Oracle12c for beginner’s Part I Understanding Oracle Versioning

Description: BISP is committed to provide BEST learning material to the beginners and advance learners. In the same series, we have prepared a complete end-to end Hands-on Beginner’s G ide !or "racle#$c %B&. The doc ment !oc ses on "racle#$c basic terminologies. 'oin o r pro!essional training program and learn !rom e(perts.

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Oracle Version ) %bers
Something that alwa)s comes p when disc ssing "racle versions is that I am not alwa)s s re which n mber is the Major Database Release and which is the Database Maintenance Release. In the "racle doc mentation, the n mbers are clearl) described* "racle +elease , mber -ormat #$.#...#.. ///// 0 0 0 0 122222 Plat!orm-Speci!ic +elease , mber 0 0 0 12222222222 3omponent-Speci!ic +elease , mber 0 0 1222222222222222 - sion 4iddleware +elease , mber 0 122222222222222222222 %atabase 4aintenance +elease , mber 12222222222222222222222222 Major Database Release Number 5hereas the di!!erent n mbers mean the !ollowing* 'a*or Database #elease ) %ber The !irst n meral is the most general identi!ier. It represents a ma6or new version o! the so!tware that contains signi!icant new ! nctionalit). Database 'aintenance #elease ) %ber The second n meral represents a maintenance release level. Some new !eat res ma) also be incl ded. + sion 'iddle,are #elease ) %ber The third n meral re!lects the release level o! "racle - sion 4iddleware. Co%ponent-$pecific #elease ) %ber The !o rth n meral identi!ies a release level speci!ic to a component. %i!!erent components can have di!!erent n mbers in this position depending pon, !or e(ample, component patch sets or interim releases. Platfor%-$pecific #elease ) %ber The !i!th n meral identi!ies a plat!orm-speci!ic release. 7s all) this is a patch set. 5hen di!!erent plat!orms re8 ire the e8 ivalent patch set, this n meral will be the same across the a!!ected plat!orms.

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