The Life of the Holy Martyr Varus

and the Seven Christian Teachers Who Were with Him, and the Commemoration of the Blessed Cleopatra and Her Son John
During the reign of the impious Maximian, the Emperor of the Romans, there lived in Egypt a brave soldier named Varus, who secretly served the King of Heaven. Out of fear he hid his faith in the true God for a time, but later, he revealed it before both heaven and earth and became a spectacle before angels and men. At that time Maximian raised up a persecution against the Christians and issued a decree in every province of his empire commanding that those Christians who would not sacrifice to the gods be put to death. When this ordinance was published in the land of Egypt, the blood of Christians was shed mercilessly; all who worshipped the Creator and not things created were subjected to various torments. Varus, a secret Christian, visited by night the faithful who were held in prison for their confession of Christ, bribing the guards with gold to permit him to enter the cells in which they were held. He bound up the wounds of the holy martyrs and washed their blood, gave them to eat, kissed their stripes, and prayed them to beseech Christ to have mercy on him. It happened that there were seven teachers of the Christians, desert- dwellers, that were brought before the Prince of Egypt. When the Prince questioned them, he found them to be firm in the faith. Having subjected them to flogging, he had them cast bound into prison. When Varus learned of this, he hastened by night to the dungeon where the saints were being held. After he had given much gold to the guards, he was permitted to visit the saints. Varus loosed their hands and removed their feet from the stocks that held them and then placed food before them. He besought them to eat, for they had remained hungry for eight days since they had been left in prison with no food. He fell at their feet and kissed them, and he praised them for their suffenngs, saying, "Blessed are you, O good and faithful servants of the Lord! You shall enter into the joy of your Lord, for you have resisted unto blood (Heb. 12:4). Blessed are you, O good strugglers; the right hand of the Most High has woven crowns for you in Heaven. You have run with patience the race that is set before you (Heb. 12:1), and I know for certain that tomorrow your sufferings shall come to an end. Blessed are you, O passion-bearers of Christ; the Kingdom of Heaven is open unto you, for you suffer with Christ, Who suffered for our sake, as the Apostle says, If so be that we suffer with him, we shall also be glorified with him (Rom. 8:17). I beseech you, O holy servants of God, pray for me to Christ that He have mercy upon me, for it is my desire to suffer for Him, but I have not the strength to do so. I fear the cruel torments I see you have undergone." The saints replied, "Beloved, no one who is fearful can attain perfection, nor can he who does not sow reap. Likewise, a man who is unwilling to suffer receives no crown. Remember the words written in the Gospel: Whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I deny before My Father which is in Heaven (Matt. 10:33). If you fear passing torments, you shall not escape those which are eternal. If you fear to confess Christ on earth, you shall not be sated with the vision of His countenance in Heaven. Therefore, come, O brother, and tread with us the path of martyrdom, which leads to the Master Who looks down upon our struggles. Suffer together with us, for you will not soon find again a company like ours. When he heard these things, Varus' heart was set afire with love for God, and he wished to endure torment for Jesus Christ. He passed the entire night at prayer with the holy martyrs and hearkened unto their teaching gladly.

When the morning was come, the Prince's servants came to the prison to bring the holy martyrs before the tribunal.
As they entered the dungeon, they saw Varus seated with the prisoners, hearing their words with compunction of heart. They were astonished, and they asked, "What is your business here, Varus? Have you lost your mind, giving heed to the myths of which these wicked men tell? Have you no fear that someone will speak of this to the Prince or one of the nobles? You shall lose both your military rank and your life!" Varus replied, "He who tells the Prince of me is my benefactor. Know that if you choose to make accusation against me, I am ready to die for Christ with the other Christians here." The servants were thus put to silence. They took six of the martyrs from the prison, but the seventh they left, for he had weakened so from his wounds that he died and departed unto the Lord, leaving his place to be filled by Varus, who was to complete his suffering. The saints were led bound before the Prince, who sat proudly upon his tribunal

and sought to compel them to sacrifice to the idols. When they would not consent, they were stripped and beaten mercilessly upon the wounds they had already received. Thus were wounds added to their wounds and stripes to their stripes, but they endured their suffering as though it were nothing and said only, "We are Christians." Then the Prince asked, "Were there not seven of these men? Now there are but six. Where is the seventh?" At that very moment Saint Varus entered and said, "I am the seventh. He of whom you spoke has already finished his course and gone to Christ, leaving me to complete his sufferings. I am prepared to render to you whatever he owed you. I wish to take his place among these noble martyrs who suffer for Christ, for I am a Christian." When the Prince heard this, he asked his attendants, "Who is this man?" They replied, "It is the soldier Varus, the commander of the band of Tyanis." The Prince was perplexed and said to Varus, "What demon has led you to surrender yourself to perdition? Why do you choose to forsake your military rank and the honors that await you and bring evil upon yourself?" The blessed Varus answered, "I prefer the Bread which is come down from heaven and the chalice of the divine and most precious blood of my Lord to your honors and esteem. I count nothing more dear than my Christ: not your regard, my rank, great honors, nor yet life itself. To suffer for Christ I count as the greatest honor and to lose all things for His sake as gain." The Prince then cast his angry glance upon the six holy martyrs and said, "This is your work, you impious deceivers! It is you who have beguiled this soldier of the Emperor, depriving him of his senses by your sorcery! I swear to you by my great gods that I shall put you to death even before I do the same to him and thus revenge the dishonor you have shown our gods. You are unworthy to remain among the living, for you blaspheme the gods and lead others into wicked error." The saints replied, "We have not beguiled Varus but have rather delivered him from deception. We have not caused him to lose his mind but have restored him to his senses. God has vouchsafed him strength and boldness for the struggle, that together with us he might prevail over your feeble might and that of your gods. In but a short time you shall behold his soldierly courage, for we have enrolled him in the host of the angels. Is it your boast that you shall destroy us? Know that it is our desire to lay down our lives for the Lord of all." The Prince said, "I will immediately have you cut in pieces if you do not fall down and worship the gods of Egypt!" The saints answered, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish (Jer. 10:11). Wishing to move the Prince to yet greater anger, the blessed Varus said, "The fool shall speak foolish things, says the Prophet Isaiah. Lo, our bodies lie stretched out before you. Do with them as you would." Greatly angered, the Prince commanded that Varus be suspended from a tree, that he might put him to torture. To the six saints he said, "We shall see who will prevail over whom: you over us as you suffer torment or we over you as we inflict our tortures. Of a truth I say to you that if you by your patience prevail over me, I will renounce my gods and believe in your Christ." The saints replied, "Try your strength against one of us, and if you can overcome him, you may hope to prevail over the others." As they began to torment Varus, he said to the holy martyrs, "O holy passion-bearers! Bless me, who am your servant, that I may share your lot. Entreat the Master Christ for me that He grant me patience, for He knows that our flesh is infirm. The spirit indeed is willing, it is written, but the flesh is weak (Matt. 26:41)." The saints lifted up their eyes unto Heaven and prayed fervently for Varus as the servants began to beat his whole body with rods and staves. As the saint was being beaten, the Prince said, "Now tell us, Varus, what profit your Christ brings you."

Varus bravely replied, "More than you receive from your gods." The saints cried out to Varus, "Take courage, Varus, and may your heart be strengthened, for Christ invisibly stands before you and strengthens you!" Answered Varus, "Truly, I perceive the help of my Christ, for these torments seem as nothing to me." Then they scraped his sides with iron claws, after which he was hung upside-down from the tree. They tore the skin from his back, cut his flesh with razors, and thrashed him with switches until he burst open and his bowels fell to the ground. When the holy martyrs saw his inward parts fall out, they wept. The persecutor beheld the martyrs weeping, and he cried out with a great voice, "Lo, you are defeated! You have been brought low, and you weep from fear of torment! What more is necessary for you to acknowledge that Christ cannot deliver you out of our hands and for you to forsake Him and worship our gods?" The saints answered, "You are a beast and not a man! We are not defeated but shall yet prevail by the power of Jesus, Who strengthens us. We do not weep because we fear torment but out of natural love for our brother, whom you wish to slay in a beastly manner. In spirit we rejoice for him, for a crown has already been prepared for the noble sufferer." The Prince then commanded that they be led back to prison. As Varus saw the saints being returned to the dungeon, he cried out to them from the tree from which he was suspended and was being tortured, saying, "My teachers! Pray for me one last time unto Christ, for I am about to depart from my body. I thank you for you have made me to inherit life eternal." Saint Varus endured torture for five hours and then in suffering surrendered his honorable and holy soul into the hands of the Lord. Thinking that he was yet alive, the torturers continued to beat and torment his corpse. When they saw that he was already dead, they were amazed, and in accordance with the persecutor's command, they cast him out of the city in the place where the carcasses of beasts were left to be devoured by dogs. There was a widow living in that city named Cleopatra, who was born in Palestine. Her husband, an officer, had died in Egypt, and she had a son named John, who was still a little boy. When Saint Varus was tortured, she looked on from afar upon his sufferings, sighing and beating her breast, for she was a Christian. When the martyr's corpse was cast out of the city, she arose by night, took certain of her servants, and went to remove the long-suffering body of Saint Varus. She brought it to her home, where she dug a grave for it in her room. The next morning, the Prince had the other martyrs brought forth from the prison, and after he had tortured them for a long time, they were beheaded. They were also cast out of the city without burial, but their corpses were taken by night and committed to the earth by secret Christians. Every day Cleopatra censed and lit candles before the grave of Saint Varus, whom she regarded as her great intercessor and mediator before God. When, after some years, the persecution died down, she began to consider how she might return to the land of her birth, and she wondered how it would be possible for her to take with her the relics of Saint Varus. She decided to send a gift to the Prince, which was taken to him by a messenger, who said to him on her behalf, "My husband was an officer and died here in the Emperor's service. He has still not received final burial, for it is not seemly that an officer and man of rank be buried in a foreign land. I, who am a widow and a stranger in this country, wish to return to my homeland to live with my kindred. Therefore, my lord, permit me to take the remains of my beloved husband to the land of my birth, that I may give them a fitting burial together with my forebears, for I wish to remain with my spouse even after I die." The woman sent this message that the Christians might not think that it was the relics of the holy martyr she was removing from the city, for she was afraid that they would prevent her from taking that sacred treasure. The Prince accepted her gift and granted her request, but she took the remains of Saint Varus rather than those of her husband. Like a vine she brought them out of Egypt (cf. Ps. 79:8) into Palestine to her village of Edras, which was near Tabor, and she buried them there with her fathers. Every day she went to his grave, censed it, and lit candles there. When the other Christians who lived there saw this, they began to go with her to where the saint lay. They brought with them their sick, who received healing at Saint Varus' grave through his prayers. Soon all the Christians in the parts

that lay roundabout learned of Saint Varus, and they began to come with faith to his tomb. When Cleopatra saw how the Christians gathered to pray at the grave of the saint, she determined to build a church dedicated to him. Soon its erection was begun. By that time her son had reached manhood, and Cleopatra desired that he receive a position in the imperial army. Through the intercession of certain mediators she requested that her son be commissioned an officer, and her entreaty was granted. Her son received from the Emperor his appointment to the army and the emblems of his rank while the church was being constructed, but Cleopatra said, "My son shall not begin to serve the Emperor in the army until the house of God is completed. It is my intention that he be here to help transfer the saint's relics to the church. After this is done, he may depart to serve the Emperor." When the church was completed, Cleopatra summoned bishops, priests, and monks, removed the precious relics of the holy martyr from their grave, and had them placed on a very costly bier. She laid her son's military belt and uniform upon the relics, that they might be sanctified by the saint's remains. She prayed to Saint Varus fervently that he be her son's protector, and all the bishops and priests present bestowed their blessing upon the young man. A multitude of Christian people without number had gathered there as well, and accompanied by them, Cleopatra and her son carried the bier and the relics to the church. The church was consecrated, and the remains of the saint were placed beneath the altar. Then the Divine Liturgy was served. Cleopatra fell down before the relics of Saint Varus and prayed thus: "I beseech thee, O passion-bearer of Christ: Ask God for that which is profitable for me and for mine only son. I do not dare ask for anything more than what the Lord Himself wisheth, for He knoweth what is needful for us. May His good and perfect will be done in us!" After the service was completed, a great banquet was set before those present at which Cleopatra and her son served the guests. Cleopatra instructed her son to eat nothing until the evening, when the meal was finished and only then to partake of that which remained. As the youth was serving, he suddenly took ill, and he went to lie down upon his bed. When all the guests had arisen from the meal, Cleopatra called for her son, that he might share with her what food remained. But John was unable even to reply, for he was burning with a great fever. When Cleopatra saw how ill her son was, she said, "As the Lord lives, I will not put food into my mouth until I learn what is to become of my child!" She sat down beside him and sought to cool the fire of his fever; but her own womb burned still more than did his body, and her heart ached for her only son. At midnight the youth died, leaving his mother to weep inconsolably. As she lamented bitterly, she hastened to the Church of Saint Varus, and she fell down before his sepulcher and cried out, "O servant of God! Is this how thou hast rewarded me for the great labors I endured on thy behalf? Is this the succor which thou providest me, who forsook my husband on thine account and have placed my hope in thee? Thou hast permitted mine only son to die; thou hast deprived me of mine only consolation and hast taken from me the light of mine eyes! Who shall now feed me in mine old age? Who shall close mine eyes when I die? Who shall commit my body to the grave? It had been better for me to die than to behold my beloved son perish in his youth like a flower before its time. Either give me back my son as once Elisha returned the son of the Shunamite woman (cf. IV Kings, ch. 4) or take me hence without delay, for I can endure this bitter sorrow no longer." Cleopatra remained weeping by the grave of the saint and then fell asleep for a short while from weariness and grief. As she slept, she beheld Saint Varus in a dream. He held her son by the hand, and they both shone like the sun. Their vesture was whiter than snow, and they were girded with golden belts; upon their heads were crowns of unspeakable beauty. Seeing this, the blessed Cleopatra fell down before them, but Saint Varus lifted her up and said, "O woman, why do you cry unto me? Do you imagine that I have forgotten the good works you did on my behalf in Egypt and along the way to this place? Do you suppose that I felt nothing when you removed my body from amid the carcasses of beasts, placing it in a coffin? Have I not always hearkened to your prayers? I make entreaty for you at all times unto God. I have prayed first of all for your relatives, with whom you buried me, that their sins be remitted them, and now I have enrolled your son in the army of the King of Heaven. Did you not beseech me here at my grave that I ask God to grant you and your son whatever is in accordance with His will and is to your benefit? Therefore, I have prayed unto the good God, and in His ineffable kindness He has deigned to number your son among the host of Heaven. Lo, you see that your son now stands near the Lord's throne. If you wish, take him and send him to serve a mortal and earthly king since you do not desire that he should serve the heavenly and eternal King."

The youth, who sat beside Varus and embraced him, exclaimed, "No, my lord! Pay no heed to my mother, neither permit me to be returned to the world, which is full of falsehood and every iniquity, and from which you delivered me when you came to me. Do not deprive me, O father, of a portion with the saints and a dwelling place among them." Then the youth turned to his mother and said, "Why do you lament for me thus, mother? I have been enrolled in the host of Christ the King and have been permitted to stand before Him with the angels. Why do you now ask that I be removed from the kingdom and brought to abasement?" When the blessed Cleopatra saw that her son's appearance was like that of an angel, she said, "Take me with you that we may be together." Saint Varus said, "In this place you are with us. Go in peace, and after a time, when the Lord commands, we shall come and take you. After saying this, the saint became invisible. When Cleopatra awoke, her heart was filled with ineffable happiness and joy, and she related her dream to the priests. They buried her son beside the sepulcher of Saint Varus, and Cleopatra wept no more but rather rejoiced in the Lord. Later she distributed her possessions among the needy and renounced the world. She lived beside the Church of Saint Varus, serving God in prayer and fasting by day and night. Every Sunday as she prayed Saint Varus appeared to her in great glory with her son. After she had lived in this God-pleasing manner for seven years, the blessed Cleopatra reposed. Her body was placed in the Church of Saint Varus near her son John, and her holy soul took up its abode in the heavens, together with Saint Varus and John. There it now stands in the presence of God, to Whom be glory unto the ages of ages. Amen.
From Orthodox Life Vol. 44 No. 5 [October 1994] Translated by Father Thomas Maretta From the Slavonic Menologion of St. Demetrius of Rostov

St. Varus [Warus] is celebrated Oct. 19/Nov. 1 along with seven monk mart rs in !g "t [#$%]& 'lessed (leo"atra [#)%] and her son& *ohn.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone Thy Martyr Varus, O Lord, in his courageous contest for Thee received the prize of the crowns of incorruption and life from Thee, our immortal God. For since he possessed Thy strength, he cast down the tyrants and wholly destroyed the demons strengthless presumption. O !hrist God, "y his prayers, save our souls, since Thou art merciful. Kontakion in the Third Tone #ince thou hadst put on thyself thy Master s !ross as a "reastplate, thou didst "lunt and "ring to nought the tyrants wic$ed devices. Thou didst "ear most savage tortures upon thy "ody% valiantly didst thou then finish thy godly contest. &ence from God, O no"le Varus, thou wast adorned in a crown august and divine. Kontakion in the Fourth Tone Following !hrist, O Martyr Varus, you dran$ of &is chalice% you received the crown of martyrdom and now re'oice with the angels. (ray for our souls unceasingly.

Canon of Supplication to the Holy Martyr Varus

Canon, in Tone VIII—
Ode I
Irmos: The staff of Moses, once working a wonder, striking the sea in the form of the Cross and dividing it, drowned the mounted
tyrant Pharaoh, and saved Israel who fled on foot, chanting a hymn unto od!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
O Lord, be Thou entreated by Thy holy martyr Varus, and clothe Thyself in mercy and compassions! Lo! they will be poured out even unto hades, O Thou Who lovest mankind, and, through Thy rich lovingkindness will bring pity unto N N!s"#, for whom we pray#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
O great martyr of $hrist, be thou mindful of the afflicted and helpless N N!s"# who sit, unenlightened, in the gloom of darkness% and do not cease to fall down before the compassionate Lord, until &e comfort them with &is rich lovingkindness#

lory#: Thou wast able to make entreaty for the family of the wondrous $leopatra, O glorious passion'bearer% wherefore, rendering aid today, thou art likewise able to free from torments N N!s"#, who are remembered by us, if it is fitting for thee to pray to the Lord for them( for the )aster will comfort them with &is rich lovingkindness for thy sake# $ow % ever#: O good helper and )istress, look down from thy glory upon the helpless who are in the gloom of hades, and behold the
misfortunes of the pitiful N N!s"# whom we remember to thee% and cease thou never to entreat thy *on, the compassionate Lord and )aster, in their behalf, until &e comfort them with &is rich lovingkindness#

Irmos:O Christ, &ho in the 'eginning esta'lished the heavens in wisdom and founded the earth u(on the waters, make me steadfast
u(on the rock of Thy commandments) for none is holy as Thee, O Thou &ho lovest mankind!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
)ove thou the choir of the holy hosts of heaven to make supplication with thee, O martyr, and do thou a thing all'wondrous, great and honorable, which will bring even greater +oy unto those who have no hope and consolation and are without e,pectation( our ancestors who died a bitter death outside the -aith, and N N!s"#, who are remembered with them, that the Lord may grant them forgiveness and great mercy# "efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+ O e,cellent passion'bearer, beloved of $hrist! Thou knowest how desirable and +oyful freedom is for those in torment% wherefore, the +oy of our kin and N N!s"# with them, who have incurred everlasting torments because of their unbelief, will know no bounds if thou wilt ask the Lord to grant them forgiveness and great mercy#

lory#: O Varus, right victorious athlete, be thou merciful to our entreaties, and look upon N N!s"#, who are in desperate need% and moved by pity, do thou thyself earnestly pray to the )aster Who loveth mankind, that &e grant them forgiveness and great mercy# $ow % ever#: O )ary our )istress, thou hope of the universe, divinely acceptable habitation, our reconciliation with .od( /ccept the petitions
of this present intercession, and cease not to beseech thy *on, the Lord of all, that for thy sake &e grant forgiveness and great mercy unto the hopeless N N!s"#

*essional hymn, in Tone V
Pray thou for the whole world, O great+martyr, and cease not to ask mercy for all sinners who have in divers ways grievously offended the Master and continue to offend him, who 'y mortal works have utterly done themselves to death and ac,uired nought, since they have wrought evil! -nd intercede also, O (assion+'earer, for our de(arted kinfolk, $ .$/s0!, 'eginning as is (ossi'le) and cease not to (ray and fall down 'efore the 1ord &ho hath mercy on all, that 2e forgive and have mercy on those who sit in darkness and are em'ittered with e3ceeding great 'itterness! lory#: Another sessional hy,n& in Tone III- O great Varus, dweller in everlasting +oy and namesake of heavenly rest( With boldness thou

darest to remember before the Lord the redeeming 0ualities of our forebears% for even though we cannot place thee in their graves, yet do we beseech thee to add thy prayers to our earnest supplications that they be granted pity# Wherefore, fall down and pray, for the )aster will not re+ect thine intercession, but, inclined by &is infinite goodness, will send deliverance and great mercy upon those who are embittered with e,ceeding great bitterness#

$ow % ever#: Theoto.ion& in the sa,e tone- O all'radiant Lady, who art hymned above all and art continually magnified by the heavenly hosts, )other of the 1ing of all( *ince thy glory and greatness are increased where and when &e desireth, when thou helpest sinners and coverest the whole world with thy supplications, O )istress, increase the ma+esty of thy sublimity, and by thy fervent supplications deliver from grievous torments our unbelieving and unbapti2ed kinfolk and N N!s"#, who are commemorated with them% and grant them deliverance and great mercy# Ode IV
Irmos: Thou art my strength, O 1ord, Thou art my (ower) Thou art my od, Thou art my 4oy, &ho, without leaving the 'osom of the
5ather, hast visited our lowliness! &herefore, with the Pro(het 2a''akuk I cry unto Thee: lory to Thy (ower, O Thou &ho lovest mankind6

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
*ince thou lovest all who have recourse to thee with faith, O passion'bearer, thou hast won the love of those who make entreaty unto thee# What other thing, desiring to glorify thee, will &e Who loveth mankind do if not to bestow the asked'for mercy upon the compunctionate, the eternal prisoners bereft of all +oy, N N!s"# /s before, O valiant martyr, fail not in thy prayers for them#

"efrain:O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
$ruel winter, barren of salvation, and +oyless lamentation lie upon the ungodly who have died, in the place where N N!s"#, whom we remember, are assigned# 3ut haste thou, O passion'bearer, to unite them to the race of the righteous, and fail not in thy prayers for them#

lory#: Let not the gloomy prison of hades forever hold our ancestors and kinfolk, and all who are remembered with them, N N!s"# *ince thou, the wondrous athlete, hast set at nought the power of unbelief and the might of sin, so as before with the family of $leopatra, fail not in thy prayers for them, that they may be forgiven, O martyr# $ow % ever#: Through thee, O all'pure one, have we come to know how to glorify the $reator of all things% through thee are we wont to magnify
the true *avior Who came forth from thee bearing flesh# We praise and bow down before thee, the )istress, and pray( &ave mercy on the our kinfolk N N!s"# who have died in unbelief, and fail not in thy prayers to thy *on, that &e deliver them#

Ode V
Irmos: &herefore hast Thou turned Thy face from me, O 1ight never+waning7 -nd why hath a strange darkness covered me, wretch
that I am7 8ut turn me, and guide my ste(s to the light of Thy commandments, I (ray!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
4very gift and every mercy poured forth from the merciful Lord, though allwondrous and all'marvelous, when brought to bear to accomplish the forgiveness of N N!s"# who have died in impiety, impart e,cellent magnitude thereto# Wherefore, today also do thou make haste to entreat the )aster, O martyr, that &e work great things#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
Turn not away from our compunction, O Lord, neither be Thou mindful of the multitude of our sins% rather, remember Thy mercies which are from of old, and in Thy compassions, and for the sake of the valiant athlete Varus, e,haust not the riches of Thine infinite lovingkindness, but pour forth Thy mercies and forgiveness upon N N!s"#, whom we remember#

lory#: 5f the )aster6s love for mankind e,tendeth even unto those afar off at sea, O great'martyr, stand forth today and, falling down, beseech &im to have mercy on those far away from the -aith, our kinfolk who have died unbapti2ed, and N N!s"#, who are commemorated with them, that &e may grant them forgiveness and great mercy# $ow % ever#: 5ntercede, O )istress, for our weakness, and be thou constantly with us in time of need, helping us everywhere and always% for
thou art the hope and e,pectation of $hristians# Wherefore, re+ect not our petitions, but fulfill and perfect them by thine incomprehensible grace#

Ode VI
Irmos: Cleanse me, O *avior, for many are my transgressions) and lead me u( from the a'yss of evils, I (ray, for to Thee have I cried,
and Thou hast hearkened to me, O od of my salvation!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
Let not the pride of the enemy re+oice, having sie2ed men6s souls as plunder% but by thy fervent supplications do thou, O martyr, destroy his desires, entreating the Lord to forgive N N!s"#, whom we remember, and to deliver them and us from everlasting torment#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
The inspiration for our feat of prayer is the forgiveness of the family of $leopatra, whence we have conceived the thought to move thee to make supplication# 7isdain not N N!s"#, whom we remember, O great'martyr, and re+ect not their sinful state% but making haste, ask of $hrist the )aster that &e grant them forgiveness and deliverance from bitter torments#

lory#: /ssuming boldness, O passion'bearer, ask of the 1ing of heaven that &e grant the +oy of remission instead of dread punishment unto those who have met an evil end because of their unbelief, and whose hope of good things hath utterly perished because they have angered .od% and having led them up from bitterness, preserve them in the mercy of the )aster# $ow % ever#: What evil can prevail over thy maternal supplications, O )istress8 -or truly, if thou wilt stand forth today and make supplication
for N N!s"#, for whom we ask thee to pray, thou shalt obtain for them +oyous forgiveness, deliverance and great mercy#

9ontakion, in Tone IV

5ollowing Christ, O martyr Varus, and draining 2is cu(, thou wast crowned with the wreath of martyrdom and 4oinest chorus with the angels! Pray thou without ceasing for our souls!

Ikos: 3e thou mindful of our words, O splendid deni2en of heaven, glorious Varus, great'martyr of $hrist, namesake of everlasting rest, who by
thy great sufferings didst obtain an impassable and splendid resting'place, far from inescapable imprisonment, unceasing retribution and want( &aste thou by thy .od'pleasing supplications to deliver &is compunctionate servants N N!s"#, for whose sake we entreat thee, standing before thee and crying out with earnestness( -ulfill our petitions, O holy one, and beseech $hrist .od unceasingly in behalf of our souls#


Irmos: Once, in 8a'ylon, the fire stood in awe of the condescension of od) wherefore, the youths, dancing with 4oyous ste( in the
furnace, as in a meadow, chanted: 8lessed art Thou, O od of our fathers6

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
/s Thou dost enlighten all like the sun, O Lord, and lettest rain fall in abundance upon all, and unceasingly bestowest mercy upon those who anger Thee, hearken now unto Varus, Thine athlete, and pour forth Thy mercy utterly upon our kinfolk who have been separated from Thee, and upon the unbelieving N N!s"#, whom we remember, O Thou Who lovest mankind#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
Now as before, be Thou compassionate, O Lord, and allowing Thyself to be entreated, O )aster, as Thou didst with $leopatra, so do Thou deal with us, O )erciful One( *end forth Thy compassions and lovingkindness upon N N!s"#, whom we remember, for Thou art the ine,haustible Well' spring of mercy#

lory#: The prophet, soaring aloft, hymneth Thy mercies, O Lord, unto the ages, and we also believe that Thou hast not diminished in Thy compassions, for the bounds of Thy lovingkindness are infinite# We entreat Thee to pour forth mercies from the abyss thereof upon N N!s"#, who have been drowned in the depths, and fill them therewith, for the sake of the martyr, O our )aster# $ow % ever#: &e who is most wise among the prophets calleth thee the mountain% and we believe him when he saith that from thee, without
the interference of man, the *tone of the divine Offspring issued forth, from Whom we have received salvation and release from the depths of hades# O )istress, lead up from hades N N!s"#, whom we remember today, that we may unceasingly magnify thee, the most merciful one#


Irmos: &hen the musical instruments sounded and innumera'le were those who worshi(ed the image in :ura, the three youths,
refusing to o'ey the tyrant/s command, hymned and glorified the 1ord for all ages!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
Let Thine ancient words of mercy, which bespeak the hope that we will be lifted up, be fulfilled, O Lord, for Thou didst hearken to Thy saints when they besought Thee to have mercy on those who died in unbelief# /nd today we bring them before Thee, O Lord, to pray that for the sake of their entreaties Thou mightest have pity on N N!s"#, who have died outside of Orthodo,y, O )aster, and have offended Thee, whether knowingly or unknowingly#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
O Lamb of .od Who hast redeemed us by Thy precious 3lood, Who didst hearken to the plea of Thecla and the blessed .regory, who didst accept

the petitions of )ethodius, )acarius and many others, bestowing +oy and deliverance upon those who died in wicked religions, and moved $hrysostom to write that we pray for them( /ccept, O )aster, with him the glorious Varus, and by their supplications forgive and have mercy on N N!s"#, whom we remember#

lory#: 4ntreat +oy for us, O great'martyr, for we will be filled with gladness if we find that our kinfolk N N!s"# are delivered from everlasting torments% for the )aster always listeneth to thy supplications and fulfilleth thy petitions# Wherefore, fail not therein, praying even now, that we may continually glorify thee# $ow % ever#: O all'immaculate )istress, wondrous and unwedded )other of the 1ing, increase to abundance the multitude of thy
lovingkindness and compassions for us who seek mercy# -or where else may we find it if we do not make haste to fall down before thee8 -or thou gavest birth for us to the most abundant Torrent of delight, O allblessed one#

Ode I;
Irmos: 2eaven was stricken with awe, and the ends of the earth were ama<ed, that od hath a((eared in the flesh, and that thy wom'
'ecame more s(acious than the heavens! &herefore, the ranks of men and angels magnify thee as the Theotokos!

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
O glorious Varus, in .od thou art able by thy divinely acceptable supplications to obtain and pour forth mercies upon those who have been utterly separated therefrom# -or there is but one -ather of compassions and lovingkindness, and as )aster all things are possible for &im# 9nfailingly beseech &im, O athlete, that &e forgive and have mercy on N N!s"#, whom we remember#

"efrain: O Varus& pray for our lo'e( ones )ho are *eyon(+
O great'martyr, accomplish thou an all'wondrous deed attendant upon thy glory( /sk forgiveness from the Lord and the assuaging of &is righteous anger for our ancestors, who are embittered because of their dark unbelief, and for N N!s"#, who find themselves in bitterness and the e,pectation of the most grievous of torments, that thou mightest raise them up to a deliverance free of fear, where are the mansions wherein the )aster placeth the forgiven to live#

lory#: What miracle is more wondrous than this, what glory more remarkable, what lovingkindness greater than when thou, O martyr, takest pity and entreatest the merciful Lord to remit the sin of impiety from N N!s"#, whom we remember, and to deliver them from grievous punishment8 $ow % ever#: O merciful )istress, who lovest mankind and art not mindful of evil( /ccept the urgency of our petition, and unfailingly intercede
for mercy with thy *on and )aster, that &e have mercy and forgive the sin of heterodo,y for our deceased kinfolk, and for N N!s"# who are remembered with them, and that &e bestow upon them remission and a place of mercy which shall not be taken away#

=3a(ostilarion— O Lord and )aster, may what Thou didst when Thou forgavest the ancestors of $leopatra be right even today( &earken unto
the supplication of Varus, Thy great'martyr who intercedeth for us, the greatly sinful# 7eliver from torments N N!s"#, who are remembered to Thee with pity# )ake haste and speed, O $ompassionate One, in that Thou art merciful, to have mercy on them, for Thou canst do whatsoever Thou desirest#

lory#, $ow % ever#: Theotokion: &aste thou, O )istress, to hearken to our supplication, which we offer unto thee in thy church% and do thou, O Theotokos, incline to mercy thy *on and )aster, that &e have mercy and release from his +ust anger our deceased ancestors and our other kinfolk, N N!s"# Wherefore, haste thou# O greatly merciful one, to deliver them% for thou art merciful, who desirest mercy for all#
Translated from the Church *lavonic 'y the reader Isaac =! 1am'ertsen from The 2oly Martyr Varus: Prayers for Those &ho 2ave :ied >n'a(ti<ed, ?th (rinting .Moscow: :unkan *ervice, @AAB0, ((! C+@D! Co(yright E FGG@! -ll rights reserved 'y the translator!

Akathist Hymn To the Holy Martyr Varus & the Blessed Cleopatra & John Whose Memory the Holy Church Doth Cele rate on the !"th o# $cto er Kontakion % )nto thee, the courageous champion of !hrist, do we, the faithful, chant hymns of praise% for "y thy mighty intercession thou deliverest us from evils, O glorious one. *s thou hast "oldness "efore the throne of God on high, from all misfortunes free us, that we may cry aloud to thee+ ,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the Lord%kos % * soldier in the army of an earthly $ing wast thou, O Varus% yet was thy true allegiance to the almighty .ing of heaven /hose armies are the hosts of angels who, "eholding thee suffering the pangs of divers tortures for the sa$e of !hrist, stood in awe, crying out to thee such things as these+ ,e'oice, thou who wast li$e a resplendent lamp in thy piety% re'oice, thou who wast replete with the oil of mercy,e'oice, thou who didst shine forth with the radiance of the !hristian virtues% re'oice, thou who didst minister to those imprisoned for the sa$e of the Lord,e'oice, thou who freely gavest alms for the relief of the poor% re'oice, thou who didst "ind the wounds of those who "ore witness to the Truth,e'oice, for thou guardest our souls against the enemies of the .ing% re'oice, for thou defendest us against their malicious assaults,e'oice, for thou drivest the dar$ness of despondency far away from us% re'oice, for thou repellest the demonic hordes that "eset us,e'oice, thou who dost earnestly intercede for us in prayer% re'oice, thou who prayest for our loved ones who have passed from this life,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion %% 0eholding the purity of the witness of the holy confessors, the holy Varus "esought them hum"ly, saying+ 1(ray for me, O venera"le teachers, for 2 fear that 2 lac$ the fortitude to follow you in your path of suffering. &ow, then, will 2 "e found worthy to chant unto God+ *lleluia34 %kos %% #eeing the goodly disposition of the young soldier s soul, the confessors of the Lord spa$e mercifully to him as he treated their wounds and stripes+ 12f thou wilt suffer with &im, thou shalt "e glorified with &im% wherefore, "e not afraid.5 *nd since he too$ to heart their goodly counsel, we cry out to him thus+ ,e'oice, thou who dost loose the "onds of the fettered% re'oice, thou who appliest the "alm of mercy to our "ruises,e'oice, thou who dost cover our stripes with the salve of loving6$indness% re'oice, thou who with the salt of divine wisdom dost rid us of corruption,e'oice, thou who with spiritual strength dost "rea$ the chains that "ind us% re'oice, thou who settest free those held in thrall "y #atan,e'oice, thou who dost point the way for us to new life in our 7eliverer and God% re'oice, thou who dost enroll us in the choirs of the saints,e'oice, thou whose "rave confession ever filleth us with awe% re'oice, thou who wast im"ued with the power of the *lmighty,e'oice, thou who puttest the fee"le reasonings of idolators to shame% re'oice, thou who enlightenest the thoughts of all the faithful,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion %%% The power of the Most &igh overshadowed the glorious Varus, when, one of the seven confessors of !hrist dying of his wounds, he chose to 'oin the others, to share their sufferings and martyric death, that with them he might cry out unto God+ *lleluia%kos %%% &aving conceived in his soul the steadfast resolve to confess the peerless !hristian Faith "efore the heathen, the holy Varus put aside his fear and renounced all attachment to the things of this world% wherefore, praising his courage and dedication to our #avior, we cry out to him+ ,e'oice, "elov8d son of our heavenly Father%

re'oice, true child of &is &oly !hurch,e'oice, faithful la"orer in the vineyard of !hrist% re'oice, thou who with thine own "lood didst irrigate the field of the Lord,e'oice, thou who didst reap for thy Master an a"undant harvest of grace% re'oice, thou who "y thy witness hast summoned the faithful to the 0ridegroom s feast,e'oice, thou who sowest the seeds of piety in !hristians% re'oice, thou who plantest compunction in the furrows of men9s souls,e'oice, thou who cuttest down the tares that cho$e our goodly intentions% re'oice, thou who clearest away the stones that harden our hearts,e'oice, welcome to$en of God s goodwill toward us% re'oice, for thou intercedest with "oldness "efore the throne of God,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion %V * tempest of dou"ts raging within him, Varus was trou"led, $nowing the wea$ness of his flesh% wherefore, he "esought the holy teachers of the Faith to pray that he "e granted the strength to prevail in his struggle, that, having triumphed, he might chant with the martyrs and the angels+ *lleluia%kos %V The confessors hear$ened to the plea of the pious Varus, and reminded him that the athlete who is unwilling to suffer can never o"tain the wreath of victory% whereupon they enrolled him in the angelic hosts. /herefore, we praise his valor, crying+ ,e'oice, warrior of the Lam" of God% re'oice, guardian of the floc$ of !hrist,e'oice, thou who drivest away the noetic wolves with the staff of prayer% re'oice, thou who $eepest the fold of the !hurch safe with the sling of thine intercession,e'oice, for thou regardest with pity those who honor thee on earth% re'oice, for thou unitest the faithful with the angels in heaven,e'oice, undaunted witness to God in the face of the ungodly% re'oice, invinci"le martyr, whom no tortures could "rea$,e'oice, rampart of defense for those who "elieve in !hrist% re'oice, recipient and imparter of &is radiant grace,e'oice, thou "y whom hades is deprived of its prey% re'oice, thou who "y thy mediation dost clothe us in glory,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion V Loo$ing upon the seven holy confessors as a constellation of "rilliant stars, the devout Varus was illumined with the "rilliance of the grace that shone from them% and "earing the light thereof in his soul, he "oldly confessed the name of :esus "efore the ungodly tri"unal, urging the impious governor to cry out to !hrist the true God+ *lleluia%kos V The rulers of the ,omans worshiped false gods, graven images wrought "y the hands of men% "ut the "lessed Varus, understanding that there is "ut one God, the !reator of heaven and earth, /ho in &is love for man$ind had ta$en on the form of a servant, "ravely denounced their foolish "elief% wherefore, we cry out to him+ ,e'oice, dutiful servant of the merciful Master% re'oice, thou who wast faithful in a little and hast "een given much,e'oice, thou who didst e;pose the delusion of the heathen% re'oice, thou who strengthenest those who worship the Trinity,e'oice, thou who didst re"u$e the cruel tyrant% re'oice, thou who didst preach !hrist the God6man,e'oice, thou who deliverest souls from everlasting fire% re'oice, thou who dost snatch the grieving from the 'aws of despair,e'oice, thou who didst moc$ the worship of idols% re'oice, thou who didst not surrender to the wea$ness of the flesh,e'oice, sure guide to heaven for the faithful% re'oice, "oast of !hristians in every generation,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion V% *s God6"earing heralds, the holy confessors foretold the martyr s glorious end% and when their prophecy had "een fulfilled, and Varus had proclaimed the true God until his soul departed, they were "eheaded "y the tyrant, chanting the while unto !hrist+ *lleluia-

%kos V% #hining with the light of the Truth, "y his confession the martyr dispelled the dar$ness of falsehood, and una"le to "ear the might of his preaching, the ungodly cast his "ody out to "e devoured "y dogs% "ut the "lessed !leopatra, having "eheld his sufferings, too$ it up "y night and committed it to the earth, crying+ ,e'oice, paragon of piety% re'oice, thou who puttest our enemies to headlong flight,e'oice, thou who hast set at nought pagan falsehood% re'oice, thou who hast e;posed the folly of idolatry,e'oice, sea wherein our wic$ed foes are drowned% re'oice, stream of piety moistening a parched and arid land,e'oice, "eacon guiding those lost in the dar$ness of their souls% re'oice, torch illumining us with heavenly light,e'oice, thou who "y thy supplications dost give us spiritual "read% re'oice, thou who fillest the sorrowful with delight,e'oice, thou who leadest the lost to the heavenly homeland% re'oice, true lodestone for those astray,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion V%% /hen the pious !leopatra pondered how to transfer the precious "ody of the martyr to her native land, she petitioned the governor of <gypt for permission to depart thence, the holy relics "eing disguised as the remains of her deceased hus"and. /herefore, marveling at her artful sagacity, we cry out to God+ *lleluia%kos V%% 7eparting from <gypt into (alestine with the "ody of the martyr, li$e as :oseph long "efore had "orne the "ody of :aco" his father to "ury it with his fore"ears, !leopatra interred the incorrupt relics in her family tom", among the "ones of her ancestors% and with her we cry out to the saint+ ,e'oice, "lossom of incorruption% re'oice, treasure that cannot decay,e'oice, surety of the resurrection of the "ody% re'oice, thou whose soul now dwelleth with the angels,e'oice, source of divine food sustaining the faithful% re'oice, tree of a"undant foliage whose "oughs cover manyre'oice, thou whose prayers, li$e leaves, shelter us from the storms of life,e'oice, thou who art li$e a lofty cedar growing on the mountain of God% ,e'oice, thou whose greatness overshadoweth Mount Ta"or% re'oice, fountain washing away our many transgressions,e'oice, a"yss of mercy, deeper than an ocean% re'oice, thou who savest those who founder in the sea of life,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion V%%% #eeing the devout !leopatra going daily to the tom" of the martyr to pray, the !hristians of <dras and all the region around Ta"or, li$ewise "egan to entreat the intercession of the martyr% and word of the "oldness he doth possess "efore the Most &igh spread far and wide, so that for his sa$e all the faithful cried out to the Lord+ *lleluia%kos V%%% Filled with 'oy that the people of God were availing themselves of the prayers of the martyr whose precious "ody she had rescued, the "lessed !leopatra undertoo$ to "uild a temple fit to entom" the sacred remains, wherein the martyr might "e hymned with such praises as these+ ,e'oice, receptacle of the grace of God% re'oice, ewer pouring forth &is loving6$indness,e'oice, phial holding the antidote to un"elief% re'oice, potion curing the dou"ts of the faithful,e'oice, disciple of &im /ho is enthroned on the glorious cheru"im% re'oice, minister of &im /ho rideth upon the si;6winged seraphim,e'oice, earthly warrior who now servest thy .ing on high% re'oice, thou who didst lay down thy life out of love for &im,e'oice, thou whose transgressions were washed away in thy "lood% re'oice, thou to whom the gates of the .ingdom were opened "y thy sacrifice-

,e'oice, thou who, dying on a tree, now dwellest in paradise "y the Tree of Life% re'oice, thou who delightest there in the good things prepared for the righteous,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion %& /hen the temple of the saint was completed, the "lessed !leopatra summoned hierarchs, priests and monastics to consecrate it unto God, and to transfer with due solemnity the sacred relics of the Martyr Varus and entom" them "eneath the altar, chanting praises and singing+ *lleluia%kos %& /hen all had "een accomplished, and a sumptuous feast was laid, :ohn, the only child of !leopatra, fell sic$ of a fever and suddenly died% then, overcome with grief, his mother "erated the martyr for thus repaying her devotion. 0ut the saint appeared to her with her son, shining with the ineffa"le light and glory that the intercession of the martyr had secured for him% and in awe the pious woman cried out in praise+ ,e'oice, ar$ of wisdom% re'oice, em"odiment of the divine will,e'oice, thou who showest forth the worldly6minded as fools% re'oice, thou who revealest the wor$ings of God s providence,e'oice, thou who treatest sinners with $indness of heart% re'oice, thou who dost purge transgressors of their ini=uities,e'oice, thou who dost escort the souls of the departed up to heaven% re'oice, thou who fillest the halls of its mansions with new inha"itants,e'oice, thou who drawest men forth from the sea of ignorance% re'oice, thou who "ringest many into the light of understanding,e'oice, vessel "earing to safe har"or those who desire to "e saved% re'oice, haven to which we steer amid the "illows of life,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion & Gently chiding the grieving !leopatra for her re"u$e, the holy Varus recounted how he had ever made entreaty in her "ehalf+ and most especially how, having "een interred among her ancestors, he had "esought the Lord to forgive all their sins and pardon their ini=uities, that with the righteous in heaven they might sing unto God+ *lleluia%kos & O the wonder- !hrist our God, the /ellspring of the grace that resteth in &is saints, is wont to hear$en to the mediation of the holy Varus, &is favored one, and to e;tend &is mercy unto the departed loved ones of the righteous !leopatra- /herefore, marveling at the power of his intercession, with her let us also cry out to him+ ,e'oice, tower of strength for the pious% re'oice, "ulwar$ of salvation for the Orthodo;,e'oice, fortress defending us against the demons that "esiege us% re'oice, thou who winnest for us the goodwill of our ,edeemer,e'oice, thou who puttest malefactors to shame% re'oice, thou who settest at nought the plots of malicious men,e'oice, thou who deliverest us from the snares of the wic$ed% re'oice, thou who dost draw us forth from the pits they dig for us,e'oice, for li$e chic$s we flee "eneath the shelter of thy wings% re'oice, for thou dost defend us from the wiles of the serpent,e'oice, for with prayers, as with stones from a sling, thou fendest off spiritual predators% re'oice, for thou didst lay down thy life for the #hepherd and &is sheep,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion &% Mindful of her many sacrifices for his sa$e, the holy martyr offered to restore the "ereft mother s son to her% "ut seeing the divine splendor that suffused :ohn s soul, and hearing him protest that he preferred to serve in the army of heaven rather than that of an earthly $ing, the "lessed !leopatra implored the saint to ta$e her soul also, that with them she also might cry out to the Master of all+ *lleluia%kos &% &earing the "lessed !leopatra s plea to depart this life, the holy Varus, $nowing the mind of God, gently denied her re=uest, "idding her wait upon the good pleasure of the #avior until it was time for her to 'oin them on high% and, reconciled to the will of God, she cried out to the martyr such things as these+

,e'oice, ray of the #un of righteousness% re'oice, "eam of &is never6waning light,e'oice, lightning6flash illumining our "enighted minds% re'oice, thou who li$e a thunder6clap stri$est fear in our enemies hearts,e'oice, for thou art arrayed in surpassing splendor% re'oice, for li$e a river of God thou pourest forth great torrents of mercy,e'oice, ever6flowing fountain of the love of God% re'oice, water of pity washing away the stain of our offenses,e'oice, laver wherein we cleanse our conscience of sin% re'oice, chalice "rimming over with the wine of gladness,e'oice, cup full of spiritual delight% re'oice, 'oy of angels and of men,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion &%% >o hymn devised "y man can rightly glorify the great compassion of the martyr Varus% no human mouth is a"le to utter words fit for his praise% yet, as recipients of his manifold "enefactions, we are constrained to cry to !hrist, /ho hath given him to us as a mediator+ *lleluia%kos &%% (ossessing her soul in patience, the "lessed !leopatra disposed of all her property and gave the proceeds to the poor% and ma$ing her a"ode "y the church of the holy Varus, she lived a life of constant prayer and fasting, until the martyr came with her son and the angels of God to accompany her to a celestial dwelling6place. /herefore, we cry aloud to him+ ,e'oice, thou who standest in glory at the right hand of the Lord% re'oice, wellspring pouring forth entreaties for our sa$e,e'oice, fount of mediation, ever6flowing% re'oice, mighty cataract gushing forth supplications,e'oice, athlete who didst receive the wreath of victory for thy fortitude% re'oice, thou who didst wondrously prevail in thy trials,e'oice, pillar of strength for all the faithful% re'oice, mighty wall fending off the savagery of "ar"arians,e'oice, thou through whose entreaties our prayers are answered% re'oice, thou who freest our $in to dwell in paradise,e'oice, thou who curest us "y the power of &im "y /hose stripes we are healed% re'oice, thou who dost rescue our souls from perdition,e'oice, O martyr Varus, thou fearless warrior of the LordKontakion &%%% O most lauded Martyr Varus, loyal servant of the /ord /ho is more holy than all the saints- *ccepting this, our meager offering of hymnody, deliver from every peril, and rescue from the torment which is to come, all of us who for thy sa$e cry out to God+ *lleluiaThis Kontakion is recited thrice, whereupon Ikos I & Kontakion I are repeated. 'rayer to the Holy Martyr Varus O glorious and all6praised Varus, valiant martyr of !hrist, speedy helper, zealous intercessor and fervent advocate for all who have recourse to thee with faith- #tanding forth with "oldness "efore the throne of the Most &igh, entreat &im to grant us remission of all our ini=uities, and that we may "e delivered from deadly pestilence, earth=ua$e, flood, fire, the sword, civil strife and everlasting damnation. <ntreat &im to ta$e pity on this city, this temple and every land where Orthodo; !hristians dwell. 2ntercede with the *lmighty, that &e grant us triumph and victory over all enemies, visi"le and invisi"le, and to our nation peace, tran=uility, and an increase in faith and piety. *nd for us who honor thy precious memory as$ that we "e strengthened in the doing of every good and virtuous wor$. &ear$en unto our earnest pleadings, and as thou didst free the souls of the ancestors of the "lessed !leopatra and secure for them a place in paradise, so "y the "oldness thou hast with the Master of all, win li$ewise a place in paradise for our own $infol$ who have passed from this life% that thus having found mercy through thy supplications, they and we may all "e accounted worthy to inherit &is $ingdom on high, and may therein eternally glorify &im?the Father, and the #on, and the &oly #pirit?now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. *men. 'rayer For Heterodo( )ouls Here is the special prayer to )aint Varus*+ar, 'atron )aint o# -eposed )ouls outside o# The $rthodo( Church O &oly, wondrous Martyr Varus, who, "urning with zeal for the &eavenly .ing, didst confess &im "efore thy torturers and didst greatly suffer for &im- >ow the !hurch doth venerate thee, as one glorified with the glory of heaven "y !hrist the Lord, /ho granted

thee the a"undant grace to approach &im "oldly. *nd now, standing "efore &im together with the #i;6/inged #eraphim, Many6<ye !heru"im, Thrones, 7ominions, Virtues, (owers, (rincipalities, *rchangels and *ngels, re'oicing on high, "eholding the Most &oly Trinity clearly, and en'oying the )ncreated Light, remem"er the suffering of our relatives who have died outside the Orthodo; !atholic Faith, and accept our pleas, and as thou didst intercede for the un"elieving ancestors of !leopatra and didst free them from eternal suffering, remem"er those who have died un"aptized and have "een "uried in an )n6Godly and )n6Orthodo; manner, and pray earnestly that they may "e delivered from eternal dar$ness, that we may all, with one mouth and one heart, praise the Most Merciful !reator unto the ages of ages. *men.

Composed by the Reader Isaac E. Lambertsen. Copyright © !!". #$$ rights reser%ed.

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