In Cuzco, a city in Peru. The Inca and Spanish archeology and traditions meet. In Cuzco, many churches. Inca temples, monuments and mansions made of carved stones can be found. Among these buildings the most important are the Inca Palaces: Pachacutec. Wiracocha and Huayna Capac; the Cathedral built in baroque style, the “Iglesia de la Compañia”, one of the most beautiful churches in America. The Santa Catalina Convent, the Santo Domingo Convent and the Religious Art Museum. The Sacsahuaman Fortress. Tambomachay the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Macchu Picchu surround the city of Cuzco. The citadel of Macchu Picchu was discovered by an American archeologist. Hiram Bingham. Macchu Picchu was built on the top of mountain. It was built in an inaccessible place as a temple for religious ceremonies in honor to their god: The Sun.

Thousands of tourists visit Macchu Picchu all the year round. It’s a fascinating and extraordinary place to visit. Macchu Picchu is considered the Archeology Capital of America.

s Grade : Fifth Section : “B” Topic : Past tense Teacher: Teresa Sernaqué S.ENGLISH COURSE Name : Gian Anthony Zapata. School : Emblematic Triumpf High School TUMBES – PERÚ 2014 .

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