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Friday November 15 the Croatian exchange students arrived at school.

After an acquaintance the exchange students went home with their partners. Saturday November 16 we went through a node to the 'panorama hoeve' to eat little pancakes and play mini golf. Sunday November 17 we went to Amsterdam by bus, to visit the 'Ri ksmuseum'. !n the "am we made a group photo. Monday November 18 the Croatian students had a tour around the school, after that they had a workshop about bikes and went to the mayor to ask questions about bikes. #he students from the $etherlands had a normal school day. Tuesday November 19 we had a sports day at school. %n the afternoon the Croatian students had a "utch class. #he students from the $etherlands had normal school after the sports event. Wednesday November 20 everyone went to the bike&city 'outen. %n the afternoon we went to the '(aanse schans'. Thursday November 21 everyone went brainstorming about plans to improve the condition of the cycle lanes of Croatia. %n the evening we had dinner at school, after that almost everyone went to the school party. Friday November 22 we received information about the cyclists. After that we we had a little cycle route along the )nivercity campus. Saturday and Sunday November 23 and 2 the exchange students had family days. Monday November 25 the Croatian students went home.

May 201 the students from the $etherlands are going to Croatia to proceed with the bike&pro ect. *hat we want to reach with the bike&pro ect+ *e want to make a website that students will visit often to give publicity about the bike&pro ect and ask them to give money to build cycle lanes. #his is all from the people in Croatia to have an easier conveyance.