Entrepreneurship in IT

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Intro to Entrepreneurship
– – – – Concept and Definition Evolution of Entrepreneurship The Important of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Development in Malaysia – Entrepreneurship Support System – Entrepreneurship in Islamic Perspectives


Concept & Definition
• Creation of innovative economic organization for the purpose of gaining growth under conditions of risk and uncertainty.


The Important of Entrepreneurship
• Economic growth. • Contribute to wealth creation. • Helps provide working environment.


Successful entrepreneur
• is motivated and who is able to motivate those around him / her • is able to manage time effectively. • has the ability to leverage off strengths and overcome weaknesses. • manages resources well. • considers health as well as wealth.is flexible and able to adapt well to change.

Evaluating Idea
• Does it fills a niche in the market? • Is the idea practical? • What competition would you be up against and what edge would you have over your competitors?


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Other considerations
• Think about how you're going to advertise or promote yourself and your product / service? • Have you taken into consideration all the costs involved in establishing a business? • What sort of a business structure are you going to put in place - sole proprietorship / partnership? • Have you chosen the name of your company? • Think about the purpose of the name and how it identifies with what you're doing.What about your corporate image? • Think about a logo, colours, typeface etc. • The manner in which the image of your company is presented to the public via business cards and letterheads is important. • The impression people make of your company is often based on your stationery ie. good, bad or indifferent. • Exploit the potential of your company's image and make sure you convey a good impression.

Secure Idea
• Patents - There are Patent Lawyers who can help you patent an invention. Patents, like copyrights, will expire. • Copyrights - A copyright gives you the rights to expression or form. A copyright is only effective when the word "copyright" is used together with the year and name of the copyright owner. • Trademarks - Unlike Patents and Copyrights, trademarks do not expire, especially if you continue to keep them in the public eye. Trademarks like patents, should be registered in every country that you wish to use it in.

Starting Business
Starting a business and nurturing it takes a lot of time and effort. Ask yourself these question: • Will I be dedicated to this venture? • How much of my time and myself can I commit? • Can I manage the stress on myself and my family and friends at the start-up stage? • How can I manage my time effectively?


IT Entrepreneurs
• • • • • • Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen Irfan Khairi Mark Zuckerberg Bill Gates Steve Job, Steve Wozniack Sargey Brinn, Larry Page


Entrepreneurship in Islamic Perspectives
• Discuss this issue in 2 pages.


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