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Chemistry Laboratory Notebook

Goal: To maintain an accurate record of all of our experiments this year. The sections below should be filled out in your notebook PRIOR to beginning an experiment. Ideally, this will be done OUTSIDE of class and be called a Pre-Lab assignment. Name: Partner(s) Names: Date (the experiment was performed, NOT the due date of the report): Title: Make sure your title is descriptive and matches the title on your experiment handout (for example: Lab #3 is NOT a descriptive title). The title should be centered at the top of the page. Purpose: In one or two sentences, describe what your goal is in running this experiment. Procedure: A 1-2 sentence summary of the experimental techniques to be used in the experiment. Do NOT waste your time copying the procedure verbatim from the handout. Pre-Lab Questions: Please answer in complete sentences. You will not be able to begin the lab until you have completed the pre-lab questions. Data Table(s): Grab a ruler and neatly duplicate the tables in the experiment handout. These will be filled in during the experiment; make sure to leave enough room! The section below will be filled out DURING the experiment. Data Tables and Observations: Record your observations in an orderly fashion. Data should always be labeled clearly with the quantity measured AND the units. These sections will be filled in AFTER the completion of an experiment .

Calculations and Graphs (on an as needed basis): All work must be shown for calculations. Units must be included. Graphs should always be a full page in size and include properly labeled axes and an appropriate title (some descriptive version of y value versus x value). If the experiment does not include any numeric data, you may omit this section. Conclusion: A simple statement responding to the purpose of the experiment. The conclusion does not require a discussion. Discussion of Theory: This section should include an explanation of any relevant theories or laws and should strive to answer the following questions: How were the theories/laws relevant in helping you arrive at your conclusion? What did your calculations show? Was the purpose of the experiment fulfilled? Why/why not? Did the experiment work? Why/why not? Error Analysis: Identify any specific sources of error and how they altered your results. Does the error make your measured and/or calculated value larger or smaller than it should be? Identify any measurements that are statistical outliers and give an explanation of WHY said measurement doesnt fit the pattern. Responses to Post Lab Questions & Challenge Extensions: These should be written in COMPLETE, evidence based sentences.