SCHEDULE CBS TELEV S ON NETWORK AND NFL NETWORK ALSO K CK OFF NAUGURAL PARTNERSH P YEAR OF THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SCHEDULE The CBS Television Network marks its 55th year broa !astin" the N#$ with some o% the most mar&'ee "ames on the N#$ s!he 'le in!l' in" S'per Bowl ($)*** remat!h D!"#!$%S!&tt'! +,-21., D!"#!$%N!( E")'&"* +11-2., "*+&"&,-'+.%D&''&. +12-21., N!( E")'&"*%G$!!" B&/ +11-30., "*+&"&,-'+.%P+tt.01$)h +10-2/. an W&.h+")t-"%S&" F$&"2+.2- +11-23. 'rin" its 10 weeks o% re"'lar1season !overa"e2 *n a ition to the A#C pa!ka"e, the 10/ re"'lar1season "ame broa !ast s!he 'le %eat'res %or the %irst time ever N#C "ames2 The re"'lar1season s!he 'le is %ollowe by a post1season slate o% A#C 3layo%% "ames in!l' in" the A#C Championship 4ame on 5an'ary 16, 20152 This year also marks the ina'"'ral partnership between the CBS Television Network an N#$ Network in broa !astin" Thursday Night Football2 The 1/1"ame Thursday Night Football s!he 'le ki!ks o%% on September 11 with P+tt.01$)h%B&'t+3-$! %rom 78T Bank Sta i'm in Baltimore, 7 2 +on.nfl.com/1frFKgk. 4 N NE NFL ON CBS DOUBLEHEADER WEEKENDS The 2014 N#$ 9N CBS broa !ast s!he 'le on S'n ay, whi!h in!l' es nine o'blehea er weeken s, %eat'res key A#C an A#C1N#C mat!h1'ps in!l' in"5 AFC D!"#!$%N!( E")'&"* +11-2. "*+&"&,-'+.%P+tt.01$)h +10-2/. N!( E")'&"*%M+&3+ +,-0. K&".&. C+t/%D!"#!$ +,-14. B&'t+3-$!% "*+&"&,-'+. +10-5. AFC%NFC D!"#!$%S!&tt'! +,-21. "*+&"&,-'+.%D&''&. +12-21. N!( E")'&"*%G$!!" B&/ +11-30. C+"2+""&t+%N!( O$'!&". +11-1/. K&".&. C+t/%S&" F$&"2+.2- +10-5.

4 GAMES FEATUR NG DENVER6 NEW ENGLAND6 ND ANAPOL S6 P TTSBURGH6 BALT MORE6 NEW YORK G ANTS6 DALLAS6 SEATTLE6 SAN FRANC SCO6 WASH NGTON6 CH CAGO AND GREEN BAY H GHL GHT SUNDAY7S 2014 SCHEDULE Alon" with near1weekly A#C ivisional battles, the broa !ast s!he 'le on S'n ay also %eat'res A#C1 N#C mat!h1'ps in!l' in" C&$-'+"&%B&'t+3-$! +,-26.: N8Y8 9!t.%G$!!" B&/ +,-14.: M+&3+%Ch+2&)- +10-1,.: O&:'&"*%S!&tt'! +11-2.: H-1.t-"%D&''&. +10-5.: N!( E")'&"*%M+""!.-t& +,-14.: D!"#!$%St8 L-1+. +11-1/.: At'&"t&%C+"2+""&t+ +,-14. an H-1.t-"%N!( Y-$: G+&"t. +,-21.2

4 NFC CROSSOVER GAMES ADDED TO NFL ON CBS SCHEDULE FOR F RST T ME EVER *n a ition to the A#C pa!ka"e o% "ames, %or the %irst time ever, T;< N#$ 9N CBS=s broa !ast s!he 'le %eat'res N#C "ames hi"hli"hte by Ch+2&)-%D!t$-+t +Thanks"ivin" >ay, 11-20.: W&.h+")t-"%S&" F$&"2+.2- +11-23.: C&$-'+"&%B&'t+3-$! +,-26., as well as other N#C Crossover %le? "ames to be etermine later in the season2 @ LONDON CALL NG *n Aeek 4 +,-26. T;< N#$ 9N CBS, %or the si?th1o%1the1past1seven years, travels a!ross the Atlanti! 9!ean to !over the M+&3+ D-',h+".1O&:'&"* R&+*!$. !lash live %rom Aembley Sta i'm in $on on, <n"lan 2 @ THANKSG V NG DAY GAME Thanks"ivin" >ay +11-20. will %eat're the Ch+2&)- B!&$. at D!t$-+t L+-". in an N#C Crossover "ame2 4 OPEN NG K CK%OFF T;< N#$ 9N CBS ki!ks o%% Aeek 1 with sin"le1hea er !overa"e on S'n ay, Sept2 0 +12B00 Noon14B00 37, <T. be"innin" with T;< N#$ T9>AC2 4ames that ay in!l' eB N!( E")'&"* vs2 M+&3+: C+"2+""&t+ vs2 B&'t+3-$!: C'!#!'&"* vs2 P+tt.01$)h: O&:'&"* vs2 N8Y8 9!t.: T!""!..!! vs2 K&".&. C+t/ an 9&2:.-"#+''! vs2 Ph+'&*!',h+&2 9+3 N&"t; an Ph+' S+33., are the lea anno'n!e team %or the Network=s !overa"e o% T;< N#$ 9N CBS on Th'rs ay ni"ht, alon" with sele!t "ames on S'n ay2 T;< N#$ T9>AC, CBS Sports= N#$ pre1"ame, hal%time an post1"ame st' io show, be"ins on S'n ay, Sept2 0 +12B00 Noon11B00 37, <T. with host 9&3!. B$-(", alon" with analysts B--3!$ E.+&.-"6 B+'' C-(h!$, an new!omers T-"/ G-";&'!; an B&$t S2-tt2 S!&" M2M&"1. is Chairman, CBS Sports an serves as the <?e!'tive 3ro '!er o% CBS Sports= !overa"e o% the N#$2 D&#+* B!$.-" is 3resi ent, CBS Sports2 H&$-'* B$/&"t is <?e!'tive 3ro '!er an )i!e 3resi ent, 3ro '!tion, CBS Sports2 #ollowin" is the !omplete 2014 N#$ 9N CBS broa !ast s!he 'le2 DDDDD #ollow CBS Sports on TwitterB <CBSS,-$t.G&") an <NFL-"CBS


WEEK 1 % SUNDAY6 SEPT8 = New <n"lan E 7iami Cin!innati E Baltimore 9aklan E N2C2 5ets Clevelan E 3ittsb'r"h 5a!ksonville E 3hila elphia Tennessee E Fansas City

1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00

WEEK 5 % SUNDAY6 OCT8 5 > CBS DBHDR ;o'ston E >allas 1B00 Baltimore E *n ianapolis 1B00 3ittsb'r"h E 5a!ksonville 1B00 Clevelan E Tennessee 1B00 Fansas City E San #ran!is!o N2C2 5ets E San >ie"o WEEK A % SUNDAY6 OCT8 12 >enver E N2C2 5ets New <n"lan E B'%%alo 3ittsb'r"h E Clevelan 5a!ksonville E Tennessee Baltimore E Tampa Bay San >ie"o E 9aklan WEEK = % SUNDAY6 OCT8 1B 7iami E Chi!a"o Cin!innati E *n ianapolis Tennessee E Aashin"ton Clevelan E 5a!ksonville Fansas City E San >ie"o 4B25 4B25 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05

WEEK 2 % SUNDAY6 SEPT8 14 > CBS DBHDR New <n"lan E 7innesota 1B00 Atlanta E Cin!innati 1B00 5a!ksonville E Aashin"ton 1B00 7iami E B'%%alo 1B00 N2C2 5ets E 4reen Bay Fansas City E >enver ;o'ston E 9aklan 4B25 4B25 4B25

WEEK ? % SUNDAY6 SEPT8 21 > CBS DBHDR ;o'ston E N2C2 4iants 1B00 9aklan E New <n"lan 1B00 Baltimore E Clevelan 1B00 *n ianapolis E 5a!ksonville 1B00 Tennessee E Cin!innati 1B00 San >ie"o E B'%%alo 1B00 >enver E Seattle Fansas City E 7iami WEEK 4 % SUNDAY6 SEPT8 2@ Carolina E Baltimore B'%%alo E ;o'ston Tennessee E *n ianapolis 7iami19aklan +$on on. 5a!ksonville E San >ie"o 4B25 4B25 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05

WEEK @ % SUNDAY6 OCT8 2A > CBS DBHDR Baltimore E Cin!innati 1B00 B'%%alo E N2C2 5ets 1B00 7iami E 5a!ksonville 1B00 ;o'ston E Tennessee 1B00 *n ianapolis E 3ittsb'r"h 9aklan E Clevelan 4B25 4B25

WEEK B % SUNDAY6 NOV8 2 > CBS DBHDR San >ie"o E 7iami 1B00 N2C2 5ets E Fansas City 1B00 5a!ksonville E Cin!innati 1B00 >enver E New <n"lan 9aklan E Seattle 4B25 4B25

WEEK 10 % SUNDAY6 NOV8 B 3ittsb'r"h E N2C2 5ets 7iami E >etroit Tennessee E Baltimore Fansas City E B'%%alo >enver E 9aklan WEEK 11 % SUNDAY6 NOV8 1A >enver E St2 $o'is Cin!innati E New 9rleans ;o'ston E Clevelan 9aklan E San >ie"o

1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05

WEEK 14 % SUNDAY6 DEC8 = 3ittsb'r"h E Cin!innati Baltimore E 7iami N2C2 5ets E 7innesota *n ianapolis E Clevelan ;o'ston E 5a!ksonville Fansas City E AriGona B'%%alo E >enver

1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05 4B05 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05 4B05

1B00 1B00 1B00 4B05

WEEK 12 % SUNDAY6 NOV8 2? > CBS DBHDR Tennessee E 3hila elphia 1B00 Cin!innati E ;o'ston 1B00 N2C2 5ets E B'%%alo 1B00 5a!ksonville E *n ianapolis 1B00 Clevelan E Atlanta 1B00 Aashin"ton E San #ran!is!o 7iami E >enver WEEK 1? % THURSDAY6 NOV8 2= THANKSG V NG DAY Chi!a"o E >etroit 4B25 4B25

WEEK 15 > SUNDAY6 DEC8 14 7iami E New <n"lan 3ittsb'r"h E Atlanta 9aklan E Fansas City Cin!innati E Clevelan 5a!ksonville E Baltimore ;o'ston E *n ianapolis >enver E San >ie"o N2C2 5ets E Tennessee

WEEK 1A > SUNDAY6 DEC8 21 > CBS DBHDR New <n"lan E N2C2 5ets 1B00 Fansas City E 3ittsb'r"h 1B00 Baltimore E ;o'ston 1B00 Clevelan E Carolina 1B00 *n ianapolis E >allas B'%%alo E 9aklan 4B25 4B25


WEEK 1? % SUNDAY6 NOV8 ?0 > CBS DBHDR San >ie"o E Baltimore 1B00 9aklan E St2 $o'is 1B00 Cin!innati E Tampa Bay 1B00 Clevelan E B'%%alo 1B00 Tennessee E ;o'ston 1B00 New <n"lan E 4reen Bay 4B25

WEEK 1= > SUNDAY6 DEC8 2@ > CBS DBHDR N2C2 5ets E 7iami 1B00 B'%%alo E New <n"lan 1B00 Clevelan E Baltimore 1B00 Cin!innati E 3ittsb'r"h 1B00 5a!ksonville E ;o'ston 1B00 *n ianapolis E Tennessee 1B00 San >ie"o E Fansas City 1B00 9aklan E >enver AFC PLAYOFFS > 9AN8 ?%1@6 2015 AFC CHAMP ONSH P % SUNDAY6 9AN8 1@ 4B25

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