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Types of Memory

Type of Memory DRAM (Dynamic RAM) SRAM (Static RAM) (L1, L2, L ) SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM) DDR (Doub&e Data Rate) SDRAM DDR2 Sin+&e Ran'ed DDR Doub&e Ran'ed DDR /orm /actors /orm /actor D-MM (Dua& -n&ine Memory Modu&e) SoD-MM (Sma&& out&ine D-MM) MicroD-MM R-MM (Rambus -n&ine Memory Modu&e) Description 1(), 1),, or 2,.*pin. %ins on both sides are independent. SDRAM uses D-MM. (,*bits. "sed in noteboo' computers. 02*pin is 2*bits and 1,,*pin is (,*bits. Sma&&er than a SoDiMM, used in sub* noteboo' computers. 1,,*pin SDRAM, 102*pin DDR, 21,*pin DDR2. 1), or 1()*pin, 1( or 2*bit, )..*1(.. M12, 2 notches. 3ach R-MM s&ot must be fi&&ed. $* R-MM can fi&& empty s&ots. "ses heat spreader. $urrent DDR and DDR2 is faster and &ess e4pensi5e. Description Memory that must be refreshed. Does not re!uire refresh. "sed for cache memory. Synced #ith the $%" c&oc'. 1()*pin. Data read on risin+ and fa&&in+ ed+e of computer c&oc' to doub&e the band#idth of SDRAM. 1),*pin, (,*bit D-MM. Simi&ar to DDR but 2,.*pin, (,*bit D-MM. /aster than DDR. "ses one DDR modu&e in a sin+&e s&ot. "ses t#o DDR modu&es in t#o s&ots to doub&e band#idth to the system bus.

$a&cu&atin+ DDR Memory performance6 M12 4 $&oc' $yc&es 4 7us 8idth 34amp&e6 9.. M12 4 2 c&oc' cyc&es 4 ) bytes : ),... 9.. 4 2 4 ) : ),... This memory #ou&d ha5e a throu+hput 5a&ue of ),... M7 per second (or ) ;7 per second) and #ou&d be referred to as %$2*)...