It was bright and sunny, On the beach of odus Bay A beautifu! b!ue eye b!onde, "as intent!y !oo#ing $y way

But I was a shy boy, %ou!dn&t ta#e the staring to !ong I turned $y head away, In a whi!e I turned bac#, she was gone

That was ten years ago, "hen I $ade that in'o!untary decision And e'ery $o$ent since that day, I&'e been (utting $yse!f in the wrong (osition

)a'e no idea how to be a winner, Because I&'e ne'er rea!!y tried Each ti$e I ta#e that (ath, I go run and hide

If I want $y !ife to change, That right starts and ends with $e I $ust stand u( for $yse!f, o e'erybody can (!ain!y see

Then strange things $ay ha((en, Now that I $a#e the right way $y bond Ne*t ti$e I turn around, I +ust $ight $eet that beautifu! b!ue eye b!onde

by Ti$ Thayer

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