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David L.

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October 31, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to offer my complete support for Mr. Benjamin Nesbit as he pursues any
instructional position for which he is qualified.

Ben is about to complete the Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) eLearning
Masters program at the University of Colorado Denver. He was my advisee and was also a
student of mine in the first two courses of the program. He impressed me with the
tremendous quality of his work, and his effective participation in collaborative projects. He
has a true desire to perfect his teaching and instructional design abilities.

For one of his main projects, Ben worked with the other members of his Masters cohort to
design and deliver an online Web Conference on Web 2.0 topics. Ben and his team
demonstrated great facility with instructional design processes including formative
evaluation. They delivered a wonderful “how to” session on the topic of Blogs and Wikis.
Their session was conducted June 8 - 14, 2008 with 20 participants, including professional
instructional designers, eLearning specialists, corporate trainers and educators in K-12 and
higher education venues. The end-of-conference survey indicates participants were quite
impressed with the excellent resources and the delivery of his session.

The other major project Ben designed and developed during his one of his courses with me
was his EdWeb (an educational Web site). The focus was to improve scores on the
speaking section for Korean students taking the iBT TOEFL test. This Web site, including all
instructional materials, can be viewed at

As is required for the ILT program, Ben has an online portfolio displaying his Masters work.
I encourage you to visit his portfolio at Of
particular interest are the many high quality projects he developed during his program,
which are available at

Ben is a top student and a great teacher. I highly recommend him to you.


David L. Young