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Wells and Jules Verne Would Approve Luke William Grove (originally from Brighton, United Kingdom) is currently building a floating "airshi " house in !er ignan, "rance# $his is not a humble abode, tied to %other &arth 'ith no ho e of ever soaring above the mundane troubles# $his is a full(blo'n airshi marvel, designed by $imon )ager, a talented visionary from )'it*erland ( and having every ho e of com letion 'ithin very near future#

(all images credit+ $imon )ager. 'hich looks like it floated out of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow # $he Wolke 7 model is the 'hale(sha ed *e them+ elin 'ith highly scul tured air balloons. and a lu.creative blend of dirigible and modern house (sus ended 'ith durable cables in the air). used by ermission) $his is truly ins iring.ury house "gondola" laced right bet'een . .


fully(a ointed bedrooms. a state(of(the(art entertainment center### and a s'imming ool# ($hat is if you like to ga*e do'n on hel less earth(bound citi*ens and astoral landsca es gliding ast. as you lu.$he "house in the sky" includes multi le decks. 'hile si ing your martini and securing lounge illo's against the stray 'ind# $his all sounds very 0# G# Wells and 1ules 2erne to us# .uriate in a bubble bath)# /r imagine taking our a silver s yglass and laying out navigation.



it does not seem like this airshi house is going to fly very high. so should not interfere 'ith traditional air traffic# 3ifferent countries may have different la's governing air travel. ho'ever# .$he ilot (or house navigator) must be really careful 'here he (or she) lans to land. and erha s be diligent to secure airs ace ermissions from local air traffic controllers# 0o'ever.

called The 9Tails Performance Art Theater Collective ( sort of like a "Burning %an" -rt &vent in the clouds. .(Lockheed %artin4s recent a'esome blim 0-L&(3 "high altitude long endurance demonstrator") 5heck the building and funding rogress at Luke4s "acebook age# $hey also have lans to house an avant garde art events.

and it 'ill only 'ork if . $his is going to be s ectacular." <n the s irit of =e !re are to roll out. o en your heart and mind ( and come be a art of something e.traordinary#### We dare you. designed by $erreform 7 6 K-82 ( giant 9ellyfish in the sky 'ith dangling seating) Luke William Grove 'rites to us 'ith the latest u dates on the ro9ect+ "We 'ant to cro'd fund the urchase of a deskto :3 rinter and enough lastic filament to enable the u grade to a rinter that is big enough to rint a house./U get involved. so ignore your inner cynic.(")mart 3/$) 6 )oft %/B)". elin(filled Sky Captain's World of Tomorrow. here is a cou le of artistic visions to ins ire+ .

(image credit+ 3on -guirre) -irshi s do come 'ith very classy ilots. after all+ .

(image credit+ 3on -guirre) 8ead more at htt +>>'''#darkroastedblend#com>?@7?>@A>u (u (and(a'ay(building(airshi (house#htmlB3!/l00@B7CUDC<Gl#AA .