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After having experienced a sexual harassment issue in my workplace I

am providing myself with

reinforcement in terms of “solutions
providing resolution for everything - I
don’t believe; I plainly accept that
“Time is a healer and patience is my
I have noticed that by having this
experience my reality is exercising
both sides of my brain working with;
 Processing my emotions into a
subset of “words”
 My critical understanding of how
this process is supporting learning
through this observation.
This process is affecting my ability to
tap into my self-esteem camp
because I am evolving & setting myself right to work in an
environment I choose.
I am the teacher, I am the student and I listen to the master. I am the
learner, I am the experience – I am the observer.
Please listen to me – read me; watch me paint my picture as I keep the
frame supported for me.
Learner Experiencing Observations; the LEO in me. Sharon A Stocker.