Colavito McKie Dr. Nan Li, Instructor Educ.

423: Teaching Language Arts to Children February 14, 2014 Field Experience: Language Arts Materials Inventory In visually inventorying Ms. Smith’s third grade English/ Language Arts and Social Studies classroom, I noticed that Ms. Smith utilized a number of different tools and spaces in her classroom to compliment English/ Language Arts and Social Studies learning. At a glance, Ms. Smith’s room consist of a computer station with two computers and multimedia equipment (i.e. headphones, audio cassette tapes and CDs), two spaces for reading and/or small group work, a STAR board, multiple book shelves with an assortment of reading material on various reading levels, PASS resource books to aid students in deepening their understanding of English/Language Arts concepts (reading, writing, etc.), and multiple visual displays that feature the content material taught in the classroom. The Reading Centers in the classroom are colorful and inviting. I believe it’s important for these spaces within the room to be appealing to the eye, just for the reason of inviting students to get comfortable with a book and to read. From a number of my observations, I noticed that Ms. Smith allows her homeroom students to access the library in the morning, prior to morning transition. Just to “paint a picture” of what you’ll see, the room’s atmosphere is quiet and all of the students are engaged in reading, either in small group or individually. Students get the opportunity to lay on one of the rugs if they desire, or read at their desk or in one of the six

wicker chairs in the library. The books in the Reading Center range in complexity based on recommended lexile reading levels. Ms. Smith’s Reading Centers in some way remind me of a “home-like” environment. When asked about the Reading Center, Ms. Smith stated that she tried to aim at providing her students with an environment that would make them feel good when reading and in order to do so, she wanted to add some color to the center/classroom. Books and text books are stored in individual student compartments under their assigned hook in the classroom’s Reading Center. The Computer Station in the classroom is designated as an area for students to engage in reading through the use of audio/visual equipment, play enrichment games focused on enhancing English/Language Arts and Social Studies skills, and as an assessment instrument. Students are allowed to listen to stories, “Read-Alongs,” construct texts for class publication through the use of Microsoft Word and other on-line resources, take reading assessments that in return provide them with comprehensive questions, texts, and vocabulary, and as a quiet area for paper-based testing. Ms. Smith’s class utilizes the Reading Street Basal Reading Text issued by Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five as a means for students to develop reading skills across the curriculum. The STAR Board is useful in helping to provide students with clear images and experiences featuring the English/Language Arts and Social Studies content. During one of my observations, I noticed that Ms. Smith walks around the classroom with her iPad. Ms. Smith also informed me that the district purchased iPads for all students in grades three through twelve for the purpose of use in the classroom and at home. Students will bring the iPads with them to school and use them to research key events, language arts materials, to engage in enrichment games and assessments, and to assist at home with homework. Ms. Smith uses her personal iPad

as an instrument for teaching and learning in the bases of inquiry based instruction. One of the cools things I noticed, when observing her interact with her class, was that she connected the iPad to the STAR Board for instructional purposes. Reading Center #1 Visual (Besides entrance/ exit door)

Wicker Chair

Computer Station
Book Shelf Wicker Chair Rug/ Wicker Table Wicker Chair Reading Center #2 Visual (Next to window on the opposite side of classroom.) Window

Wicker Chair

Wicker Chair

Wicker Chair Wicker Chair