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UbD Writing Unit Plan Template

Teachers Name: Katie Buss Unit Title: Im a Poet and Didnt Even Kno It! %ppro&imate Time 'rame: ()* +ee,s Topic/genre Poetry "rade #evel $th

Prere-uisite s,ills: The students ,no ho to rite complete sentences. The students ,no to have stay on a /ocused topic. Essential 0oca1ulary: Prose2 3hythm2 3hyme2 4tan5as2 Pattern2 Picture Poetry2 %crostic Poetry 6entor te&ts: 4ong #yrics2 4hel 4ilverstein2 Dr. 4uess 1oo,s2 6aterials 7internet2 supplies8 Binding tool2 Boo, ma,er2 #aminator2 6entor te&t2

Brief Summary of the Unit: In a few sentences, describe the topics genre and !ey acti"ities students will be wor!ing on during the unit The unit is on poetry riting. It is an integrated unit coinciding ith our 4TE6 eather unit. The poetry ill have the central theme o/ eather 7disasters2 types o/ eather2 local eather2 etc.8. The students ill use mentor te&ts to inspire their creative riting. 4tudents ill use +rite to 4el/ time as a poetry center. The riting is 1eing /ormulated to e&pand creativity on su19ect content and help students learn a

more structured /ormat o/ riting. There is patterns in poetry that must 1e /ollo ed to maintain the speci/ic part o/ poetry.

Stage # $ Desired %esults 4tandards: ::44.E#%)#ITE3%:;.+.$.*.D

Use precise language and domain)speci/ic voca1ulary to in/orm a1out or e&plain the topic.

Use concrete ords and phrases and sensory details to convey e&periences and events precisely.

Produce clear and coherent riting in hich the development and organi5ation are appropriate to tas,2 purpose2 and audience.

+ith guidance and support /rom peers and adults2 develop and strengthen riting as needed 1y planning2 revising2 and editing.
:ompetency/>19ectives 4tudents ill 1e a1le to /ollo a poems structure to compose a singular poem ithin the poems structural limits. 4tudents ill 1e a1le to create a poem that discuss ,ey details on eather.

&stablished 'oals: Enduring Understandings E&plore creative riting o/ non/iction and /iction te&ts through modes o/ poetry.

Essential ?uestion7s8: @o does structure a//ect di//erent types o/ poetryA +hat ma,es a poemA %re poems read di//erently than other /orms o/ ritingA Students will know 4tudents ill ,no to /ollo a structured /ormat in a riting techni-ue. 4tudents ill ,no ho to use ,ey details to create a piece o/ riting.

Students will be able to

4tudents ill 1e a1le to rite = di//erent /orms o/ poetry /ollo ing the structural patterns o/ each type. 4tudents ill 1e a1le to present a piece o/ poetry in /ront o/ a group o/ people spea,ing loudly and clearly

tage ( $ )ssessment &"idence Per/ormance Present poetry in a BPoetry :a/CD Tas,: Per/ormance Tas, 4tatement 4tudents ill per/orm in a poetry ca/C. The students ill present a poetry piece displaying their 1est or, that ill 1e entered into a class poetry 1oo,.

Students will understand That a poems structure defines how a poems meaning and influences readers.

Students will be able to Write 5 different forms of poetry (shape, haiku, spine poems, free verse, acrostic following the formative rules of each poem. !ther evidence"

#reassessment $ead a story, in poetry format, and ask students how the writing%format of the story is similar or different than other forms of writing they are familiar with, persuasive, formative, and narrative. &ormative assessment Students will complete several different pieces of poetry. 'fter learning the techni(ue and strategies of poetry, the students will compose pieces of poetry to reflect the ac(uired knowledge Summative assessment" 4tudents ill present their poetry in a BPoetry :a/C.D The student ill read each students greatest or, aloud2 during the Poetry :a/C. The poetry ill also 1e compiled into a class poetry 1oo,.

#earning Plan: Descri1e the se-uence o/ activities over the course o/ instruction Introduction o/ Poetry %crostic @ai,u 'ree 0erse

4hape Poetry 4pine Poetry Poetry :a/C

Di//erentiation /or E##s2 sca//olding2 comprehensi1le input etc.