25-Apr-2014 15:15:22

Complaint Details
Complaint ID : Date of Lodging Complaint State : District : Assembly Constituency : Part Name : Subject : Brief Description about complaint VIOLATION There''s no stopping Beni Prasad Verma as he perfects the art of launching acrid personal attacks on political opponents, especially against BJP''s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. The Congress leader touched a new low while addressing party workers in Gonda in Uttar Pradesh. Beni called Narendra Modi an ''animal'' and said that he needs to be taught a lesson, video footage proved that Beni Prasad violated many laws of the land, who sworn as Minister under oath legislation''s read with article 51 A (g) of Indian Constitution and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 with Model Code of Conduct, because he told that he knows how to tame animals with nakel and hunter, promoted animal abuse, where as Election Commission of India issued advisories not to abuse animals during elections, hence United Nation affiliated International Organisation for Animal Protection OIPA chapter in India demands immediate FIR against Beni Parsad for said violation sacking his from his Ministerial position, disqualify him from election campaign and ban to contest elections. UP/63/296/300343 Apr 25 2014 Uttar Pradesh Gonda Gonda 3:14PM

25-Apr-2014 15:15:22 Redressal Time : Disposal Status : Action Taken : 10 Pending

Complainant Details
Full Name : Age (as on 01-Jan-2011) : Residential Address: NARESH KADYAN 52 52 C-38, ROSE APARTMENT, PRASHANT VIHAR, ROHINI, DELHI Town : DELHI Dist : Gonda Mobile No. : 9813010595 E-Mail ID : kadyan.ipfa@gmail.com SECTOR-14,

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