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This document provides a template for the unit test plan to be executed on completion of the developmentof a program such as a report or a form or an interface. It corresponds roughly to the TE040 Unit Test Planin Oracle's Applications Implementation Methodology (AIM).The template organises the testing into areas that will vary according to the program being tested, but anerror handling area is included explicitly as this is an area almost always needed (although oftenoverlooked). Within each area there is a two-level table with one record for the test scenario, followed bydetail records to describe the test steps and record results. The aim with this structure is to encouragegood test coverage by initial analysis, followed by focus on the essentials of test scenarios and test stepswithout too much of the clutter of unimportant details that one often sees. The template is very general andthe specific test plan should have any sections added that are deemed necessary; for example, test dataand test output can often be best presented in tabular format in additional sections for an area.Whenever possible a generic unit test plan should be followed for testing of generic features of atechnology, with a specific unit test plan (that can be based on this document) for the non-standardfeatures of a program. REF-1 gives a generic test plan for Oracle Forms (and could be the basis of one for any Forms technology).
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