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Recommendation for Alyssa Pepe I have recently had the pleasure of being the University Supervisor for Alyssa

Pepe. I would strongly recommend that she be hired as a teacher, without reservation. She served exceptionally well during her student teaching at Sage Park Middle School, Windsor, CT. I was impressed by her sincere desire about becoming a teacher and her commitment to ma e her career in education. She is an observer who pic s up main points !uic ly. She was eager to ta e on the responsibilities of teaching, put forth great effort and progressed rapidly. Classroom management: She has wor ed to ma e her classes orderly yet relaxed and enthusiastic. She interacts comfortably with her students, expresses an eagerness to help and shows them acceptance and interest. Students feel valued and genuine contributors to the class. She anticipates problems and is proactive to solve them. She has invested her time gaining valuable rapport with students and pro"ects genuine interest for what she is doing. She is being armed with a variety of effective discipline techni!ues. I have long teaching experience at this school, and understand the extensive role management plays with it. Students do not respond or give respect easily, and through effort, Alyssa !uic ly gained both. She has dealt well managing the distractions that come with the "ob and ta es proper steps to eep herself well organi#ed. Planning: Alyssa is a careful planner in lesson design. She translates standards, strands and ob"ectives into solid classroom instruction. She has been prompt and efficient with lesson plans. She is wor ed to develop important connections for students through Initiations that add a vital meaning from historical concepts into a modern and familiar context. $er lesson design aims at large and important aspects to be learned thus giving a meaningful framewor for students to gain understanding. Instruction: She has built lessons that incorporate content and s ill building. $er activities reflect careful thought. Alyssa provided variety within a lesson structure, insured student engagement and incorporated rigorous outcomes for that grade. She has also tailored student groupings and cooperative learning to most effectively meet the lesson design. Alyssa is very comfortable with leading class discussions. She has challenged her students to improve on critical thin ing, positive class participation and lin ing aspects of their lesson and sub"ect. $er Initiations and %losures are thoughtful and purposeful. Assessing: Alyssa understands and uses good assessment techni!ues and is involved in the student evaluation process. She is consistent in grading and wor s to hand bac papers in a timely fashion. She has stressed and maintained high, yet reasonable, academic standards and has motivated students to improve themselves. She has experience in giving !uarterly grading. Communication: She has wor ed to become very able in communicating directions with her students. She has a strong &'eacher (oice,) which is recogni#ed and gets across different needs for the students. $er !uestioning techni!ues probe for more insightful answers and give positive reinforcement. She is an interested listener that acts to correct or reinforce student responses. She has confidence in the use of technology and ma es efficient choices for it. She has produced classroom board displays and of student wor that reinforces good effort. Professional Conduct: She has good insight into education and learns well from her experiences. I have found her to have a mature and strong wor ethic, and in many instances is well ahead of her peers. She serves as an important and positive role model for her students. She models good speech patterns and dresses well. She has acted in a professional manner performing assigned teacher duties. Alyssa has actively participated in *epartment +eetings. Self Reflection: She consistently !uestions and self evaluates her progress. She internali#es situations, reviews possible actions and formulates her own solutions. She is a willing listener to suggestions and ta es constructive criticism seriously. She is perceptive and reflective about the career and strives to improve. I en"oyed her willingness to learn and achieve at the highest standards. I believe that Alyssa is fulfilling the potential to be a solid, creative and nowledgeable teacher. ,ere I in a position to, I would feel fortunate to hire Alyssa Pepe, as she would be a positive force in a school. Please let me now if I can be of further assistance. Scott 'inti +ay -./0