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What your donation buys

We need your financial help as we raise funds to help build a center in order to coordinate our activities in East Africa. This center will be a store house and supply point for our medical, food, clothes and shoes, and wheelchairs. It will house a learning center where these individuals will be offered a chance to learn literacy skills so they can learn how to read and write. We will strengthen our campaign that these individuals have a right to participate fully in society. Addtionally, donated funds will also help with:

- Specialized wheelchairs able to move in the rough African Terrain - Food vouchers to poor and needy individuals with disabilities. - Clothes, hygiene products and shoes - Medication and other health products such as hearing aids, eye glasses etc. - Booklets and pamphlets to provide useful information on various disabilities - Host campaigns and workshops to support and empower individuals with disabilities - Partner with other non-profit organizations to help people with disabilities - Intervene to provide help and relief to the disabled in times of crisis (we are currently assisting individuals with albinism who are being hunted and killed by inhuman witch doctors for ritual purposes)

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American Foundation for Disable in Africa PO Box 206 Eastman, GA 31023

ACFDA PO Box 206 Eastman, GA 31023 T: 478-220-1203

American Foundation for the Disabled in Africa

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Disabilites in Africa
Due to cultural bias and mis-conceptions, on disability, individuals with disabilities in Africa tare seen as a burden or curse in the society. In Africa, these individuals have been excluded from the mainstream of society and have been prevented from accessing fundamental social, political and economic rights. Since they lack education and work skills, they live in abject poverty and lack sufficient income to purchase goods. They live in underdeveloped areas where there is a lack of sanitation, water, electricity, health services, job opportunities and educational and recreational facilities.


American Charitable Foundation for Disabled in Africa is a public charity with the aim of empowering persons with disabilities and strengthening their capacity and involvement in life, development work, democracy, realizing their human rights and maximizing their potential. Currently, we are assisting persons with disabilities in East Africa region since we have a crisis involving the massacre of individuals with albinism for rituals and cultural misconceptions that have seen these wonderful people killed. We offer financial and substance assistance to individuals with a disability. We have a wide range of disabilities that include the blind, mentally ill, deaf, paralyzed, albinos, HIV & AIDS, terminal and chronic illnesses and other forms of disabilities. Our programs serve both children and adults with disabilities.

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2 Your generous donation will enable us to develop and implement vocational training programs for the disabled with the intent of giving them financial freedom and raising their self-esteem as contributory members of society.

Our focus is to teach individuals with disabilities self-help skills and vocational skills so they can be productive and fulfilled members of society. We have embarked on a campaign to create awareness and the need to view these individuals as members of society with fundamental human rights. Our aim is to break the cultural bias, poverty, ignorance and discrimination towards people with disabilities in Africa.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. - John Holmes