Anna A.

Maiga ENGL 1102 Professor Camargo Primary Research Response I decide to interview Dana Frady District Administrator in the Guardian Ad Litem Program in Charlotte, NC. I met her in my Social Work class February 19,2014. After class, I talked to her and ask her few questions to know more about Guardian Ad Litem, since I was interested about it. The following are the questions I asked her: 1. How to become a GAL? 2. What are the struggles and good part of being a GAL? 3. How to gain the child trust? 4. What are my limitations and how much can I be involve? 5. What advice can she give me as an experimenter GAL? She told that to be a GAL I must take a 30-credit class to be certified and be able to represent a child in court. One of the struggles she saw people encounter was when the GAL sees a child in need and no being able to satisfy that need because the GAL is not the child parent or responsibility at certain point; for example buying clothes and all that without legal permission. But a GAL must always check with his/her agency before doing any specific thing for the child. As Dana said gaining the child trust depend on his/her situation and what that child went through. She said it takes time to make them trust you and see you as a friend, but when they do its for long. The conversation ended with Dana by receiving advice from her. She told me to

make sure I keep up with my court report if I decide to b a GAL, to know my agency policies, and talk to the child social worker or lawyer if I have any doubt about something. My interview is actually what pushed me to choose this topic. It opened my curiosity and made me consider GAL as my volunteer activity through out my bachelor degree. The researches I did were pretty much similar to the information I got from my interview. The only difference I found was the stereotype on GAL that “All GALs are against the child parent”. The part I was wondering about in my interview is when Miss Dana told me that it is not always that a GAL can give a gift to the child. Citation? Volunteers 4,824 volunteers 463,104 hours of service $10.3 million saved due to volunteer efforts Volunteers donate on average 8 hours of service monthly. Independent Sector valued volunteer time during 2012 at $22.14 per hour. Program statistics 54,389 child abuse and neglect hearings 15,251 abused and neglected children received

Legal representation 177 juvenile appellate cases filed Reflection: The hardest part of my primary research was recalling the information I got from my interview. I liked my primary research because it was a great start for me to do my research. It helped a lot, since it gave me a starting point (what to look for). This primary research will work in my essay because I will able to take the best and right information about GAL so my essay will not be too long and will be precise. I was confortable doing the interview than researching online, but since I knew a little bit what I was looking for, it helped. I will start my paper just after this one. I will go back to my proposal paper and follow it. I think my weakness will be to summarize my research.