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ABSTRACT Boy Lides Tranika Tamario Tambunan, 209 210 056 Characteristics of Patients with Typhoid Fever In Children

en Age 10 15 Years In Clinic Yesika Serbelawan Thesis. Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Methodist Indonesia Medan Background: Typhoid fever is sort of endemic illnes in Indonesia. In 2008 there are 1.364 cases of typhoid fever in North Sumatera. There are 89 children got typhoid fever at Yesika Clinic in 2012. Method: The kind of the research that used is descriptive. There are 73 samples got in this research. Where the collected data is got from the medical record. The processing of the data is done manually and showed in table form. Result: From the 73 samples above, the highest result from the research shows: the children at the age of 12 (both boys or girls) there are 19 children (26,03%) got typhoid fever, and its dominated by the boys 52 people (71,23%). Overall from 73 samples of patient accompanied by fever. There are 62 people (84,93%) with typhoid fever in Serbelawan. There are 28 people (38,63%) that got typhoid fever from the business family. Conclusion: Based on the research above can be concluded that the sicks of typhoid fever from variety age, the most is found of the boys at the age of 12 with the symptom of fever Keywords: Typhoid fever, children, characteristic