Meet The Team!

Órla Braiden: I am the team manager. My job is to keep things under control and to make sure things are done right and on time. My aim is guide our F1 team to success.

Amie Brereton: I am the design engineer and the manufacturing engineer. My job is to design the car using SolidWorks and then paint it and add the wheels.

Aoife Pollock: I am the Marketing and Communication s manager. I have to create a profile for the team. I have the job of informing people about our team.

Chloe McIntyre: I am the Graphic Designer. My job is to create an identity for the team and design the 5 page plan. I have to design the logo and various designs for the team.

Nathan Lawless: I am the Resource manager of the Formula 1 team. I must source and price materials, I am also in charge of getting sponsorship

• Aerodynamics
• Aerodynamics is the key to success in any Formula 1 Racing. Aerodynamics has two major concerns: creating downforce on the car and decreasing the drag that is caused by turbulence, which slows the car down. The downforce causes the car to slow down because it adds more weight onto the car. One of the most aerodynamic shapes is the teardrop shape. The shape of the car is based around aerodynamics. This shape is used a lot in Formula 1 Racing cars but is also used on the helmets as well.

Car Design
• Teardrop Shape
• The teardrop shape is one of the most aerodynamic shapes used in Formula 1 Racing. It allows the air to pass easily around the car without losing too much speed in the process. This means that instead of losing speed, which would be the case in some other shaped cars, speed continues to build up while driving.

Car Design
• Wings
• Wings are added to Formula 1 racing cars in order to add downward force to the car, without adding drag at the same time. Having these wings at the right level means that the car can go around corners more easily.

Resource and Planning
• Plan of Order
• We first had to decide on a logo, team name and team jobs. Then, we had to complete the 5 page plan. Third, discuss and decide on the car design . If we get through, we have to find sponsorship, decide on a team uniform and start designing the stand for the competition. We also have to start acquiring funds for competition from sponsors.

• Possible Sponsors
• We are currently considering acquiring sponsorship from the following businesses: Jetwash Limited, Brady’s Cavan, Mayo Crystal, Centra, Woodford Timber, Easons, Vodafone and Killeshandra Lakers.