. Key to our success; IP Lawyers & Legal Staff involved in all
facets of company business decisions.
4. Leadership Position
10 years since the virtual concept, visualization and the resulting prototype
constructions, Green On Demand corporation has always focused on making our
revolutionary technological procedure of sustainable & renewable energy - hydrogen -
available and affordable to the global community.

Consequently demonstrating our working models; as borne out by the age old proverb:
A picture is worth a thousand words... persuasion came easy. In addition, our subject
matter personnel expertise in the field of aviation - former US Navy F-14 Tomcat Chief
Master Mechanic & NASA Analog Engineer (30 Years), PhD in Physics combined to
make a solid and reputable platform from which to launch our project.

Approaching and hiring our IP Lawyer and the subsequent relationship that ensued after
revealing our manufacturing, distribution and financing strategy convinced him to join
our efforts and to take a position within the corporation; heading the legal staff.

Our search for a prototype manufacturer led us to a US pioneer in his field; who being
convinced of the future and the role the devices will play; being able to envision the
readiness of the global market for them as well as the solid design of the device - joined
forces with us increasing the ability of the design personnel to freely experiment with
various forms.

An agreement is being worked out with the Aerospace Engineering Department of a

Virginia University, to cooperate and share lab results of our units in return for the
opportunity to do their students get practical work in a real life scenario of their future
field study.

Just recently, we have entered into a Cooperative Agreement with a German

Corporation who will do the Third Party testing & confirmation (Marketing purposes) of
our road tested models and the beta series production of our latest Prototype. The
company is also signing a manufacturing exclusivity right for Europe for the devices.
This positions us in a central location in Europe; with the quality & reliability of
workmanship that is respected worldwide.

Two manufacturing companies in Eastern Europe have agreed, in return for distribution
& licensing rights, to produce without cost - any prototype models required for testing
and will coordinate data transmission with our R&D department.

The most important strength of my accomplishments has been my ability to transfer the
belief of what our generators can do for the world to even the most skeptical audience.

Our product - the hydrogen generator could not have arrived at a more opportune time.
The obvious deterioration of our planets resources and environment being referred to by
leading multimedia sources, scientific journals and community, and internet sites; it
appears as we have arrived just in the nick of time. CO2 Emissions are at an all time
high, dwindling and unsustainable energy resources continue to top the daily global

Our strategy is based on the following global need and how we have positioned our
corporation to satisfy that need. As in any successful business strategy, a revolutionary
technology is required - like our hydrogen generators for internal combustion engines.
The vision, which has enabled us to involve other technological specialized companies
with mutual benefiting co-operational agreements, is absolutely innovative! All the costs
have been differed to a later time, while the product is being developed further. This
enables the more efficient meeting of global distribution timelines.

The obvious need of the market could not be more apparent, and we shall meet them,
with our licensing and distribution strategy. The solid design of the generators ensures
the durability of the devices for use in all its intended areas of operation.

We have targeted our entry market into the commercial agricultural equipment field. The
obvious reason is to support the most basic global societal needs - food. The global
commercial logistical fleets are our next targets, we have in this area begun
negotiations with a large Norwegian Shipping fleet. On land we are commencing
negotiations with some of the largest government contracting trucking logistical firms.

Our goals are to target those internal combustion engine (ICE) industries that are
responsible for the most CO2 emissions. Unlike other devices, ours start off with a
sizeable reduction in fossil fuel - 50% and upwards to 79%.

It is our firm belief that upon our appearance on the global stage...the world will respond
with enthusiasm.