(Reg No : 81/2014 Govt of Ind !"#

$REE EDUCATION%% $REE E&'LO(&ENT%% $REE &EDICATION A)o*t U+: 6SS Educational Trust ("Trust") is a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Indian based trust foundation established and founded by r!"ala#umar!

In society$ one finds many of the talents are lyin% undiscovered and there is misuse of one&s 'otential! The main cause is the lac# of information in ri%ht time and 'ro'er %uidance to youn% minds! ( 'ro'er %uidance and motivation is hi%hly re)uired to the u'comin% %enerations *ith ri%ht information on ri%ht time *hich *ill hel' them to e+'lore and shar'en the hidden talents and 'otentials! This *ould hel' to ma#e a more com'etent individual and contribute 'artly to u'lift the society! ,ere comes a common 'latform to share #no*led%e for effective use of one-s talents and ma+imum utili.ation of 'otential! /ith such motives$ and visible (ims and 0b1ectives$ 6SS Educational Trust - a non ‐'rofitable or%ani.ation *as established and came into e+istence for Education and Em'loyment! , + on: To reco%ni.e and to brin% forth the hidden 'otentialities of our youn% minds for an all round develo'ment of their 'ersonality by %ivin% 2ree Education 3 2ree Em'loyment 3 2ree edication! $-ee Ed*.!t on / $-ee E012o30ent / $-ee &ed .!t on & ++ on: To im'art )uality education$ em'loyment and medication to meet the chan%in% needs of the society! T4e T-*+tee+ of 6SS Ed*.!t on!2 T-*+t: r! "ala#umar$ 4hairman s!"!Preethi (rasu r!Pitchai anic#am

O*.In+t t*t on+:  6 S)uare Systems  6SS Educations  Indian Institute of En%%!Technolo%y and ana%ement 25EE E674(TI0N $REE &EDICATION .

t U+: 6SS Educational Trust 889$ 6anam "uildin%$ Second 2loor$ Senthil Na%ar$ 2irst ain 5oad$ 4hinna Porur$ 4hennai : 6..$REE E&'LO(&ENT SER.ICES Cont!. 886 Phone < .==-9=>66==? .

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