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When John called him, Mike was in the library and read. If I had that money,I would have bought two books instead of one. If I know the address, I went to visit him. The works will be completed as soon as the money will be recived. In the 2015 we have completed master classes and we have hired the famous companies. If it had not been his help,I would not be able to finish the project on time and now I would probably still be working on it. Look! The sky is full of clouds!Will rain.When I arrived here last year for two weeks already raining and continued to rain since a couple of days. When he was 5 years,he couldn’t write,but he was able to read a story. I’ll take my team provided to prove you’re the best,if you make a mistake you will be punishead. I don’t know if it will come but when I see him,I will invite him to our party.

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