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McHenry 1 David McHenry Miss Hinnant English 1102-015 April 24, 2014 EIP Proposal: Frequent Gym Attendees

For my Ethnographic Inquiry Project, I wish to study a categorized group of students referred to as; frequent gym attendees. In more specific terms; students training for athletic teams and clubs, your average student, and those students who would be considered, body builders. The goal of my research is to answer the question of, what motivates frequent gym attendees to exercise on such an incessant basis, hopefully giving me a front door entry into the minds of these crazed individuals. In order to find an answer to the principal question, I have provided a series of questions which I believe will help me assess the mindsets of those individuals. The first, how many hours a week, or a day, do frequent gym attendees lift or work out? The purpose of this question is to cut into the individuals personal plans, and extract a certain value of dedication. One that can be gauged by the audience, and provides both them, as well as myself, a preliminary idea of how much those individuals value their time in the gym. Next, do the frequent gym attendees have two groups of friends, those that they exercise alongside of, and others? This question will allow me to measure their level of socialization outside of the gym, and whether or not they have tried to reach out to others, or are so engulfed in the sport, that they only hang with other exercise junkies. Following that, my next question would revolve around their introduction to exercise and working out; what drives, or drove, the frequent gym attendees to begin such a rigorous and body changing process? Although this is subjective, I feel as if I will find a common point in time when these individuals began to pursue this sport; their first introduction

McHenry 2 into the gradual change to their bodies. Hopefully linking this change to a common theme of body image, and ones psychological desire of approval from others, regarding the body image the individual depicts. From there, I would dig a little deeper and join them on a personal level. My next proposed question is; what are their thoughts on body supplements and other enhancers of the body? This would be a question that I would address in an interview, allowing me to see their reactions and better understand why these additives are becoming such a popular trend in America, as well as whether or not those gym members approve of the supplements. Trying to gauge whether or not the money spent on these additives and supplements is actually a waste, and seeing if they agree with the proven fact that these additives are a true, unnecessary, means of benefit. After that, I would then ask a question more relevant to their reasons of being on campus; are the frequent gym attendees studying to do something in the physical fitness spectrum? This question will provide reinforcement to all the others, and the ambient question, because it reflects the gym members interests and views on how they need to present themselves in society. A person who reflects their occupation will allow those they assist, a sense of comfort and care, because they exploit a level of consideration for their patients well-being. Last, I would ask; when addressing others in the gym, do the frequent gym attendees, here on campus, use proper grammatical correctness, or have they formulated their own language? Although this may seem irrelevant, someone who is so engrossed and motivated in working out, may create a series of terms and phrases that only other gym members would understand, again, allowing me to measure their level of dedication and motivation for the sport. Taking all of this into consideration, I am trying to get down to the core of individuals and find the overlapping similarities, and ranging differences, that compose such a diverse and
Commented [DM2]: The way in which I hope to bring money (capitalism) into my proposal, research, and eventually my ethnography Commented [DM1]: The way in which I hope to bring body image into my proposal, research, and eventually my ethnography

McHenry 3 dedicated group of people. I believe by doing this, I can expose the real reasons behind why college students exercise so frequently, and hopefully expose the rationale that society has created this phenomenon and desire to be physically fit. Turning the human body, and image, into a game of big dollar profit.