Sally Kanu Professor Camargo English 1102 21 April 2014 Teenage Pregnancy Cause, Effect, and Pre ention

There is gro!ing epidemic that is affecting communities !orld!ide" Teenage pregnancy has gro!n tremendously o er the last fe! years" #4"2 out of e ery 1,000 teenage girls $et!een the ages of 1% and 1& $ecoming mothers" 'onetheless, states are continuing to restrict a$ortion, and

easy access to emergency contraception is still a matter of de$ate" ()lorida*ohnson201#+

,ho do !e $lame- Culture, tele ision sho!s, parents, friends, school, the go ernmentThe .nited States of America ta/es the lead in the !orld in inappropriate teenage pregnancies !hich also leads to some educational and societal conse0uences" The life of teenage parent may lead to dropping out of school, depending on !elfare, po erty stric/en, and other hardships ()oster 1&&0+" According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

1three in ten teenage American girls !ill get pregnant at least once $efore the age of t!enty" That2s nearly se en hundred and fifty thousand teen pregnancies e ery year3 ('ational Campaign+" At the age of se enteen years old 4 !as 5iss" 6aringer, Senior Prom 7ueen, accepted to 8u/e and Chapel 9ill, a high school graduate, a college freshman, and a teenage mother" :ife too/ a turn at young tender age of se enteen, 4 didn2t /no! if it !as turning for the !orse or $etter" 5y goal out of high school !as to go to college and graduate as a Physician Assistant, $ut those plans !ere put on a standstill as 4 prepared to endure the challenge of $ecoming a teenage mother" 4 lo e my handsome son named *ayden, $ut the timing of his $lessed arri al !asn2t particularly the $est time"

Adolescents, roughly fifty percent of them, ne er imagined ho! $ecoming pregnant !ould change their li es immediate follo!ing the $irth of a child (Ele en )acts+" ;ecoming a mother, !hether as a teenager or an adult, you ha e to $e prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and definitely financially secure" Susan Phipps-Yonas, a clinical psychologist !hom !rote se eral <ournals, stated that 1!hile the typical teenage girl is $iologically ready for

motherhood, a comple= set of social and psychological aria$les leads those least !ell>suited for the role into $ecoming teenage parents3" Although the $ody is a$le, the mind and situation of a teenage indi idual is not capa$le to raise a child $eing a child themsel es" Ad ocating against teen pregnancy, mentoring and educating the youth are $eneficial influences to!ards handling such a gro!ing epidemic" 4n regards to teenage pregnancy, is po erty a cause or effect factor- ?r may$e e en $oth:i ing in po erty and enduring the hardships of $eing poor causes many stress on indi iduals" ,hen considering ho! teenage pregnancy and po erty relate it is important to consider po erty as a factor among others in leading to teenage pregnancy" Po erty is an outcome of teenage pregnancy, not only for the teenage parents $ut the child as !ell" According to Teenage Pregnancy and Poverty, in a 2010 report using 200@ data it sho!ed the top three states and their ran/ings in terms of $oth teenage pregnancy and po erty" Te=as, the leader in teen pregnancy rates, is ninth in the nation in the po erty ran/ings" 'e! 5e=ico is second in teenage pregnancy rates, and third in po erty ran/ings" 5ississippi is third in teen pregnancies, and the highest rate of po erty in the country" 4t has $een reported that only a third of teenage mothers graduate and achie e a high school diplomaA e en teenage fathers finish fe!er years of school than men !ho $ecome fathers !hen they are older, lea ing $oth parents una$le to ta/e of themsel es and pro ide a $etter li ing for their child (PregnancyTeen9elp+" Additionally the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 1has reported that a minimum of se enty fi e percent of teen mothers !ho are unmarried !ill $e on !elfare !ithin fi e years of the $irth of their first child3 ('ational Campaign+" This research concurs !ith feed$ac/ from a young African>American female during an inter ie! 4 conducted" She stated she had her son at the age of sixteen years old and also gave birth to a baby girl a year after the birth of her son She dropped out of school, but years later

she obtained her !"# She stated being a young parent is a difficult tas$ and the only %ay she is surviving is through assistance from the government i e SN&P benefits 'food stamps(, section eight housing development, )edicaid, Childcare *esource and +or$ ,irst The struggle of $eing a young mother and father puts a toll on their young li esA teenage parenthoodB is the sur i al of the fittestC 4s $eing pregnant $ecoming a trend- Sho!s such as Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen )om display the ma<or conflicts, stress, depression, and struggle of raising a child at a young age" ,ith sho!s that $roadcast the difficulty of teenaged pregnancy, !hy are the rates of this epidemic increasing- Are these sho!s hurting or helping the situation of teenage pregnancy- 4 personally !atch $oth sho!s on 5TD and 4 thin/ the sho!s ha e a negati e and positi e effect on teenage pregnancy" The positi ity of the sho!s is the display of the difficulty of raising child !hen you2re not financially secured and mentally prepared to handle the duties of $eing a mother or father" :i/e a coin, it has t!o sides, although positi e the $roadcasting of young indi iduals on reality tele ision ma/ing money from their 1situation3A some teenagers !ere getting pregnant on purpose to ma/e it on the sho!" 4 created a sur ey a$out !hether the reality tele ision sho!s had a negati e or positi e effect on teenage pregnancy, and dispersed the sur ey amongst my English> 1102 classmates" Thirteen out of si=teen students responded that the reality tele ision sho!s, Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen )om, had a negati e effect on teenage pregnancy" ?ne interesting response 4 recei ed from a classmate stated 1ho! teenagers !ho are supposedly poor and struggling, can afford the houses and cars they ha e, it2s not sho!ing the reality of $eing a teenage parent $ecause the teens are a$le to support themsel es !ith money they recei ed from $eing on the reality tele ision sho! is $ogusC3

;esides reality sho!s, media has other influences on youth and teenage pregnancy" )rom ideos and sho!s it displays 1good feeling3 of se= and the $ad conse0uences of se=" Eoung people are o ere=posed to se= and not se= education" :ac/ of se= education is another $ig factor to!ards the cause of the gro!ing epidemic of teenage pregnancy" 4n sur ey conducted in English 1102 si=teen of si=teen students, 100 F, all stated that education is /ey in pre ention of teenage pregnancy !hether it2s from school or home" 4n the Teenage Pregnancy sur ey the feed$ac/ in regards to pre ention included /no!ledge of se=ual issues such as the cause and effects of teenage pregnancy, se=ual transmitted diseases, 94D, o erall norms and $eha ior of se=, a$stinence, protection $arriers (condoms+, and communication !ith adults is detrimental in pre ention of teenage pregnancy and other se=ual conse0uences" ,hat you don2t /no!, ma<ority of the time can hurt youA if 4 /ne! then !hat 4 /no! no!, 4 !ould ha e made $etter decisions" 4 do not regret the $lessing that !as recei ed, $ut the timing of occurrence !asn2t sta$le" 4 !as se enteen and confused !ith a ne!$orn, no! t!enty>three !ith a handsome si= year old son" 5y son is my moti ation" To pro ide a $etter life and future for us, 4 set out to accomplish goals that !ere put on hold in regards to $eing a teenaged single paren" 4 !ent $ac/ to college and graduated, $ought a house, financially secured and no! $ac/ in school to further my career in healthcare" 4 mentor a lot of teenage pregnant girls, those !ho are teenage mothers and those !ho are not" 4 encourage the soon to $e young mothers to complete school, stay focused, stay moti ated for not only themsel es $ut most importantly for the life and future of their child" To the girls !ho ha e not e=perienced the life of teenage parenthood 4 educate them a$out a oidance of teenage pregnancy, to practice a$stinence or safe se=, and preach that although their $ody is a$le they are not a$le to endure the challenge of $eing a mother" Ad ocating against Teenage Pregnancy and educating those on pre ention !ill ma/e a

difference not only in the li es of the teenagersA $ut also of the parents, guardians and society" 9elping the youth !ill help sa e their futureC

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