Lunch and Dinner Asian Buffet


choose 1 egg drop soup hot and sour soup wonton soup vegetable sukiyaki pork sinigang sinanglaw

choose 2 shredded cabbage,chicken,mandarin in oriental dressing crusted tuna salad in sesame dressing daikon cucumber & pomelo salad w/ lime juice & fish sauce thai salad w/ ground pork,cucumber,bean sprouts cucumber eggplant enchilada w/ mango & bagoong smoked salmon salad in lemon vinaigrette

choose 2 pork siomai lemongrass chicken dumpling mini scallion pancakes gyoza with dipping sauce chicken and pork yakitori teriyaki gyu roll sashimi & sushi moriawase fish cake with nam pla dipping sauce roti bread in curry sauce barbecued pork buns chicken adobo wraps dinakdakan fish & squid balls with dipping sauce Filipino ceviche of tanigue,cucumber


Meat and Seafood
choose 3 steamed fish with soy ginger red cooked chicken,soy,rice wine,star anise,ginger pork spareribs w/ black bean sauce stir-fried tangerine beef pork tonkatsu beef gyu with egg grilled fish with teriyaki sauce mixed tempura chicken tandoori thai chicken green curry crispy fish w/ green mango,egg omelet,peanut, coriander, chicaron grilled marinated beef short ribs pork barbecue skewer chicken and pork adobo kare kare of beef, ox tripe igado

Lunch and Dinner Asian Buffet

choose 1 stir-fried vegetables of zucchini,bok choy,shitake kangkong in oyster sauce yasai itame of bean sprouts, cabbage tofu with ground pork
pinakbet of eggplant, tomatoes,okra,squash,crispy pork vegetable kare kare of string beans, cabbage mixed vegetable in thai red curry sauce mixed vegetable tempura

choose 1 egg noodles w/ shrimp,chicken & vegetables crispy noodles japanese soba noodles pad thai w/ shrimp,bean sprouts,egg omelet,peanut pancit canton w/ shrimp pancit bihon w/ chicharon & hard –cooked eggs

choose 1 wan chai fried rice japanese mixed fried rice bagoong rice crispy dilis rice garlic rice steamed rice

---------------------------------------------------choose 3 mango & tapioca w/ coconut sauce sticky rice w/ mango & coconut milk fried pancake w/ spiced syrup gulaman & sago w/ palm sugar pandan gelatin w/ tapioca fried banana & langka in lumpia wrapper banana & tapioca w/ coconut milk & vanilla green pinipig w/ sweet potatoes,langka & saba buko pie fresh seasonal fruits in skewers

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