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Ercilia Delancer

Creative Writing
February 5, 2009
Writing Assignment #2

The Forgiveness Poem

Her voice came on shrill and insistent

Where have you been? Why haven’t you called?
My sobering explanations weren’t enough
To temper her anger and allay her fears .

I, in turn, demanded some space

A little bit more freedom from family and friends
Not be burdened with so many requests
For phone calls and letters, messages to be sent
Some distance to be kept, some time to myself.

The click sounded faint, almost not heard

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I shouted to no one at the other end
She had cut me off, just like death.

I miss her voice, her laughter and gumption

Our weekly gripe sessions
And even the occasional altercation

I want to call her and ask to try again

My fingers on the keys don’t dare to press
Forgiveness doesn’t come easy
And so I delay.