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82 PUNIAB FINANCIAL RULES Chap. v [ ANNEXURE } (Referred to in rule 5.3-B) Procedure to nominate any other person on, before of after retirement 1. Every peasioner who has retired on or before the date of commence- ‘ment of these rules shall within six months nominate any person for the pur. pose of this rule ia Form-A and submit it in triplicate by personal service. after faking receipt or by sending Dirough registerd post acknowledgement dus to the fespective Pension Disbursing Authority through whom peasion is fawn, 2. Within thirty days of the receipt of nomination in Form A, referred te in Pera I, tho Pension Disbursing Authority shall get the particular of tho Pensioner, as mentioned in Form A, verified with referetice to the available records and ‘etuin to the pensicnor, after obtaining a receipt thereof, the dupligate copy of the nomination in Form A duly attested by him or an officer author ised by him in this behalf. The triplicate copy shall. be sont {0 the concerned Department from whore the pensioner had retired while the original copy of the nomination shall be recorded, 3. Every employes who is dus to retire after the date of commoncement fof these rales shall submit the nomination in tiplicate in FormA to: the Head of Oflee of the Dopartment from whore he isretiting withip three months before or after the date of retirement, 4. Within thirty days of ths_reseipt of the nomination in Form A. under para 3, the Head of Office shall got the particulars of the pensioner as mentioned in Form A, vorifod with reference to the records of ‘the establishment aad rotum to the pensioner, after obtaining the receipt thereof, a duplicate copy of the nomination in Form A, duly attested by ‘him of by an officer authotised by him in this behalf. The’ triplicato copy duly attested shall be seat to the ‘Audit Officer, who shalt pass it on to the Pension Disburing Auth y slong with the Poasion ‘Payment Order. If the Pension Payment Order has already” been issuod in particular ease,\ the nomination shall be sent. separately quoting Pension Payment Orde: number and other particulars of the pensioner. to enable the Pension Disbursing Authority to link it up with the Pension Pay~ ‘ment Order. 5. A notice of modification of nomination including cases where 2 nominee Pre-deceases the pension shall be submitted triplicate in Form Bto the Pension Disbursiog Authority in the manner specified in para land thereafter the provi ion of para 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis with "modification as if it was ‘made ‘under para I 6, A nomination or 4 ftesh nomination of a notice of modification of nomination shall be signed by the pansioner ot, if he is illiterate, shall bear hi thumb-impression given. in the presence of two’ witdosses who shall also sign & Geclaration to that effect in the nocuination, fresh nomination of aotice of modification of nomination, as the case ma} 1 Aaascure Iatrted (Slongwth Rule 5-9B) vide No, 10/S881-2FRM, dated 13-12-84, Chap. V) PAY, ALLOWANCES AND PENSIONS 7, Nomination, fresh nomination of notice of modification of nomi shall take effect from’ the “date of receipt thereof by the Pension Disbursing “Authority or the Head of Office, as the case may be 8. A nomination made under para 5 and accepted by the Pensien Diss bursing Authority or the Head of Office, shall be a conclusive, proof with foanc 0 te poron nominated 1 rseveartetes of pension of “he pensioner funder these rules 9. The arrears of pension payable under these tules shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the existing cules governing the mode of payment of pension. 84 PUNIAB FINANCIAL MULES {chap. Vv FORM A Peaton Dishust « AUhony/Mead Offer (Xie of Bonk/Tecasury/Poy Office! ALCO: ts Offer te ) Plice hetety nominate the person (Name of te penstonee capital letters) raed below un’ rule 8.38 of P,-R. Vol. T= “Wine tad ees OF ihe Relationinp wih Dave oF SH ‘ninines ‘pensioner Nie a Acs of fenon tho ay eee. the sale pension cia’ the nominee's amin. Name and aditess of Relatioes p Uateo! Binh, Nowe and s€dresa Contingsrsy «she mince ts case with pen” Hthe other oipenon wigtseey Sunita a onie fe "nom.age under Stoner’ gominee fs rective the neeren wereeanee olynna” (shove ‘minor *“Gurtaw' he other Beane vat predeceucn the pines lanes Bensionst Stunature (or thumbampression Hf este, ‘and uae OF reasoner Adsress Whee iccaute Name ang Address Slaattaee of “znsion Disbursow Avtho dey/tted of Ofte (Acknowledgement co be santby the Poasion Disbuising Anthoriy[tead of Ofte) {iil oat gp tn noma ot Pensions oe em ise : Sieoaace of Pension Dishing Audhority Beni/Tresateyib-O /accounie Olikerttead Office Pull Acdres Date: