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Exchange question by Dieuwke Boekhorst (3hv4 Pantarijn) :

1.What did I expect from my exchange partner? I really didnt know what to expect from my exchange partner I just knew that my exchange partner likes animals, and was older than me. 2.What did I feel when I met my exchange partner first time? I was really nervous! I really want to meet my exchange partner but it was very exciting. 3.What did I feel when my exchange partner was in my house first day? I didnt really knew what to say, we ate a piece of apple pie and my mother was talking to her, but I think I havent said a lot of things. 4. Did I get used to the idea that my exchange partner was in my house? Yes, very fast! I found it very cozy. 5. Do I think my partner enjoyed staying with me and my family? I hoped so. I and my family have tried to make it nice for her. I hope she liked staying here. 6. How was it to meet people from another country with other cultures? I found it nice, because you met other people, and it was funny to see that they found some things strange, which are really normal for us.

7. How was it to talk with my partner about her life and the different cultures? Well, I found it enriching! She told my family and I about the culture Croatia, her family, her school, etc. It was really interesting! 8. Did I enjoy being with my partner during the project? Yes, I enjoyed! I hoped see enjoyed too.. I found it cozy. 9. Do I like the idea that if I go to Croatia I already know my exchange partner? Yes! I don't know if I dare to go to Croatia without know anybody there, or don't know anything about my 'host family'! And I found it really brave that my exchange partner goes to a strange 'host family', in a strange country, with strange cultures! I'm really happy that if I go to Croatia, I already know my exchange partner. 10. Was it nice that I already talked with my exchange partner through Facebook? Yes, you have already a little impression of your exchange partner, so that's nice.