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Name: Nick Plourde Total pts = /5 PHED 239: High School Module Worksheet Chapter 1 List and describe

e two (2) characteristics of a successful secondary physical education program as discussed in Chapter 1. Be prepared to share your responses in class. 1. A characteristic that is associated with a successful secondary physical education program is that students are issued with several options for which types of activities they want to learn about. For example, during a 3-week unit the learners may be given the privilege to choose between different sports, fitness topics, or other physical activities. It is expected that students will pick the subject matter they have the most interest in. A positive asset linked to this pedagogical practice is that learners and teachers, as a result, are more motivated to partake in such activities. For students, less issues related to participation and discipline have transpired with regards to applying this method in the classroom. Teachers, on the other hand, are provided with more flexibility in relation to different class sizes when using this technique based on the fact that they can offer activities to better accommodate the projected sum of learners which will be engaging in them. In utilizing this approach, the main purpose is to increase student learning by letting them select an activity in which they feel will garner in the greatest chance to achieve its corresponding performance outcomes.

2. Another characteristic that is linked to a successful secondary physical education program is that students are issued with greatly detailed instruction regarding certain activities. A specific practice for which makes this possible is giving learners the option about what difficulty level of training by selecting a corresponding class to partake in in relation to the competence they possess for the content being introduced. As a result, teachers can offer the students with better guidance due to the fact all of the learners have a similar motivation and ability. The goal for utilizing this method is to aid students in becoming more proficient in the skills taught so that they are more likely to repeat and enjoy them. It has also been discovered that it is an effective

approach to grant students with this in-depth instruction because most of them do not take part in organizations outside of school which apply these concepts, like intramural sports, sport clubs, athletics, or other extra-curricular physical activity programs. In implementing this technique into the classroom, the learners will be given the best opportunity to gain knowledge from the curriculum in which is presented to them.