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Griffin English communications 12 11 April 2014 The Truth Is Meant To Be Told In Les Miserable, the truth will always be revealed in the end. No matter how much the characters tried to keep the truth away from others, in the end it would be revealed. Characters such as Jean Valjean, the Thenardiers, and Grandfather Gillenormand are great examples of this. Jean Valjean and Grandfather Gillenormand tried to keep their hidden truth about their past from the people they cared about. The Thenardiers kept the truth from their true nature from others so they will be able to manipulate them. In this book, we see that Jean Valjean struggled in keeping the truth from Cosette and Marius. For example, Jean Valjean says, “It is by degrading myself in your eyes that I elevate myself in my own” (Hugo 362-63).Jean Valjean felt more at ease when he told Marius because he didn’t want to be an imposter in Marius’s eyes anymore. Even though he lowered his status and nature to Marius, Jean Valjean was able to elevate himself by admitting the truth in his own eyes. In addition, another example is when Marius says, “It means that I am my father’s son” (Hugo 178). Marius tells this to his grandfather Gillenormand who gets infuriated with this statement. Marius is mad at his grandfather because he didn’t tell him the truth about his father.
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Vasquez2 Gillenormand tries to convince him that he, himself, is his father and not Monsieur Pontmercy. This destroys their relationship and Marius leaves his grandfather to follow his own path. Furthermore, Marius reveals the fact about Thenardier true identity by saying, “Thenardier, I have told you your name” (Hugo 383). Thenardier tried to convince him that he is not the person Marius is thinking of. However, as Marius explains how he knows about him Thenardier doesn’t know what to say. At the same time, Thenardier tries to bad mouth Jean Valjean but he ends up revealing the whole truth about Jean Valjeans’s past. Overall, the truth about each character is revealed at the end of the book. Jean Valjean’s past is revealed as well as Marius’s father’s past. Marius reveals to the Thenardiers he knows about their true nature and he is disgusted by this. The point is to say the truth because in the end the truth will always be revealed and that can help you become a better or worse person.
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Vasquez3 Work Cited Hugo, Victor. Les Miserables. New York: The Random House Publishing Group, 1961. Print.
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