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Size is important.

From the tiniest of particles to the entire universe size plays a major role in how we see our world. However we humans are extremely small or large compared to many things in our universe. This is why for centuries humans have been scaling things up or down proportionally to their original dimensions. These scaled objects are known as scale models (3D) or scale drawings (2D). Even a small change can yield amazing perspectives. In a small (literally) movie I made, I shrunk myself to what was supposed to be one foot tall. However my actual size varied from scene to scene. I was curious to see how things would look from my perspective in the different scenes in the movie. To do this I had to first know the real dimensions of the objects in the movie and myself. Then I had to determine the ratio of the Mini Me dimensions to the dimensions of each object. Finally I scaled everything up proportionally to my actual height. The 3rd scene where I blank I was the most astonishing I found that the book case was the equivalent of 7 stories tall or 9 feet. Also I found that Mr T would be 20 feet tall. Then the entire room would be 1 feet high 1 feet wide 1 feet long or 1 cubic feet. The pillow I sleep on under the desk would be the size of a king size bed. The desk would be 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide and his chair could easily fit an elephant. I found that during the movie my size changed greatly. For example during the clip where was skating across the table I found that the chairs would be 3 inches high were as in the clip where I am pushing the chair its height would be 6 feet. Also the couch changes size compared to me (or I change In size compared to it) During the 5, 6 and 7th scenes the couch goes from 3 feet long to 7 feet long to 4 feet long. When you compare the hight of me when I am sleeping under the desk to when I am walking Mr T goes from 20 feet tall to 50. By using this simple formula I calculated the size of all all the items listed above: My Actual Size The Mini Me Size (for that scene) * Objects size or: My Actual Size Objects size -------------------------------------The Mini Me Size ? Some other things I found: The desks would be 6 feet high. The sink would be 7 feet deep The door would be 5 feet tall and the books would be 8 feet tall (on average.) From huge books to elephant sized sinks, being small must be a very strange thing. lastly ISM would be 70 square miles.

30-31 inches long cross leg hold position (book case) 30 Height. (2.5 feet)

50 inches tall (pillow sleep position) 110 inches tall (laying down foot relaxed position) Mr ts room:
A class room chair: 16 inches height to seat, 15.5 inches height of backrest, Seat 15.5 inches on a side.

Class room wall: 26 ft 5 inches door side wall. mr ts chair: 15 inches to bottom of seat, seat 28 inches to a side, backrest 34 inches tall. mr ts desk: 27.5 inches high, 35.5 inches deep, 42 inches long. Pillow: 12 inches by 12 inches. class room desks: 48 inches long, 30 inches deep, 26 inches high. Bookcase: height: 50.5, width: 30, The height of each of the 5 shelves: 13 inches. A book: 7 inches high Couch: 64 inches long, 24 inches high, 18 to cushion, cushion depth 22 inches.

Mini me: (Sitting on book case scene) 7 cm high (0.23 feet) : 10.8 = multiply number

(sliding on table scene) 5in tall : = multiply number. (Walking by Mr Ts desk) 24 cm tall = multiply number. Calculations: Bookcase: mini me height = 2.76 inches My height= 30 inches Bookcase= 50.5 inches 30 ? . 2.76 50.5 302