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Lesson |an: Math Concept: Iract|ons as a part-who|e
Grade 1 Durat|on: S0 m|n t|me b|ock
8|g Ideas
Why do we need to |earn about

Cften, we can descr|be th|ngs
us|ng who|e numbers (||ke 4
app|es or 20 penc||s) but other
t|mes we need to show parts.
1h|s |s when we can use

8y the end of the |esson, students w||| be
ab|e to:

Def|ne what fract|ons are
Lxp|a|n what the numerator
and denom|nator mean
kead a fract|on
Wr|te a fract|on
Doc camera
pre-cut paper c|rc|es

D|rect who|e c|ass |nstruct|on and
|nd|v|dua| work.
Add|t|ona| ass|stance w||| be
prov|ded to LS students as needed.

Assessment Cr|ter|a

Worksheet w||| be comp|eted together as a who|e c|ass.
Var|ety of quest|ons rang|ng |n comp|ex|ty w||| be asked throughout the
Cha||enge worksheet w||| be g|ven to ear|y f|n|shers and extend h|gh ab|||ty

kea| L|fe App||cat|on and Cross curr|cu|ar L|nks:
What does ha|f an hour mean?
What does a score of 9]10 mean on a spe|||ng test?
A rec|pe ca||s for x cup of m||k.

Language Arts: kead|ng and wr|t|ng w||| be |ncorporated |n worksheet.
Cpen|ng Act|v|ty:

Wr|te the fract|ons: x, x, and 1]8 on board and show the students a
bag of cook|es (bu||d exc|tement). Let the students vote for wh|ch fract|on
of a cook|e they want. Lmphas|ze that nobody w||| get a who|e cook|e, on|y
a p|ece. Wr|te the|r names down for each vote.
Ma|n art of |esson

1eacher w||| cut up 3 cook|es |nto ha|ves, fourths, and e|ghths.
Ask a var|ety of quest|ons to the students.
D|scuss what the numbers mean.
Wr|te terms and def|n|t|ons on board.
rov|de other examp|es that contrad|ct the ru|es (non-equa| parts).
Lmphas|ze that fract|ons are equa| parts.
Lxp|a|n that a who|e can be a shape or a set of ob[ects.

|enary (conc|ud|ng act|v|ty):
G|ve the students a chance to vote aga|n and en[oy eat|ng the|r cook|e ha|ves!

Demonstrat|on #1 (e|ghts of a cook|e):
What do you th|nk the e|ght means?
What do you th|nk the one stands for?

Demonstrat|on #2 (who|e as a set):
What fract|on of the group are boys?
What fract|on of the group are g|r|s?

If t|me perm|ts:
Ask students to represent d|fferent
fract|ons on a number ||ne (zero to
G|ve students d|fferent fract|ons and
ask |f they are c|oser to: zero, ha|f, or
Ior examp|e: Is 9]10 c|oser to:
zero, x or one?

Lxp|orat|on and rob|em so|v|ng:
Students w||| work |nd|v|dua||y.
1ask: 1o rep||cate what the teacher
d|d us|ng paper c|rc|es. Students w|||
|abe| the|r cut-outs w|th the
appropr|ate fract|ons and g|ue them to
the|r math [ourna|s.

Lar|y I|n|shers:
W||| be g|ven the "cha||enge"

Use ru|er to draw stra|ght ||nes.
r|or know|edge of p|ane f|gures