Bloodline characteristics

Black McRaes = High breaking, fast shuffling. Able to compete pure, and great when crossed on good power fowl. Black Travelers = The are reall fast and like to take the fight close Blue !ace Hatch = "ower, solid one shot power, fast also Bob Howard Boston Roundheads = #uick, smart, and good cutters Butcher = !or good balance, accurac , cutting abilit $laret = %ntelligent, st lish, some ver high&strung 'emocrat = (ide stepping and reall ver smart 'oc Robinson, Brown Red = Rusher, pag bitaw kain agad sa kalaban 'oc Robinson Hatch = !ast ) powerful although reall hot headed *ile Humphre Blue !ace = 'ead game, power, and multiple

strokers Hamlin (onotal Asils = (uper accurate cutters, (mart tactical fighters. "erfect for grading onto speed fowl to produce superior +, fowl. Hatch = *ame, (trong, never -uits and power

%t 0ust kills fast. 8ld Hulse gra s of the Boss = 9er clever. madiskarte. "a ton 'emocrats = (mart accurate cutters "erc !lower Hatch = 'ead game. earl maturing. pag tumagal at si a ang nasugatan. !ast and game/ some kelso & stag life the look like re0ects.elso = (mart. fl ers . kahit 3/4 na lang ang timpla. balik ng balik. mamupog at matiba . bottom and power Morgan 5hite Hackle = !or gameness.oe *oode *re s = (mart. pag tinamaan ang kalaban agad swerte. it:ll kill it on the ground.elso = All around slasher fowl. +ac Roundhead = !or speed.. tulog. (mart. cut. rushers and multiple strokers . real cutting fowls. power and breaks well Mugs = !ast. 'ead game and powerful Marion Rose . great long knife fowl +emon = $an cut accuratel . !ast. cutting. power.. %f it can:t kill the opponent in the air. great for stag derbies. side stepping. Mc+ean Hatch/ 5hitehackle = *ameness. mala o ang paa sa katawan pag pumalo. but when the reach 1 and 2 ears old a big difference. hardhitters and cuts deep 6arragansett Hatch 273 = Malakas. accurate cutter. 6igger Brown Red = !ast. man fighter nga lang.

ver aggressive. can win in the first fl ."err $laret = !or intelligence. (pangled Hatch = High breakers with speed and power.ohn Madigin originated strain b accident. <suall single stroke cutting fowl. Red cock mated to *re hen at a horse track. high stationed.arl maturing.. (traight combed white legged red fowl... good for stag derbies (howtime . agilit . good cutter 5ingate Brown Red = !ast dark fowl.. Bloodline characteristics part 1 . T pewriter Blue = <muusok. "err Hatches = "ower and speed and deadl cutting. deadl ang bawat palo $larets. weaver. and $ut. single stroker. . and counter puncher.. accurate cutter. speed. smart and the are mostl high stationed =ambo 5hite ni *' = Tira ng tira..elso = (peed. Roundhead = . (weater = nothing to sa ever bod knows.

(weaters. Most are speed t pe fowl.elso bred all t pes of fowl including $larets. These fowl came from several Roundhead families blended together and got their dark color from the A5actorA . (anford Hatch originated strain from a .elso. (traight ) pea combed.. All around athletes. 8riginatorB 5. "ea combed ellow legged red fowl. .. .elso/ >ellow legged Mc+ean Hatch cross.elsoA fowl. <suall power fowl. all reds. $ecil 'avis originated the strain with a 8ut ) 8ut . Bred b 5illiam McRae. and Roundheads. Hatch.$86T%6<AT%86.A. depending on strain of A.earne 5hiteHackle cross bred more to the Brownred side. McRae:s. "ea combed black ) green legged Blacks ) Black reds. Hatch.elso:s. ? .earne Brownred/. There are man t pes of .elso @ Hatch .elso:s. (traight or pea combed green legged red fowl.

and speeder *re fowl. Butchers. ) brassback fowl. The term ARoundheadA was used to describe pea combed fowl. the (weater *ra and the "lainhead Muff *re . Regular *re s come green legged. Regular *re is said to be a combination of three gre familiesB the +aw *re . . sometimes with ellow. The are a blend of *roves 5hiteHackle. silver duck wings and straight comb. (o. (traight combed white ) ellow legged red. (ingle (troke cutting power Roundheads. >ellow ) 5hite legged. Breeders note that the are as powerful and dead game as the Bluefaces. RH:s are all pea combed. "hil Marsh breeder. Because of these. Allen originated his Roundheads from 5hiteHackle/Asil grades. bloodlines. and are known for power and gameness. The are medium to low&stationed.Roundheads Caka 6igger RH:sD (peed smart fowl. Most of the Modern RH bloodlines come from the Allen Roundheads. man breeders have made Regular *re as their foundation line. Black red.

dark red C ellow.. . white legs CwhitesD .(weater C2/4 .elso & *ood $utter and "ower game some are darkred and some are light red Cfl erD. white ellow at Madigin ellow sa mga red clarets. white or ellowlegs & Roundhead$laret H Alban Claw/claret/whitehackleD. +aw H Madigin $laret H 5hitehackle . some are peocomb and some are straight comb. straight comb & Mr.elos E @ HatchD 'emocrat CF/G Hatch E 2/G $laretD Butcher C5hitehackle E (peeder *ra D +emon CHatch E $laret E ButcherD *uest Alban & good $lipper and cutter with (peed Cfl erD. white and sometimes ellowgreen leggedD & . *. $laret & (mart ) Accurate $utter Cfl erD.

greenlegs or bluelegs.!A$.power and side step. badI low shuffle and vicious. ellow some are bluelegged or greenlegged. buttercup and rosecomb. straightcomb.aggressive ang multiple shuffle .power. bad traitsI low station. badI not game *R.dead game. power and multiple shuffle badI not game and small siJe cutting.multiple shuffle.".good le. white.&good traitsI gameness.&goodI high break.high breaking. man fighter fighter and slow M$+.*old & (mart and *ood $utter Cfl erD.break. peacomb.multiple *%+M8R.power.brain .good cutting.vicious.speed.salto.>(& goodIhigh break.R& goodI high break. some are pea comb and some are straight comb.A6&goodIgameness. *ilmore & Multiple (huffler Aggressive with speed CgrounderD. B+<.

cool. sulker.&(H<!!+.. BadI no finishing.. le.and speed. badI run.A'& goodI speed.M86& *oodI salto..+(8& *oodI good cutter. power.(T>+.high break and cutting badI not game +. speed. BadI run.single stoke.side step.and multiple shuffle.not game.elso/ >ellow +eg Hatch CTed Mc+ean/$larence (tuart/Ra HoskinsD . st le. $+AR.(%'.brain and shuffle BadI not le.. high break.T& *oodI high break. good cutting. (T. ducker.high break.ducker..not game and long legs. '8M/B<+%.".good cutter.side step.R. brain .badIslow and big siJe R8<6'H. (weater CAll around aggressive in&fighter/ average cutter/ multiple shufflerD = blood composition is .

the (weater *ra and the "lain head Muff *re .Butcher Cmainl ground in&fighter/accurate cutter/ multiple shufflerD = 5hitehackle/ (peeder *re >our basic Hatch is a ground in&fighter/multiple shuffler/ average cutter butcher = accuarate deadl str ker hatch= powerful. Regular *ra s come green legged. a good athlete ReB Bloodlines and their characteristics The following bloodlines are considered basic bloodlines. which are commonl used in game fowl breedingB K Regular *re Regular *re is said to be a combination of three gre familiesB the +aw *re . and agile . sometimes with ellow. agresive and dead game sweater= fast. silver .

etc. as stor goes. a .earne 5hite hackle with a . to come up with his signature Hatch fowl.earne Brown Red. The are medium to low&stationed. man breeders have made Regular *re as their foundation line. The are basicall medium&stationed and pea combed with some coming straight combed. Breeders note that the are as powerful and dead game as the Blue faces. The Hatch blood came form (anford Hatch who blended. and are known for power and gameness. (upposedl . Their usual characteristics like power and gameness. these were the better Hatches that gave rise to the other variants of the Mc+ean like *ilmore Hatch. Because of these. Blue face Hatch. 8ak grove Hatch. among others. K Mc+ean Hatch Modern Hatches are more high fl ing and are faster. . . are still there. man coming more brain than usual.entuck Hatch. !rom the (and Hatch stocks came Ted ellow and green& Mc+eanLs version of Hatch that came both legged. their blows often packing a wallop. . tall and white or ellow legged. Thompson wings and straight comb.ack 5alton Hatch. and Roundheads are . K Roundhead "ea combed. miHing in other bloods like the Herman 'ur ea Boston Roundheads.

K (weater Toda . . Butchers. pea combed high stationed. Hatches. Allen and Boston. (helton:s. . K 8riental (hamos. these chickens use an off&beat fighting st le which twits the aggressive American t pe of game fowl. *ra s. originated b . 9er brain and hard . Thais. The most famous among the man Roundheads is the +ac Roundhead. . sails are usuall graded up to an eighth or even a siHteenth with the American fowl in the hope of retaining the desirable cutting and off& beat traits of the 8rientals in the resulting battlecrosss. short and tight feathered and thickl shanked chickens. Asils. >ellow legged.udge +ac . %t is widel believed that this famil originated from the oriental fowl. There are other Roundhead families like the Burners. The are big headed.olo.considered as ring generals. Accurate bod hitters and smart side&steppers.aps. "arawak M these are 0ust some of the man t pes of oriental fowl. heav boned. light&e ed. sleek bod conformation and with their characteristic pumpkin&orange hackle . one is not considered NinO if he is not breeding the (weater fowl. and of course.ither ou love them or ou hate them M thatLs the 8riental !owl. Basilan. The cross well with $larets. The are characteristicall fl ers and agile all&around athletes with superb cutting abilit .

the origin of (weater is mired b so man versions. "hil . (traight&combed red with the characteristic white under hackle feathers. Bebot and $hionkee < . which is a blend of *rove 5hite Hackle and some (panish fowl. among man others.dwin AraneJ. Att . As with man families. This bloodline is one of the gamest among the man 5hite hackle subfamilies and is used onl for infusion purposes to prop up an floundering bloodline. (onn +agon. However. K Butcher "hil Marsh is credited for creating the Butcher bloodline. 6ene Abello.earne 5hite hackle is one of the most solid bloodlines used as foundation stocks because of its un-uenchable do&or&die gameness. Bruce Barnette. the . $alling them Butchers because of his occupation. some even contradictor . is heav on the .elso blood. the (peeder *ra s.feathers and swarming offensive fighting st le M (weaters were populariJed in the "hilippines b 5orld (lashes %nternational 'erb $arol 6e(mith who won the back to back.un MendoJa. K .earne 5hite hackle . the more well known (weaters are those which come from 'ink !iar. .earne 5hite hackle comes ellow legged and sometimes spangle&feathered. it is commonl accepted that this blood. Toda . as originated b (weater Mc*innis. Raff $ampos and .

came to be known as such because of its pale&faced appearance. ou are hitO. Blue face Hatches are so good that their originator. decided to breed them some more. a special strain of Hatches. old time breeders agree that the best battle cross carries onl a -uarter or less of the Blue face blood. leading man eHperts to sa Nwhen a Butcher hits ou. Bill Ruble. green&legged and medium to low stationed. Medium to low&stationed. which is similar to the appearance of a fowl with Avian +eucosis. dark&e ed and .Marsh often fought under the entr name NButcher Bo sO. with some ending up with Harold Brown. with the latter presentl called Black Butchers. and 5illiam *reene and other American cocking greats. The and brain are known for their fighting st le. Blue faces have carved a reputation for gameness. K Blue face Hatch The Blue face Hatch. Butchers sometime come spangled and brass back in color. (weater Mc*innis. <sed mainl for foundation blood purposes. K Brown Red Brown Red has speed and more speed. with cutting to boot M the advantage of this dark fowl. "erc !lowers. (traight& combed. $oming dark&legged. Butchers are straight&combed red that often come white&legged with some coming accurate cutting abilit ellow&legged. Red Richardson.

Although lacking in gameness. +emon G4 has become the base used b most Bacolod breeders. "aend has been able to create subfamilies from the original stocks. since Brown Reds show more of the raJJle&daJJle shuffling action t pe of fighting. instinctive and precise sense of timing when it clips the opponent in mid&air and throws his fatal punches or counterpunches. +emon G4 makes up for it with its almost automatic. although their drawback is their seeming lack of gameness and stamina. pea combed or straight& combed and ellow and green&legged.with characteristic black feathering. these fighters are defensive and ver calculating. K Muff . %n the drag fight. <ntil presentl . +emon G4 Ccalled as such because the original brood cock had leg band number G4D comes lemon hackled. lasting for more than 37 minutes. there alread are Brown Reds that are game enough. Basicall from the Hatch&Butcher&$laret blends of the late 'uke Hulse . because of other infusions made b breeders. this line is still winning. K +emon G4 8riginated b the legend "aeng Araneta. this famil is a sight to behold. uncharacteristic of a t pical Brown Red. However. This is its most sought&after trait despite its medium or low station.

. the are crossed with the sturd and hard lines to hopefull strike the perfect blend of fighting characteristics. gre or black. $larets&cut cut cut roundheads&cut brains speed butchers&brains and power gl hatch&game and power . dom. The are known for their high fl ing st le and accurate cutting. Basicall red in color.oJura. Muffs throw a barrage of blows with no letup or billhold.. the Muff is known for its aggressive frontal fighting st le. but there are " les that are as game.erie looking because of the feathers on its face. blue.ohn . " les come white. the come ellow&legged and pea combed. " le " le is a plumage color that denotes one that is not red. off&gre or off&red colors. Muffs have an unerring sense of accurac when it comes to the cutting department.ohn (ears and 'r. Man are not deep game as Hatch or 5hite hackle. off&white. The are white&legged or ellow&legged and straight or pea combed. 6oted breeders of this famil are Bill Ruble. Although low&stationed. $urrentl . .

speed and cut gl gre &game and power l gre &brains and cut Leiper Hatch True +eipers have no hatch blood in them the are green legged hatch looking birds but the are not hatches the are whitehackle brownred miH .l hatch&game and power kelso&cosidering the P million kinds.

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