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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE National Prosecution Ser ice OFFICE OF T!

E PRO"INCIA# PROSECUTOR Ila$an% Isabela PEOP#E OF T!E P!I#IPPINES% Co&plainant% ' ersus' 2ERNARD #IM Respon3ent. 4'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''4 II'()'IN"'*('(()+, For- "iolation of Sec. /00 of the NIRC of *,,1


The respon3ent% BERNARD Q. LIM% unto this !onorable Pro incial Prosecutor% &ost respectfull5 pra5s that he be $rante3 an e4tension of fifteen 6*07 3a5s fro& Jul5 **% /(*(% his last 3a5 to file his counter'affi3a it an3 those of his 8itnesses ha in$ recei e3 the subpoena to$ether 8ith a cop5 of the Co&plaint'Affi3a it on Jul5 *% /(*( on the $roun3 that he is still loo9in$ for a counsel of his o8n choice to assist hi& in the abo e'entitle3 case. This &otion is not inten3e3 to 3ela5 the procee3in$s of the case. Santia$o Cit5% Philippines% this **th 3a5 of Jul5 /(*(.

2ERNARD :. #IM RCC Co&poun3 National !i$h8a5% Mabini Santia$o Cit5 ;;** Isabela SU2SCRI2ED AND S<ORN to before &e% a Notar5 Public in an3 for ==============================% this ===== 3a5 of =============% /(*(% at =======================. Affiant e4hibite3 to &e his ===============================. I further certif5 that I personall5 e4a&ine3 the affiant an3 I a& satisfie3 that she un3erstoo3 it an3 that he oluntaril5 e4ecute3 the sa&e.

Doc. No. =======> Pa$e No. =======> 2oo9 No. =======> Series of / ( * (.

Cop5 Furnishe3 b5 Re$istere3 Mail toCORNE#IO C!ITO M. DE#A PE?A OIC' Chiel% #e$al Di ison Re enue District office Ila$an% Isabela JOCE#@N #ORA Re enue District Office No. *0 Ila$an% Isabela #ORNA 2. 2INARAO Re enue District Office No. *0 Ila$an% Isabela REQUEST: The Cler9 of the Pro incial Prosecutor Justice !all% Ila$an% Isabela Areetin$sI&&e3iatel5 upon receipt hereof% 9in3l5 sub&it the fore$oin$ Motion to the !onorable Pro incial Prosecutor for his consi3eration% appro al an3 resolution% 8ith or 8ithout co&plainantBs co&&entCopposition thereto. BERNARD Q. LIM Respon3ent

EXPLANATION Copies of the fore$oin$ Motion for E4tension of Ti&e to File Counter' Affi3a it 8ere ser e3 on the Affiants an3 the OIC'Chief of #e$al Di ision of Re enue District Office% Ila$an% Isabela b5 re$istere3 &ail since personal ser ice is not practicable in ie8 of ti&e constraint an3 the 3istance bet8een the resi3ence of the petitioner an3 the Office of the Affiants.

BERNARD Q. LIM Respon3ent