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Hi there Im from Pantarijn Wageningen and this year we have an exchange with Gimnazija Bjelovar (Croatia).

There are 20 students from each school. Every student from Pantarijn is matched to a student from Bjelovar. Your student stays at your house when he or she is in the Netherlands and you stay at theirs when youre in Croatia. Holland is famous for their bikes and cycling lanes. During their stay in Holland the Croatian students learned more about the traffic rules. They were here for 10 days (15-11-13/25-11-13). The first day we had a national meeting in the school and ever that you could go home and get to know the student your where matched to. The next we had to be in school at 10 oclock. We had some drinks and ever that we follow a knooppunten route in groups of 4. The knooppunten route ended at the panorama hoeve. First we went midgetgolfing and ever that we eat poffertjes. At 4 oclock we went home. And you had some spare time. The first days were fun and you got to know your partner better. On Sunday we went to Amsterdam. First we visited the Rijksmuseum and ever that you had some spare time to shop in Amsterdam. Monday was a different, because we split up. We had to follow our own classes and the Croatian students had a workshop from Yono and went to the City Hall. Tuesday we had a sport day of school. The Croatian students were able to join us. That was in the morning. In the afternoon the Dutch students had to follow classes and the Croatian students had lesson Dutch. And we were finished at 2 oclock. We were at the half of the project and everything was going OK. Wensday we went to Houten because that the cycling city and we learned allot about cycling and the mayor held presentation about Houten. We had an hour spare time to shop or eat something. Then we took a bus to Zaanse Schans and we saw lots of windmills. Thursday we had a dinner at school everybody had to make some food at home. In the evening we had a school party. That was really awesome. Because we had a party the next day we had to be in school at 10 oclock. And the Students from Croatia show us a few presentations about Bjelovar. The Saturday and Sunday we had family day and you could do things with your family and partner. Sunday evening we went to the movies. I had allot of fun and Im looking forward to go there.