16th - 20th December 1998 Singapore


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un plcascd II} learn that .. lor 1111.' 111'0;1 irue Lhio; event 10; hel I in Singapul'e SP,)I1.ol1:11 b) :tllTI()~1 ;1 rernples and l lintlu uri4i1nis~lioll~ and it would be an ,I IUHl:1 I affair hcreatter. During Iht' event Wl 211 nccerubcr 1"198 0 pprnxi rnately lW} yuuths, 1I11'~lly Second" r)' ,; flu I In i vershy level, will rcche 1:\ ':haI'tcl'~ of L;lt;l, while :HJuiu wlll wk.' rml'l in thu l lomarn Inrc ~,KI'il"icl'l ~iti1U11 anenusly,

T .im L't'nlldC'1l1 that Lhl' celebruuous ol'Glta ,Ja)'anthi will promote Ilw mf-"'s'.Jge oj peace and gOI)"wlJ1 ill lIur truera lions with people 01 01 her l'alt ns.

J send Ill)' best. wlshcs lor 111' SU('C'l.~ or the 'ell'bral ion, whirl1 iii organised hy all Hindu nrg;mislllilJrh and lucused 011 yuuth,



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is indeed gratifying to note that for the first time in Singapore nearly all Temples and Hindu organisations are making a concerted effort to celebrate the Gila jayantl. 1 am confident that the joint effort by all organisations will bring us even closer together and our scant resources will be put into good use particularly in the time of recession. It is aJso gratifying to note that this event is specially focussed on our youth who will be reciting the entire 18 chapters of Gila in its original language of

anskrit. It provides spiritual nourishment by giving philosophical advi .e on how we should lead a purposeful life in the service of humanity. Il stresses performance of duty without expectation of rewards.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate all the organisations in making this historic congregation a success.


Hindu Endowments Board



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'@J' .. II.'.~l.l.]ad ....• r}.'h a ~ .. rav .•.. "tCI .: G .. ~.,.ira i.S., ~.'h e t.'.m.J~.l.'D na. I m.~,,". s.'.sag,e "'.

emanatedfrnm the lotusItps of the Lord .H.~rns':Jf.

For centuries thi2;'O~ta b~lS L'H~en held in reverence

- by ~ R.i ntsand scho lars an over the V'I'(JIrJet 'I'h ~ teacblngs of the Gitaant universal and eternal ii nd for the \v~U;~l;re or all embracinghumanlty. Gila stands as ill beacon of light tor the salvuttcn of mankind whtch.i s betng swept .by the vlotent storn~ or mater lal i S111. Sden tif'lc an G1 techno log leal advancement alone doe's net complete mans evolution, S'pi1"ttua~ awareness and a.wakening :(1$' Imparted tn U]C Git,~~ elevates IU~ln'1'i perception, ,~rho then sees. HI"c; edstence as one whole breaklng the Il~'1.rri.e:lrS of caste, tr!::!0d and rpl,cmr. Ui!E;'rt2~by dol ng a'wa)-' 1;N1 rh 1'01 ci a 1 anti re U g io us pre j u d. i. ce. Any ernbudled being, wl'H.;i lives the DiVi n.c teachl ngs of Glta glves up his mertal self and attains Iiberatlon.

Swami Harjha rjl M,all:araj


lsindeed a man er of ~T~~(U joy VJI note that a ouveriir is being broughr out on the occaston of re Gita Iaya n thl Mel a, The fact that all Hindus are Cl1:1TL 1111: forward ldg,e~h~r 1;1Sl Qt'l"t'. hody to par~h;;:ip~lJt!e iTt thts event represents rile read Incss, or at] In u nll:e for a 0)11:1 rna u cause VU z, the p roC) pag,aU on of Srim ad

BhagavRcl GIla. -

HI'12[g~hVa(l, Glta ~s 'on~ or 'l1:l!;:: gn~<:lu,!.~r scriptures of Hindus (Since it co nra in S the essentials of tile eternal en shrl ned ~ 11. [11 e Vedas, Sri Kris h ["181 , \Mho Is re ~arded as Poornavatara (run mantfcstatlon of the Divine], a world teachet-, gives IJ. philosophy to ] lve by tormunklnd based on the eternal and universal splrltuul truths. These truths

are accepted by the seekersof ultimate reality belonging to different SCd~ and rel lglons, By performrng ~me~1$' own t.i!.Jty m a :5p~.r~:r of dedication Cine attains sel f-coutrcland purity oflnind and IIJl timately re:alL"\c~ the highest 'Ll'IIJth of

God and becomes free from. <ill i:J c)11JtacRC1'\i. The great wo rk has inspired rn.nl~.I.Jn~ and \-viII. continue to do so In. future, Hence lts ~ndl!rLn.g value, lts study is RQJ1U·:st 1[0 an H .. indus . . [vIa}! Lord Sri Kr~sl1.na shower hts i,lessi.ng~. on you. ,f\[ay you r \ ...... 0 rk artat [JJ su!c,~~, ... ,


~ Lj~~~ !'~~-:I~""'/!--,>"iL

I ( -

Swam", J agada [man anda




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SRI VAIRA VIMADA KALIAMMA..N TEMPLE 200 I. Lorang 8, Toa Payoh .51 ngapore 319259.


VVe. should not fnr};cr. that G ~ta is a unrversal scripture that is acceptedworldwide. ·1'11)$ is because 1 L. g:~ve,s, pr,lcliral in~1 rucuonswhich we can eastly apl.)~.Y i.11 uur day to day Lire .. It Is s<Lld. the WSl or the pudding is in the eating, so please do not waste your time - gtd thro uE, h these sui ptu reg.

ear lJevnlees, it L~g[ )od Ior the g~nenIUum; t ' cnJll~ rh.ar \y~ .3.' lrIot .•. lld.':" i!iL.U gothro.L:i.-gl; ... lhf'. be .. al.l:if.u.1 llilagavad Gita serlousty and Iive our lives

LLOJDn:Hng to tr.'l. [f;.~:'~lLhing~~, Orl,i£'.Il,v]SC we wi ll lose our futu re generarlons tel the trap of material ism. r./ha.yL)e wewtll be very wealthy materially, bUT without Gira in (,JUT Ilves we win never be happy,

m,~[ ",·-jr r,~ IlMl .1)'U,'r p.1<m;J / oorJwyanl[1.:J p~1l~J.~'p'H'ijm kml:wy<ww,'j~ Le! mam milj-'il'm I fI.1SJ:-',mti ~ ~J f';l rmlnri GI

- [~G HJ.~

''"nI.C U.H)lughLt> ().j' My pure devotees dwel ~ 1 n .L

k, their 1 ives .are surrendered to M,(;;:, and U1~~Y derive ~reat satisfactlon ~nd bllss enllghtening one another and. conversing about M.e. " Om tat sm.

Your ever well-wisher

M,ahav Ishrru Goswami





u st. .as rnilk i;'::'.l untversaln IIOtI, ,1,.(1 toe'1 l;~eta i;;;'L book .. or universal ktluwkdge. II. goes ~~~d ~l~y(JIHI all lltllltaUcins n!." d i l~-rerel1 r. phllos, rphies aIl1L~b~I~,~fs.Wllether it he a n lruellectual person or .;.L11 emotional devotee nr ,l, h~gliJy active rna n or actlou, there i." guid~mce Coral] of U1C[]1W reach the One ltnaltnftn lte goat (Ji" Ii fe. G~e.t'l is truly the Mother OoJ:' all,

it grves me .~r~at joy tha t em the S'KI:"C(i day of Geeta j<tVanl:hi all sincere seeker:=: and devotees tlf.- Trmh are gnin.g~u gather 1:0 pay respect (U lhl .... gn:flt .~ luther.

As Gurudev Swami Chtnruayanancla often said:

'Let us not j IJf;t read and chant Ce~1 a:: let us also urrderst and. a nd singthe G~t.~l'l th rough our action, man ifestlng II in I)U r love J m:l service to l.htl wo rld around LlS,'

~[ a w the blessings of lord ~;hr~ Krishna glve us the wisdom and lhc devotion to serve with this vision 0.J' 0l1~llC~0,



/~ ........

';::~ ... .,..... ,,... 'IiI~"""-





RObin, on Road

P.,o Box 471. Singapon~ 9009.27 lieh ~J2 24cU i SJS 5;94" Fa:K~ 534 St'j,J 7'

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Ma:i1ing ",\ddreiSS:.

Pu t Box,: 1856 s,h\ga.pnr-e tm3706

24, Pet:k Se~ II' Street #i(u']-Ql.

NehSiI}:r$ Bu:Mdlng SinllQ,pmre 179314 1)31: '23 1516 I J2,3 1,51",

B~s.,= 44.9 23;11 1 445'430 I 4457158



.Mahabhm:~m is. une ef the gt'eaLe~l Indlun epics, n 'was written by sage Vyasa, U contains BJ1,~gavati Gita, the conversatiun between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, in the. bt!H~eneld wherei n Krishna helps to

l-e 0 I ve A rjuna 's men tal contl icts and urges hi lin tel f]gi.""lt thewar.Th i s i. In annie d by Sal1i 3y~ 't( I the h I ind klil2, Dhrirarashtra and. begins with thequestl in by Dhritarashtra seeking to know how A1:jUIl<! who had laid down his arms, W~L convinced ~o fight.

Arjuna 's doubts are doubts that face every generation and. ~D the lessons or the OHu. are ~L:"i applicable [I] thi duy ,'-1,ntl age <1:-:; they were centuries ago, The Gita unfolds-a way of life that helps U~ h be :=:CJcidt~y more productive and indi vidually more: balanced and tranqui ~ and foiIcl'wing which We" call pursue 1 ife at pence with oLI[15eJ\le,:,;~n is a scriptural guide that CJ;QU give direct.ion l!o cur lives irrespective of us whoever we are and. whatever our problems is andtranscends the man made, self imposed boundaries of caste, creedand rel igicn.

Accordi.Il,g. 10 Aldous Huxley "The dila is one of the clearest and. most comprehensive summaries of the Perennial Phil ,sophy ever to have been done. Helle its enduring value, nOI. only torIndians, but for all mankind. The .. Bhagavad Gita is perhaps the moot systematic spiritual sratement of the Pcrcnni at PhiIOi'a~p!l>r."

The Mahabharata say~, "sarva shastnnnay! ;,ild' HI aning that th Gita comprises all the. scriptures.

Sage Vya. a h,:1:1; said that shuuld the Glta alone be sung, heard 'and assimilated, there is 110 use of my oth or scripture because it.has originated from the: lips ofthe Lord Himself

The Glory of G~.W. ~~, hence unlimited and beyond description, h contains ~he e.s~.enc-;e o,f",~\U the Four 'Ved~~"i and yet its style is so simple thatalter !.'l little study, :;JJnyoi16 can easily [01]10w the strucrnre uf the words.Yet it is sO' profound that even a lifelong study mny not reveal the: de-pith of meaning. AI'; iii reader grows ill ll'!utUriRy, L~U:~ same word ' reveal more and more facets of thought and hence the Gita remains eternally new. The Lord says thai He has made Gila. his abode and ruaintalns the UIl1?C worlds on tile Siren grit of I. he wisdom conlai ned ill the Gita ..

. he Bhaga vaal Gira has lesson s for the )'ul.li1g and old of any caste, creed rellglon and teaches the technique of perfect living.

There is an extra sh loka because of 'the' inclusion ofArjuna's question '11 th b ginning of .hapter b, This vas done tn ~1.dJ contlnuity und 'is I 1111iUed in some texts,

Q4I: l:s ,[ he Gi.1l:a. an UP~l nishad '?'

The Gita i'i etten referred to us nil Upanishad, and according to some ltcontainsthe truth of alii or them, The fundamental thoughts of the Upanishads, the conclusicnsand U'le~ rics 'are expounded in the Gira, The Gira has been gi ven the status of an Upanishad , .enunciated ill the followingverse:

sI) ,,~,,) "'~T'-tur ;rf;,.t' S?f,.ec Za.£i)fmt"/t~~ Ym;o&


Temple opense 'lilI',30 am to 1.2.UO Ntm (Morning t\ani Q[ fiAO' RUI 4.[l.o pm 19.30 pm (E'\,Ji"rning Aaru at 6.4Q pm)

9.00 am un to.no am Uhaj'aMs / Klrtan by 9't!VU't~{Of; ID.,Oll' am tIDI J L(lO m:lI Vict~lo Show I 11 Ramayan l Gna

) t .9,ClI:,a.m to 1100 I'tO 1rI Bhala3.d:s J K1-r1tE!;n$ (Siv~~ .. RajJ;gopal &: group) 12 00 neon to '1)2 . .0 5 prn .E lea atmtalPga:n (Ut.li1ly Snn~) by all, devote 'So

1~.,05pi1:i t-o 12..30pm Pravachan (Disc ,UI;S.!:!:/ 11'1 Hindu Scriptures

11 . .3;; pm to 12..45 pn} Aa.rli. S1;taiuopaatb. Jai G:hp,.sb

12 • .t1·5 pm onward -.I',raRad Vltran and Pree,'lbh,()]

11.15 p111 to 2.00p.l11. -~b;:ilJ\l.m;.1 practise (aU are \lve:1co-me)

2 .. 0 )1 pm to 5J 0 pm -l .... 1.~lhifu (Ladle " Satasang

Tuesday Pr,a:v a~han : i.3 0 P m t~ 1 9. un p~l- Pra vachan t disco l! rse) on " R am n:ya,na: II by temple pries t

Saturday Disc, urse: 5.4-3 Ptn to ~ ... ,o pm= Bhajaarrs and dJ~·-9ur.s' on Glm by Devaki Nanda Dns, Dina Auukampaq,a D~lS and devotees ..

'f1r;.\~' (;I IJl~ (l'.

j'~' I .~

t .. ' .. ,' I)~


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1) Kanna Class. (for pre-pr:~l1unr:y and lower primary students) 2.) Balamurali Class (for upper- primary students)

3) .(-i- pi And Gopas Clafls f~'1 secorrdarystudents)

4) Nar~iY' naClass (I' r youth &:,adI11-rsl


• Slln. Krilihmf~ Tea 'hingli + ,Geeta Dlscours "5 ,.,' ,IOtai Educatien .' Art .. and Craft fir Kanna Classes • Birr .May leLE!bj~a,IJon& • Gamit:s (Footha.lI / N. "ball) + [, 'pavflli P::Irties+ Krishna J ayanth [ eel eo l'eIitiong.. +, J:'IQlrd.ay oIiJt·hig~ .. Lectures

TralUipo'ft from: .

'.' Hougang I An;g Mo Kl0 l Serangoon Gard: ns / SenlJ:lfgo IJ North I. SeJl1innwU'l.g I Y:Lh 1J1'l ! R.i:I.Qe Cou rse Road

I. rasb: R:is I T:ThmpiJl:e,s / Rm::1ok I Bend.em~,'1"

Ve:R:u1e:8'QUeen'Streel: ('A.:BC Open Learrrlng ( .. entre) Tlme' SUfilUil!.¥5 1ti1JI1\ It1 .. ~ ~ I:i~ ~2."JO pnt

'poIT Fm:'l.lhe:r ~J'Qi1J.1:del .~lfi~t! C4l.1 : Thl: :;';f5 8113' .OffR:e. Hm.Tf"$) or P~tge ~l590 i 600

Sa;n!Qpiurt81wtio. 8.~.vo cl~dh(J C;opr;lZr:mda11ah ptt.l!thp!ia.(S(l,h ~''Udh{rbhokl'l dughijJ# g,itanirht.tm rn'abi.U

Th is means that all the U~:m:l:lislwds :are, the -cews ,!l!nd Lord Krlshnan, jhe 'Son of ~ cowherd f'.iS the rnUker. AVJprliH is the c:a.l:t.21U Ute ];luie rnin.d.ed ,p~QPle w;'1,l th~CGinsu.~,ne:[8' and the·.ambJos~a] Gita,"iii the de~icious rfui.ik.

Lord Kd!iihn& mentinna inthe G:itm. [ll¥!,t rE"I[oon:g jbe monfhshun the l!mrgashirsl1,U!, ~ m,!s:tj''I:~lm l;n(U~~r'ls.hiri!iho 'ham', Th:i:s,ycetlr. Marg~l,~hi:rsha :shuddhRl ekad~l:!f]:d, ,Odile4Us (:Iit[~r~y~t'I[hi frdlls on the 30th November (these d~~Lcis f!I1e' b~l~e.d on, Injrn.aJtl ,(;.. ... il.~end.ii!t, In .otherpar1s Di'thec'world tbere. issome .v~~Jiati.Oi.n)" ~Pethaps, (he (llua CODVeJl::5.£Iti on ,in wb~,~te:v'e,r form, 1;001 plsce durlng thi S tnne of tile, ye:ar; A~ least, .it is all o~;asj'ol~ to r-ert.leul.beF~ t~:Jigiou$ or ,othenvh::e;r the Ollu ,I;'l$, ~1 ~flctCia tex t,

06: How ma.nycll,aptcrs, and· ~lok'8s does the Gita. coruain ~~'

The aha Gontain~ I. g, chapters and 7(i0 sh!{):ii;:as (vel]feiS). Of t~e 700 shlekas, :~ (Iirst).5.J:i1okn L'j; Df Dl:lri,tara.sbwa,,~O are of S~u:ijaya. 84 of A.:rjUf),el, an:d 575 ofSil Krishna. Ti1Jciiy m'e d~]:-J,sHj~d·::u:l under,


Tll~ hesitation and desPQ.ode'IlC'Y .of .Arjulll:'I


2 Szm,k]l:lf ayoga Comnnmion 'through. K.no\V.I.edge 72

:3 K~lrmayog~a Communion through Action 43

4, Jnanakarma sannyar8,~y:og~ RenJime:.i ritiotlUj:rOiUgh .. Act~.0.n 42

;5 K,~nnasan'y ~:fiayO~Jt C¢,!U n:nlojo):! thrQugh Reljun~:ia:ti'('ln 29

f:) Ohyanayug~ C'!mnuli:'i.ipn ifu;i.)ugh Mt;dit~tti~n 47

7 .wnanavfjnanayo ga. t~lmm~mib.rt thmtl.ghklJlov"decl;ge tun~~ali'tatiQn 30

8, Aksharabrahmayoga The way to imperishable Brahman 2S

9' Rf~iavfdya Rfd:flgtlfrY[fyog;ft The :Sovereigl1l sciC41ce and. S.overe:ign secret 34

1.0 Vlbbuti yoga!. M,m~fe.~~tiQ;n:!; of Dl'\iille 'giori.t;'<s, 42

[ l Vig;!]:\/, ar~pa dlri'sbmulyog~ The VL~iqn. p:f ttl~ Co.$n:'!ic [OIJl] .5 ~

12 81 ~akdyoga Con:nnun'h.)o ~\lrcmgn b1ving deV'Dt[~)lt 20

~. 3, Kshera ks:helr~nH VUjhagayoga n(fferenti adon .01; the knower fhnn~h~knQ~vn 34

14, Glul.~rra~l'a vlbh~.g,ayogri.Oi.'iJ.is,i.on aa;;cotd ing- to the three gunaas 27

15 ,fin[USiI.lbUi;uu~,ybgn M:ysJery Of~l~ An petv'alUngpetson 20

16 Dai va;SIlHI sampad '!ii' ibilacg:ttyog~l Dj~lt:umioll be~[Wee,f! divine ~'nd dei1:10ni!;'le tYIJes24

l '7 Shraddhatreya VIl().I:Ji[lgtl)'Og~ The three. divi,sifJ[Js 'of f~,fth 28

] ,g 'Moksha:sanyasnyoga Ube.md.on Ihro~h ll:enuEl(;;iation: 7 S



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,;ro',\]; "".tJii!Ili"'ikib ' II rrrf·_tiil~,~rn ....2l!I.ool!IJrEJo!Dr=1h

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lei;:: (65:l3314 3388

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FClx': (65;) 224 93Ill!2J1 2'24 9238

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Tel: (615)1 645,24611 Fax:, 1(6,5), 545.2468


PEK SUN GROUP 1l .J:., $. IJ

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Pilk SUD ~pt~rp .• ·lise Pte L trl


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64~, Cecn Slree,1

~O B IBbI!iilldil~g (4th -Sthl flo!f)lr'S) 'SiiiFllgflp'Cllf;e e.4~" 11 '~ iell:; 2-2D ~n 2'2 I 222 '9411

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