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Market Research Survey for Regular Coffee Drinkers

The information gathered in this survey is confidential, used only for the purposes of our JBU business
plan research, and it will not be disclosed or sold to any additional entity. The participants can opt not
to respond any of the listed questions or to stop their participation whenever thought convenient. We
thank you for taking the time in filling out this questionnaire, encouraging you to proceed until the


1. How do you get your coffee? (Select all that applies)
a. Brew it at Home
b. Buy it from a Coffee Shop (please specify where):
2. In a scale from 1-7, how important is the taste of coffee for you?
(Less) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (More)
3. Would you be interested in a coffeemaker that brews better tasting coffee
without releasing high levels of oils and calories (unlike other type of
a. Yes b. No
4. Would you be interested in a coffeemaker that has a digital touch pad to
control its functions?
a. Yes b. No
5. Were you aware that most coffeemakers contain some materials that can be
potentially harmful for your health?
a. Yes b. No
6. Would you be willing to replace your current coffee maker for one that
promoted better health?
a. Yes b. No
7. If so, how much would you be willing to pay? (Please, select one)

a. $25-$75 d. $176-$225
b. $76-$125 e. $226+
c. $126-$175
8. Please, select your gender:
a. Female b. Male
9. Please, select your age group
a. 18-24 e. 40-44
b. 25-29 f. 45-49
c. 30-34 g. 50-54
d. 35-39 h. Over 55 years old
10.Please, select the annual household income group that applies to you
a. Less than 29,999 d. 70,000-89,999

e. 90,000-99,999
b. 30,000-49,999
f. Over 100,000
c. 50,000-69,999

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