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Language Arts – Teammates

Rationale: This lesson is geared at teaching students how to draw conclusions but also to review the contributions of Jackie Robinson. Though that is a 2nd grade SOL, it never hurts to review and it is an excellent example of how content, such as the study of contributions of famous Americans, can be seamlessly inserted into a language arts lesson on drawing inferences and conclusions. This lesson also uses a great deal of technology. The Promethean (or SMARTboard) is essential in letting students see the statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee-Wee Reese, which is a great way to start a discussion about the topic and begin to activate prior knowledge before reading. For this lesson, I also scanned the book which allows each student to see the illustrations and read along even though the book is being read aloud to the class. I find this method works better than the document camera because it allows a clearer image of the illustrations and allows for more mobility when reading. The biggest incorporation of technology in this lesson is the creation of videos. After reading the story, students make videos showing how they can be like Jackie or Pee-Wee in school today. This not only requires that they internalize and apply what they learned from reading, but it also makes it more relevant for them. Not only are they doing something “cool” by making a video, but they are taking the character traits and actions from two historical figures and apply it to their daily lives. Making the videos is a simple task, but it requires that students write, make inferences and draw conclusions, and use technology to share positive and helpful stories with their classmates.

Standards: READ 4.4 The student will expand vocabulary when reading. READ 4.6 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts. Review VA SS 2.11 The student will identify Jackie Robinson as Americans whose contributions improved the lives of other Americans. Time required: 45 minutes over 4 or 5 days (depending on time available and student understanding) with an additional day for viewing videos. Procedure:    While students are wrapping up Guided Reading, pass out anticipation guides and Teammates worksheet to each student. Have students clear their desks of everything except a pencil and the worksheets. Have students take ONE copy of the Teammates Anticipation Guide (attached) and ONE copy of the Teammates Worksheet (attached).   Have them put their NAME and DATE on the worksheets, then put their pencils down. Using the Promethean flip chart “Teammates”, show students two pictures and discuss (what could be important about these pictures? Why is there a statue of it?)    Do the anticipation guide as a group – discuss what an anticipation guide is and how it helps with reading. Read Teammates by Peter Golenbock and Illustrated by Paul Bacon. Pause to make predictions/ask and answer questions

Once the story is finished, have students (as a class) briefly summarize the story, drawing on what they remember from the previous day if necessary.

 

Have students complete their anticipation guide, drawing on specific examples from the book. After reading the story and completing the anticipation guide, have students practice answering the short answer questions (they are on the Promethean).

Once students have done several as a whole group, have them answer the questions on their Teammates worksheet. They need to answer in complete sentences. They may use the copy of the book (in fact, it’s encouraged) but they must answer questions IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

Support: Students who need extra assistance with summarizing or main idea, etc. can use the Teammates graphic organizer worksheet.

 

After students have finished their worksheet, group them in five or six groups to make a short (1 minute) video. Explain to students that they are going to tell me two things: o How they can be like Jackie Robinson in school today (what character traits can you show? Refer to the worksheet for help) o How they can be like Pee Wee Reese in school today (what character traits can you show? Refer to the worksheet for help)

Have students write a “script” for their video (demonstrate a simple script structure on the promethean or document camera) and film their video

Show students the edited video and then discuss each one, connecting their video back to the story they read and the men they learned about.

Assessment:   Students can be informally assessed orally during reading based on their responses to questions Students will be assessed on their anticipation charts, their short answers, and their video scripts.

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Teammates Questions
1. Do you think you could have met the expectations Mr. Rickey had for Jackie Robinson?

2. How would you have handled your feelings in Jackie’s place?

3. What might you have done in Pee Wee Reese’s position?

4. Do you think it took courage for Pee Wee to make a stand with Jackie? Explain your answer.