Larson School Improvement Student Feedback

Larson students at all grade levels completed a Google Form survey on our work this year. (503 total) 1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Agree 4= Strongly Disagree My teachers give me frequent opportunities to read informational text:

3.14 3.00 3.20 3.45 3.26 3.37 2.70

My teachers often give me opportunities to write about what I have read:

My teachers give opportunities for me to explain my reasoning or thinking:

My teachers give opportunities for me to annotate text on my own:

The amount of reading/writing expected in my classes has increased since the beginning of the year:

My teachers demonstrate how to annotate information text before having students annotate text:

In math, my teachers often ask me to construct arguments and evaluate the quality of other students' work:

In what ways have your writing skills improved this year?
I learned how to improve my grammar skills and how to write strong argumentative papers. My diction has improved greatly and I'm continuously learning new vocabulary.
My writing skills have improved this year because I now know how to use research while writing nonfiction papers. Also, I have further improved how I write CER papers. I include more reasoning to back up my evidence. Furthermore, I have learned which sources are credible to use.

Last year I wasn't that good in writing or typing stories, but know this year I have learned way more about writing. I have improved in grammar and punctuation and also I write better stories now.

What strategies do you use when faced with a difficult text?
The strategies I use are for example, looking through the text and find words that I do not know or cannot pronounce, and then I look them up or ask someone if they know the meaning.

I use my prior knowledge to understand difficult words in the text. I use my knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to understand the meaning of the words.

The strategies I use when faced with a difficult text is that I go back and annotate the text and look to see if something I do know is mentioned in the text so I can relate it to the main idea.

In what ways have your reading skills improved this year?
I have learned to annotate the books I have read which allow me to read in between the lines and understand what the author wanted me to understand. It has improved a lot because Ii am getting more used to reading because we have more time and I got into the habit of reading every night so I have improved a lot.
My reading skills have improved phenomenally! I have never enjoyed reading as much as I do now. I can picture the story in my mind, I can feel, see, and taste what the character does and so much more! I never thought Thanks to the reading she assigns us and the reading lists that we keep on getting I am really getting into the groove of reading!! ;-)