Nature playing kind to the mankind. Put lot of vegetation on the earth’s surface. It is human beings duty. Not to deface the nature’s face.
Blind race for modern civilization. Unforgivable natural destruction. Unaware of nature’s fury. Mankind beware! nature may bury. Green areas getting squeezed. Human behaviour getting quizzed.

In the past, right thinking people must have embraced the spirit. Better do tree plantation and don’t play selfish and idly sit. Their efforts adding to our prosperity. Present generation has a duty to posterity. Plant the trees, adore, and decorate nature. Limit your needs to save proper culture. Greenery, flowers and fruits, trees offer. Even the bark of the trees used in medicine coffer. Human beings, appreciate nature’s benevolence. Don’t be over-selfish indulging in your existence. O, mother nature, I have complaint against you!. Enemies of humanity, you don’t keep in your view!. You take revenge in bursting on the habitats of the poor. Why do you spare the wrong doers?

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