THING thing. 1.

The subject matter of a right, whether it is a material object or not; any subject matter of ownership within the sphere of proprietary or valuable rights. Things are !ivi!e! into three categories" #1$ things real or immovable, such as land, tenements, an! here!itaments, #%$ things personal or movable, such as goods and chattels, an! #&$ things having both real and personal characteristics, such as a title deed an! a tenancy for a term. The civil law divided things into corporeal #tangi possunt$ and incorporeal #tangi non possunt$. 'a. (iv. (o!e art. )*1. +(ases" ,roperty 1.(.-... ,roperty // %011, 1&.2 corporeal thing. The subject matter of corporeal ownership; a material object. 3 4lso terme! res corporales; tangible thing. immovable thing. .ee I556748'9. incorporeal thing. The subject matter of incorporeal ownership; any proprietary right apart from the right of full !ominion over a material object. 3 4lso terme! res incorporalis; intangible thing. movable thing. .ee 56748'9#1$. real things. .ee :94' THING.. thing in action. .ee chose in action un!er (H6.9. thing in possession. .ee chose in possession un!er (H6.9. %. 4nything that is owne! by someone as part of that person;s estate or property. 3 4lso terme! res; chose. THING. ,9:.6N4' things personal property #1$ un!er ,:6,9:T<. THING. :94' things :94' THING.. T:4N.(:I,T 6= ,:6(99>ING. transcript of procee!ings. 4 compilation of all !ocuments relating to a bon! issue, typically inclu!ing the notices, affidavits of notices, a bond resolution #or bond ordinance$, official statement, trust in!enture an! loan agreements, an! minutes of meetings of all authori?ing bo!ies.

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