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Violent Video Games

Iesus Gonzalez A5

Why should we ban violent video games? You can cause just about enough damage in a video game and not get arrested in real life Violent video games do not cause any threats to society would someone really shoot somebody after !laying a video game "irst of all there are many boo#s in the world that show lots of violence even more than most violent video games $econdly studies done on violent media are inconclusive because they de!end on aggression that don%t relate to real life violence &hird any law made against banning violent video games would just violate our constitutional rights Would any one really want to lose those rights that ma#e this country so great? If we are going to ban violent video games we might as well get rid of some all time classic boo#s Among these would be 'ansel and Gretel In this story two children shove a witch into an oven It is a story many #ids get told when they are very young many little #ids actually have very good imaginations Would it be sur!rising if a #id got a nightmare from something li#e that? &here is another famous boo# familiar to many called the bible &he bible has !robably the most de!ictions of any boo# "or e(am!le there were two brothers and one grew jealous over what the other one had and just sim!ly #illed him &hese two brothers grew u! together and !robably even loved each other at one !oint )ow would that not give children ideas to do violent deeds? $tudies done on violent media de!ends on aggression &hese studies do not actually show any actual acts of violence* the studies in other words do not show one #id

stabbing another #id right after !laying a video game or watching a movie An article even said the following*+ ,-eo!le who have done. studies on violent ,video games. have to rely on measures to asses aggression that do not correlate with real/world violence + In sim!ler terms stating that those studies done are not de!endable enough for those who want to ban violent video games to use as an offensive move Any law made against banning violent video games to minors would be unconstitutional because it would violate the first amendment &he first amendment !rotects our rights to watch any form of media &he government would have to create laws that ma#e e(ce!tions towards our constitutional rights &his would be a !erfect way for the government to slowly and silently find a way to ma#e us lose our freedoms that we may ta#e for granted 0ater our government will just #ee! ma#ing new laws that should not e(ist but they will just say it is for our own good 1a#ing anything li#e this is just a waste of time and overs!ending on an issue that does not need mingling with Violent video games do not harm society &hen why try to ban them &here are boo#s for e(am!le snow white have much more violence than any video game in e(istence and we are not banning them &he studies done on violent video games are not even de!endable because they are too inconclusive Why would we then need to find some way to violate the constitution? We are better off just leaving this subject alone